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The medal mystery
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Carly and Katie have similar ways of handling situations, which usually means trouble. It's going to be fun to watch them work together to find out the truth of the St. Christopher medals that are floating around Oakdale.

The month of May always is more exciting because it's Sweeps month and as always, the writers tend to really move things along - well, that is certainly the case in Oakdale right now.

Emily's Problems Continue
It appears the thing that I mentioned in my last column is going to come true again and Dusty agrees - Emily probably will not serve any time for her misdeeds. First she decided against aborting her baby now she is going in for a psychiatric evaluation. She will be out of jail when her baby arrives, creating trouble for Paul and Meg if they can weather their latest obstacle.
Emily is not an obstacle that is going to difficult to overcome. With a new baby and Paul has never been a father before - him seeing the sonogram picture of his child is going to change his mind about the baby. He wants Meg and Meg wants him; they make such a good couple to me. He works with her so much better than any other woman since Rose or Rosanna.
Dusty does not want to give up his vendetta against Emily; he needs to in order to move along his life with Jennifer. Once he lets the Emily thing go, he can enjoy life with Jennifer and JD. Can Dusty live up to his end of bargain with Jennifer?

Will and Jade
He needs to stay away from her. Jade has left the Snyder house and now is getting more and more involved in Will's life - what is this about? Will needs to learn if things are too good to be true then they probably are. Will is going down the wrong path by withholding information from Gwen and listening to anything that Jade says. Luke needs to tell that to his friend about Jade.

Maddie and Casey
I love these two together. Every time I see them together, I see how much better for him Maddie is as opposed to that girl from Montega. Casey is being responsible by taking things slow with Maddie. Maddie seems to acting out of insecurity because she thinks that Casey has feelings for Gwen. Maddie is such a breath of fresh air with her fantasies and just her wacky behavior. She is definitely Henry's sister.

Carly and Katie Work Together
Would you have guessed that Carly would work with Katie? They have similar ways of handling situations that usually mean trouble. Remember when Carly got Lily involved in her schemes with Julia. This is going to be fun as they work together trying to help Mike and find out the truth of the St. Christopher medals floating around Oakdale.

Now that Luke has admitted the truth to his parents; he continues to speak the truth. Now that his Grandmother Lucinda knows the truth - he knows that she will be in his corner. Lucinda's instincts told her something was wrong and now that the truth is out - she is just glad that he is dealing with it. She just needs to convince her daughter that this is not the end of the world.

Finally, a couple of readers have given their opinions on Jade and Nick:

Fran says, "With the decision to have Nick ride off into the sunset, please, PLEASE take Jade with you. Such a waste, when she is on the screen, I feel the need for a large bucket."

Leanne thinks that "I think it's going to turn out that Nick is the one who killed the woman. Remember that he was in a lot of trouble when he was younger. The person with dark hair that met her at the door could have easily been Nick. If it's true he's leaving the show, this is probably what they will use to get rid of him."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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