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Babe's choice to turn JR in for his murder attempt was a tough one as I believe Babe truly loves JR. On one hand Babe knows that JR could go to prison for a very long time which means their son will be 'Daddy-less'.

Babe's choice to turn JR in for his murder attempt was a tough one as I believe Babe truly loves JR. On one hand Babe knows that JR could go to prison for a very long time which means their son will be "Daddy-less". On the other hand if JR doesn't stop his destructive behavior it's only a matter of time until JR inflicts more pain and perhaps death on anyone he chooses that is against him. Dixie is having continual pain and fallout due to her bad choice to remain "dead". This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Linn who writes: "I have thought about every important person who has passed on in my life. #1 my dad. He died at 52. You know what? I live in CT, very near 2 casinos. If I saw him there having drinks w/some lady, yes I would be stunned, but I would run to him hug him and not care what the heck happened. Maybe after that wore off I would start to think that it mattered why...followed by a little anger, but everyone giving up on Dixie? Come on! Everyone reacts differently, and everyone treating her like an outcast??" I agree with Linn on this one as beloved as Dixie was, why would no one be ecstatic that she's alive? As I've mentioned before, why would everyone have welcomed Di so easily, yet ostracize Dixie?

Zach's Pain!

Zach's choice to save Spike over Kendall so he would abide by Kendall's latest wishes to allow Kendall to give her own life for her son is met with much disbelief. Of course, I can see why as Kendall didn't feel anything for her child, want the child or want to allow Ryan to raise his own "son" until just before "the accident". Zach has taken matters into his own hands pulling a gun while barricading himself in Kendall's hospital room. Oh my, what is he thinking?

Ryan's Pain!

What a hard choice Ryan had --- to choose his "son" or Kendall. Note, I quoted the term "son" because now most of us believe the father to be Dr. MADden since he seems obsessed with himself. In the end, Ryan decided to choose Kendall, even though he knows his donated sperm is history and after his vasectomy he'll probably not father another child. I believe Ryan is still very much in love with Kendall. I NEVER bought into his marriage and subsequent love for Greenlee. I've always believed Ryan was Kendall's destiny just as Jackson is Erica's soul mate. Through all of this, Ryan appears to remain open-minded and it wouldn't surprise me if Ryan reverses his decision and sides with Zach.

Erica's Pain!

Erica decides to fight for Kendall's life and goes that route by the use of court measures. What angst there is to any decision. But alas, the decision was made for everyone courtesy of the judge who determined Kendall's life should be spared. I don't see Erica changing her mind or agreeing with anyone to reverse keeping Kendall alive while taking Spike via C-section. Why is it Jackson isn't there supporting Erica during this crisis?

New York Pain!

Lily decides to let a stranger befriend her, take her to a hotel room and con her into believing Jonathan doesn't care about her anymore. I ask why? This just isn't logical. What are the odds that Lily and Jonathan would have been that close to each other multiple times? Also, to again show Lily's lack of understanding of life she referred to Aidan as her "ex-boyfriend". This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from 2 different viewers Kerry & Dottie who concur about Jonathan & Lily as Kerry writes: "This Lily storyline is appalling. Supposedly Lily has been in life skills class, and in that class they apparently did NOT teach her how to: call collect, how to find a policeman or how to identify some other safe person or place. Also, it is inconceivable that her anger at her father is so great that she would rather be terrified in NYC than to talk to him when Jackson answered Jonathan's phone." While Dottie writes: "The idea of a 17 year old or even a soon to be 18 year old with a grown man is just not good. Lily needs to be with some one her own age. This man has no respect for Jackson and his concerns for his daughter. This is not the way to present Jackson as a changed person."

So many rumors out there about Thorsten Kaye (Zach) leaving AMC. I don't know what will happen but depending on where they are going with Zach probably will have some bearing on his decision. Thanks for all the emails. I look forward to them! Have a great week and see you back here in 2!


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