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Last week, Beth suffered a miscarriage. With Lizzie being pregnant as well, it was clear that Beth's baby was never going to be born. Lizzie's baby, with its paternity issues, was a more viable story.

It's been over a year in the making, but we finally can see some of the damage that one bullet can cause. Before Alan shot Phillip, he was deranged. Out of his mind - but Ross was alive and Rick had a career. Now it seems that Phillip's closest friend and his uncle paid the price for his insanity and Alan's near-fatal shot.

Now that we've seen what damage has been done - where is Phillip now? Are we going to go through all of this without an appearance from the character himself? I doubt it - which makes me happy - and sad at the same time.

For those who are newer viewers of the show, let me explain that the Bauer family was the family that GL was based on. They all - pretty much - worked at Cedar's Hospital. Now this week Rick faces losing his job (again) because he helped Phillip fake his death (after the fact) and helping down Ross Marler's plane. If Mel and Leah turn their back on Rick (and possibly leave) there would be no other Bauer in town. And no Bauer at Cedar's Hospital - which is unbelieveable. The thought of GL without Bauers is quite distressing. Although there is one Bauer family member in town - I don't think A-M (whose mother is Hope Bauer Spaulding) really carries on the family torch for service in the community.

The other two big events of the week were Beth losing her baby (which wasn't really a shock) and Ashley's mother being revealed as D.A. Doris Wolfe. I know that many of you were shocked by both events.

With Lizzie being pregnant as well, I did think Beth's baby was never going to be born. Although Phillip's reaction to Beth and Alan's baby would have been priceless - Lizzie's baby with the paternity issue was more viable for a story. (Can you tell I've been watching soaps awhile?) Now we have to sit back and see how long it takes for poor Coop to realize he's been had.

But Doris Wolfe being Ashley's mom was a total shock - and could be the way GL writes Jonathan out (if Tom Pelphrey leaves the show). I've always been a huge fan of Orlaugh Cassidy (Doris) but know that she's working quite a bit on other shows. I would certainly welcome her as a more permanent addition to the cast.

The story of Ashley does leave me puzzled - I don't know how long she will be in Springfield, but she could become a pivotal player in the Lizzie/Coop/Jonathan/Tammy story. Time will tell how this all plays out. And where will all of this leave poor Ava?

It looks like there are plenty of storylines heating up for the summer - much like the weather here in Scottsdale, AZ (where I am this week on business). I can't wait to see how it all turns out!


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