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Ethan is a moron. How can he not see that Gwen doesn't want him talking to J.T.? If she really and truly were innocent, then what would it matter if Ethan talked to J.T. or not? On some level, Ethan knows that Gwen did this.

I don't understand where the Vendetta part of this storyline is. Is the Vendetta what we the viewers are supposed to have towards the writers for making us watch this absurd storyline? From day one it was almost a given that Alistair was the monk. What is the deal with this chalice that is supposed to make one "God on earth"? I was so excited when I thought Julian was the monk. It would've made more sense because if it were his twin, then the twin could want the chalice to take Alistair down. It has been beaten into our brains how much money the Crane's have and how they can do what they want. Why do they need a chalice? Alistair could hire professional hit men and wipe all of Harmony out in a moment's notice if he wanted. I really believe that the storylines are written on a day-to-day basis.

So what would Theresa have done if J T had up and outed her as the one who sent the tabloid information? I would've loved to have seen that happen. Not because Gwen deserves Ethan. I mean she's been lying to his face all week and trying to make him feel bad about questioning her!!! But so that for once and for all, Theresa can see that Ethan is a battle she will never win. I mean this man has told her over and over that he loves her with all of his heart. If that isn't reason enough to be with her, then nothing she can do will ever be enough. She will be jumping through hoops the rest of her life to keep Ethan happy.

What on earth were Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen thinking when the cave in started? Why did they stand around there waiting for it all to collapse around them? And Noah, Fancy and Luis weren't trying to get out either. I would've been doing everything I could to get out of there. Whitney was the only one with any sense by trying to drag Theresa out, while JT and Alistair manage to escape.

I've said this before, but Ethan is a moron. How can he not see Gwen doesn't want him talking to JT? If she really and truly were innocent, then what would it matter if Ethan talked to JT or not? If Ethan could see that the way everyone else sees it, then maybe he and Theresa would be together already. Also, on some level Ethan knows Gwen did this. If he truly thought Gwen was innocent, then Ethan wouldn't be trying to dig JT up when another cave in could occur at a moments notice.

So Kay and Miguel have been electrocuted, and now she believes they are together. Obviously Kay has some sort of amnesia or such, but still I love where this could go. Fox and Siren become insanely jealous while Kay goes on and on about how much she loves Miguel. Miguel does nothing to correct her, because he wants her as well. So Fox and Siren sleep together, just as Kay realizes who she loves. Now Fox is doomed to spend the rest of his life under the mermaid curse. And Ivy, who has been pushing for this all along, is horrified to learn her son is cursed and she will have the little mermaid for a daughter in law.

Just when I thought Jessica was going to be watchable again, she goes and gives up the gun to Spike. The spoilers had said that there was going to be a surprise wedding in Italy and I knew it would be Jessica and Spike? They made the most sense, and obviously there is something about Spike that Jessica just can't shake. She sees him for the scum he is, and yet she let him live. Of course he couldn't kill her either. Spike may actually become likable now. I just can't wait to see Sam's reaction when he finds out.

I knew that Beth got away scot-free. It was great to see Edna again, but is Norma really needed to come back at least once a year. I could understand if she was related to someone on the show, but really, I think the actress knows someone at the top and they give her a job once or twice a year. And the Brokeback Mountain joke is as old as dust.

Some Random Thoughts:

I just loved Tabby's hair in curlers. She is a riot in every scene she is in.

I notice Liza Huber's (Gwen) clothes are getting a little looser. (She's pregnant!!!) I wonder if Gwen will become pregnant too?

Where did Whitney get those new clothes she changed into once she shed her disguise?

Viewer's Voice:

"With the recent renewal of Passions came the announcement of budget crunching and thus the demise of some of the characters. While I fully understand this decision, I must speak out against the cut of a tremendous and superb actor. With another soap opera vying to woo this veteran back, why is Passions willing to so let go one of the finest actors that has been bestowed upon their presence since the creation of the show? John Reilly is superb. Period. He is one of the finest and most gifted actors Passions has ever seen- yes even better than Julian in my opinion. He plays evil to perfection (that laugh alone, I mean, come on!). In fact, he could play anything well! Yet, Passions is willing to see this talented actor walk out the door so Jessica, nuFox, Chad and Sheridan can have more screen time?!? This is a travesty! Or even still, a crime! Alright, I'm not a fan on Alistair and his holier than thou attitude. I hate it that everything wrong in everybody's life is because of Alistair and that he can do whatever the hell he wants because he's a Crane. It's so stupid and makes me, as an avid viewer, feel like a moron for watching. That being said, there has to be some way to make use of the genius that is John Reilly. The man can act and has years of experience under his belt!!! Which is far more than I can say for much of the passions cast. I'm so furious with the people at Passions right now I could scream. He should go back to GH! No question! He deserves to be somewhere he's wanted and somewhere where he can exude his talent. Passions, which is the only soap on air right now that needs more talented actors, has the chutzpah to cut him off!! HE SHOULD LEAVE THEM!! He should go to JER, tell him he had no right to be blamed for the lines he was given or the coma he was put in for half the year and thus shouldn't be out of a job because of this. I'm sorry, but as far as rants go, that one felt pretty darn good. Thanks for letting me vent. What a shame, what a shame!" No problem Emily. I totally agree with you! Thanks for writing!!!

"Like so many fans I have become slightly, ok majorly disappointed by Passions. What upsets me the most is that I have been an avid defender of Passions for years now, saying that it had the right to be a little unconventional. But now it has just taken so many turns for the worse. I have to agree with the majority of fans in saying the Vendetta storyline was an absolute letdown! I was not interested in the first place, but then it became so anticlimactic. The truly horrible thing, I believe Brooke Kerr (Whitney), to be a great actress. I love watching her and really enjoy her emotion, but they put her in such a stupid storyline. If I were her agent, I'd be mad! The fans need to see the core characters and wrap up secrets and storylines from the beginning. Where is Grace? Where are Eve and Julian for that matter? Who is their son for God's sake? Why is Beth being kicked off the show? I think its sad because the fans keep holding on because I think like most people, we know Passions could be really great, but it needs some serious fine tuning. Theresa, Whitney, Simone, Paloma...there are some phenomenal and exceptional actors on that show. They just have to be guided in the right direction. I'm going to hold on and stay with this show till the very end, which I fear is fast approaching and pray it gets better." Thanks Trey!!!!!!!!!!!

"The show has gone so low that I just don't watch it anymore. No wonder the ratings are in the toilet. The show at first was good. It was a teen soap and was elementary level soap, but it was fun and didn't take it self seriously like other soaps. But by the years the show has gone to the point that of idiocy and stupidity I just don't care about it anymore. I think the show died when Timmy and the actor both died. He was a breath of fresh air and many watch him and Tabitha cook up schemes and laughter. The show is so overdrawn and redundant that they need to move on with the storylines. How many times are we going to see Theresa being so desperate and pathetic to go after a guy who uses her and his wife to stroke his own ego? I was rooting for Ethan and Theresa, but too much of her schemes and pathetic attempts to get him is just useless and dumb. I just don't have patience to watch a grown woman begging for a guy to be with her. And she only pays attention to her kids when it is to get Ethan involve. At least Gwen loves the children and cares about them. Theresa just uses them to her to use for her obsession over Ethan. They have ruined this couple towards the point that no one will care if they do get together. Gwen is no better hanging on to Ethan so he can't be with Theresa. It said something about her character, too. That she would stay with a guy to not to have her rival be with him. Ethan is just as dumb to be with Gwen because he wants to be faithful and not break his vows, but every chance he gets, he is with Theresa and his heart is with her, not Gwen. I just think the triangle really ruined all three characters till the point of no return. And next is Whitney and Chad. I thought that the brother and sister connection is really nasty. They should [go back to them not being siblings] so we don't have to hear Whitney whining and crying about sleeping with her brother. The Kay/Miguel/Siren/Fox storyline is snooze-ville. I just can't get into it because the two guys can't act and they are just pretty faces. Get NuMiguel acting lessons because he is ok, but get rid of the NuFox. The actor is not cutting it and no one cares about him. I think NuMiguel can do it if he has acting lessons and has chemistry with Kay. Get Sheridan's spunk and feistiness to her. I hate the whiny, weak girl that she portrays. Make her strong and stand up to Luis and her father and anyone who tells her what to do. I like the friendship of Luis and Fancy because it is something different than the other crap we are use to on the daily basis. The vendetta storyline is a dud. I think getting rid of Alistair will bring new potential towards the show to shape up and ship out characters that are useless. Get rid of Spike, May a, Lena, Fox, Beth, Chris, Alistair, Noah and the show will get some ratings boost to it. Make the characters have a brain and stop making women so dependent and weak for men. Stop with the silly storylines and get back to corporate rivals, family drama, bitchy catfights and some normalcy to the show. Make Tabitha the lead woman on the show and make her involve with several characters because we love her and she is the only character with a brain and is the heart of the show." Thanks Reggie!!!

"All that running around Theresa did to find proof that Rebecca and Gwen set her up and the best she could come up with was some guy that knew Becks in a biblical way? Ethan was right to not believe her. I agree, I'd say I did whatever for $10 million. Duh! And even if Theresa didn't offer JT money, why would Ethan take this guy's word over that of his wife? At this point in time, he has no reason to believe Gwen is lying to him. Theresa on the other hand, is another story. Look at this chick's faulty logic. I'd call her a loon and go about my business as well. Moving on, a reader of your column also wished for the return of Grace and David. While I'll take Grace, leave David wherever he may be. I'm tired of watching retread after retread with half the storylines, and scenes of horrible, contract actors being outdone by the recurring mermaid and a heavy-handed, makes-no-sense storyline that was probably pulled out of the head writer's you know where. Can we please, please get back to Eve & Julian; expose Ivy's dirty dealings? How about a new love interest for Pilar? Perhaps that will get Martin's engines purring. I know Passions has always been about fantastical, ridiculous under goings, but the heart of any soap is the characters we care about. Sadly, I'm not seeing many characters I care about on my TV screen. Get with it writers - move stuff along, wrap up old storylines and create new, grounded storylines." Thanks Kamal!!! Very well put!!!!!!!

"I agree with everything that you guys have said about the storylines on Passion. However, I didn't hear the one thing I was looking for - that JERk has been fired from this soap as well. It saddens me that the characters are being blamed for such sorry storylines. There is a lot of potential in this soap, but the writer needs to either get his act and those of his characters together or step down to save the soap that he created. Just as he'd done on Days, he carries the storylines on beyond any reasonable length of time and never seems to be able to carry a continuous thought in order to keep the viewers interested. It's supposed to be funny, not boring. Someone give him his walking papers forever please and let Theresa and Ethan ride off into the sunset with Rebecca and Gwen tied to the back of their horses already. By the way, where is Liz?" Thanks Chela!!!

"Ugh! The Monday June 19th episode made me want to punch Gwen. She's in bed telling Ethan she's never lied to him and is hurt he is questioning her. Oh, she so needs to be exposed. Noah is the only person who believes Theresa. Well, that says a lot! The only thing nice I can say about his character. It'd be nice to see Teresa move on, even if it's with Noah. At least he can relate to her. It would surely make him more interesting. Jessica is an idiot. Please kill her off!!!" Thanks Ginger!!!!

"Do you know if Theresa is going to be able to prove to Ethan that it was his wife who out him as a Bennet and not Theresa? And do you know if Theresa and Ethan are going to get back together after that?" Thanks for writing in Alfrecia. First of all I am not a writer for the show, nor am I affiliated in any way with the show other than watching it everyday and writing my opinions about it. That being said, it has to be a give that at some point in time the truth will come out and Theresa and Ethan will be together. When that will happen is just as much your guess as it is mine.

Quote of the week: "I've said this before. A long time ago, when soaps were on radio, if a soap wasn't doing so well, in the story, everyone got on a bus to take a joyful ride. The bus went over a cliff, and the next day the soap had an all new cast. Hey Passions writers!! Take a hint!!!" Thanks MJ!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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