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From the minute that Simon spotted Katie across the hall and broke into that sexy grin, it was on. He's playful, flirtatious, and more fun than a bottle of rum. It's as if they never missed a beat.

He's back! And so is my addiction to ATWT. Wow, I've missed Paul Leyden. Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that the excitement spark was missing from Oakdale. Well, don't light a match during the ATWT hour now, because Leyden's Simon is downright combustible. To quote one of my Two Scoops readers, "he knows how to get the party started."

From the minute Simon spotted Katie across the hall and broke into that sexy grin, it was on. He's playful, flirtatious and more fun than a bottle of rum. Leyden and Terri Colombino are still magical. It's as if they never missed a beat. (I'm trying to forget the character assassination that Simon went through during the whole Pilar mess. I'm moving on to my happy place, people.)

My fearless prediction is that this story arc is going to be fantastic. Mike and Katie are great together, but how can Katie not be pulled back toward the Aussie "scoundrel?" Simon is Katie's Kryptonite. So, despite that mature Katie knows that reliable Mike can give her the picket-fence life she yearns for, I'm betting that resisting Simon won't be so easy. I hope Simon comes back to Oakdale and sets up his life again. Watching him date/flirt with the available ladies in town would make Katie crazy and me one happy viewer. Welcome home Simon! If he tries to leave again, I'm so calling Emily to get some tips on chaining him to a radiator in the basement.

--I never thought I'd say this, but add me to the Casey Hughes fan club. Yes, Scoopers, he's won me over. He's enunciating. He cut that 70s hair, so I can actually see his face. And he's no longer acting like a complete cad to the ladies in his life. It's not often I reverse my opinion about a character, so maybe we should celebrate or something. Who has cake?

--I think it's time we took up a collection for the hospital for a new curtain in the emergency room. They've been pulling that same plaid one in the ER for years. I think it was up when Bryant died eons ago.

--I'm at a loss at what to say about Jack and Carly. You can't help but love these two. Yet, it's understandable to see why Jack can't forgive Carly this time. I'm in limbo as to ideas about where their relationship could go. I know I'll never really buy them with other partners, and it's inevitable that they'll reunite. So, I guess longing looks across Al's Diner is the best we can do for now, unless Craig Montgomery hits town again. Hunt Block and Maura West always had amazing chemistry, and I wouldn't mind seeing them have another go at it.

--Speaking of Craig, rumors persist that he's headed home. I know nothing, Scoopers. Believe me, if I did, I'd be shouting it at the top of this column. And there would definitely be cake.

--I can't help but chuckle at spoiled, socialite Vienna "I-don't-stand-in-line-ever" Hyatt. The parallels to Paris Hilton and the hotel chains are hilarious, starting with the name origin i.e. Vienna-Paris and Hyatt-Hilton. If Vienna is packing a small pooch somewhere, I swear I will lose it. Her antics have provided some great comic relief so far, from stealing Katie's breakfast tray to sleeping in her bling. Although, I don't think Paris would be caught dead on a commercial cruise line. It's a private yacht or nothing, baby, for the rich and famous.

--Katie is so in my doghouse this week for saying that her marriage to Henry didn't count, yet in the same breath, calling him the best friend she's ever had. Some friend she turned out to be. Bubbles, you are on my list!

--Does Vienna remind anyone else of Ruby, Simon's last "pigeon" from back in the day? I swear, her voice sounds just like her.

--Do you think Lily will be comatose until her portrayer Martha Byrne returns from maternity leave? If so, poor Luke is going to be grappling with some serious guilt for a long time. Kudos to the writers for putting Lily in a coma during Byrne's maternity leave, rather than sending her to a spa or some other strange trip that would make no sense to the front-burning plot right now.

--Is anyone enjoying this baby drama with Jen, Paul, Meg and Emily? It's turned into a snoozefest for me. All those scenes are giving my fast-forward button a workout. This baby drama seems to have sucked the life out of Dusty. I loved him as the sexy bad boy. Not so much as Jen's baby daddy. I loved Meg when she hit town, but now she seems to be nothing but Paul's yes-woman. Paging tough-girl, Meg! When someone finds her, and her backbone, let me know. As for Paul and Emily, I've lost interest, too. These were once interesting characters, but Paul has flip-flopped so much the last few months, I can no longer identify or understand the direction or motivation of this character. I just find him preachy. Emily, well, she's the most interesting of this group. Her breakdown and her road to redemption strangely fascinate me.

--Mike and Simon in towels. Oh yeah. It's a good week, Scoopers!

--We just met Dallas Griffin, but I think I already like him. I'm happily spoiler free, so I can't say for sure, but it seems he and Maddie had some kind of secret past. Is he the reason she couldn't go home? However this storyline plays out, I hope ATWT doesn't make the mistake of making Maddie an island i.e. having her deal with it by herself. Sometimes, the show doesn't use the supporting players to cultivate a storyline. (Yes, I'm talking about John when Dusty first hit town and countless other examples.) Henry should be involved in whatever tale is spun for Maddie. It's a no-brainer.

--If you doubted curls are back, check out the lovely ladies of Oakdale who sported gorgeous waves this week: Katie, Maddie, Emily, Gwen and Jade.

--Poor Mike, he looked almost scared of socialite Vienna this week. I don't blame him. I was scared for him myself.

--Jade had better hope Gwen doesn't find out about the affair with Will. Maddie is already cruising to put a beat down on the bad girl, and if Gwen catches on to Jade's romp with her husband, Dr. Bob had better reserve a bed at Memorial for the curly-haired troublemaker.

--Lucinda's bedside scenes with Lily were fantastic. Please give the talented Elizabeth Hubbard more to do.

--One of my favorite story arcs on the show now is the familial relationship between Casey and his parents. Margo and Tom are hip and cool, while struggling with trying not to give Casey too much freedom. It's nice to see a teen storyline that actually echoes real life.

--I enjoyed the Carly/Gwen bonding moments. We need more of those and with more characters i.e. Henry/Maddie and Holden/Jack.

--I cannot wait until Simon and Henry share a scene together. Henry needs a pal, and since Katie seems to have written him off, maybe Simon will fill the bill. Or pay the bill, as it may be, because you know Simon and Henry are going to have martinis and toast their ex at some point.

--Some of you have e-mailed asking what I'm enjoying on the show these days and what I'm hating. Well, this is the first week I've raced home to watch ATWT in almost two years, if that tells you anything. Here's my viewing routine: Immediately fast-forward to all Simon/Katie/Mike/Vienna scenes. Then, go back and pick up the Will/Gwen/Casey/Maddie scenes and anything else with Margo, the vets, Luke/Holden/Damian/Lucy/Lily and Jack and Carly. Then, force myself to watch the Paul/Emily/Jennifer/Dusty hospital scenes so I won't be clueless when writing Two Scoops.

--I feel bad for Mike. He's such a nice guy, yet he falls for women like Carly, Katie and Jennifer, with so much baggage they could open their own luggage company.

--I'm hoping Lucy gets out of the hospital soon. She needs to get a life that doesn't involve work, don't ya think? Paging Henry or Simon. Best Lines of the Week:
( Mike tries to brush off the advances of the beautiful Vienna.)
Mike: "Did I mention I'm on my honeymoon?"
Vienna: "Like it was tattooed on your chest. Is it?"

(Katie spills her guts to her masseuse, who secretly turns out to be her ex-husband Simon, about her past romantic history.)
Simon: "You were married to Henry. What???"

(Simon interrogates Katie about Mike's location on the cruise ship.)
Simon: "It's like that game: Construction Mike, in the gym, with his tool belt."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Reader Monica.)
"In reference to your observation of the small graduating class, I thought I might mention that here in Shawnee, OK, we have a private school that usually graduates less than 10 a year. Of course, our public schools have much larger classes. Anyhow, I didn't find it hard to believe that Oakdale Latin has a small class. Thanks for the column. It is something to look forward to every Monday morning."

Thanks for the tip Monica! I had no idea that there were schools that small. I need to get out more, or at least to the Midwest.---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops Reader Mommy Dearest.)
"My only request is, if ATWT brings back "Craig Montgomery," that they do so in the person of Hunt Block. If they're going to recast "Craig," forget about it. No one else can be Craig after the masterful work of Hunt Block in that role."

What she said. ---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops Reader Kaitlyn.)
"I would like to know what Jade's plan was so Will could graduate? What was she going to do, slip him a diploma? Gwen would have noticed because he's right after her in line, and they announce the names on a loud speaker. Who wouldn't hear that?"

Well, Jade's plans aren't full proof, as evidenced by her current situation. I don't know who was more na´ve to think that silly plan would work: Jade or Will.---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops Reader Kathy.)
"I love Jennifer Ferrin and am sad to learn that she is leaving the show. She is the first "Jennifer" that has made a very lasting impression. Her shoes will be very hard to fill. The best of luck, Jen!"

What she said---Jennifer

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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