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Theresa is an idiot. She finally had the goods on Gwen, after months of trying and failing, and instead of keeping her mouth shut and busting her butt, she gloated and gave Gwen the ultimate advantage.

The show is half and half now. Some of the stuff I am enjoying, and some of it I just roll my eyes at and frown. The "Kay has amnesia" story is ridiculous. It's almost as if it's the same script from the last few weeks, only Kay has all of Siren's lines. "Make love to me Miguel, all night." I didn't enjoy hearing Siren say it; I don't enjoy hearing Kay say it. And Siren is just a trollop. I hated that the second Miguel was into Kay she was trying to jump down Fox's pants. I at least hope this wakes him up and he sees what she's all about.

Father Lonigan can see that a triangle is coming with Eve/Julian/TC. TC has now gone off the dark end and Eve is going to feel it's her duty to take care of him. I don't care if Eve and TC get back together as long as evil Julian comes back. And Julian can see by the way Eve tenderly takes care of TC that she still loves him and will want to take care of him. Also, the Eve/TC montage is proof of what is to come.

I just love Beth. She's the brightest thing on this show. While Luis grabs her and threatens her, she squeals, "Daddy he's hurting me" like the perfect spoiled brat. She's much better at that than Fancy is. I hope she sticks around, but I know that's almost impossible. I really think Alistair's problem with Luis is that Alistair really believes that he is not evil and Luis uses his charm and good looks to change the people he loves mind about him.

Did anyone else ever for one minute think Whitney and Chad weren't siblings? Was this a big surprise? The big surprise would've been if Chad and Whitney decided to go somewhere where no one knew them or Alistair and get a DNA test. Instead the magical chalice that will allow Alistair to rule the world tells JT the truth. Maybe the symbol will give him the winning lottery numbers.

Theresa is an idiot. She finally has the goods on Gwen, after months of trying and failing, and instead of keeping her mouth shut and busting her butt, she gloats and gives Gwen the ultimate advantage. Theresa will never have Ethan simple because she can't seem to outsmart Gwen. And it's not because Gwen is smarter than Theresa, it's because Theresa lets her heart and her mouth run away with her.

The fight in the streets of Italy looked like the WWE's Royal Rumble. You can't possibly have me believe that twenty or so people are fighting in the streets and no one sees it and calls the cops. And the army of lesbians that came to save the day wasn't as absurd as Luis' pep speech to them.

Some Random Thoughts:

Norma is just ridiculous. She needs to go permanently.

The Gwen/Theresa fight montage was awesome. I love any chance where I can see Gwen beating Theresa with the bedpan.

Viewer's Voice:

"Again Brandi, you posed a question I totally agree with - when will Theresa see that Ethan is not worth all the hassle? Ethan has continued to lead her own, yet still stays married to Gwen. He repeatedly pulls her close and then pushes him away. I've been saying (to anyone who will listen) that the best way for Theresa to get Ethan is to MOVE ON. Hello, wasn't Ethan all in her business when she was with Fox for all of 5 seconds? Any attempt on her part to put him behind her will surely have him come sniffing after her like the dog he is. Don't get me wrong; I'm no fan of Theresa. But the ridiculousness of her actions and her lack of logical decisions prevents me from ever being in her corner despite what Gwen has done to her. Gwen has done some dirty dealings, but nothing on Theresa's scale IMO. Sigh... I just wish this whole tabloid mess comes out soon. I can't stand watching this saga anymore. On a sidenote, Noah's dirty looks whenever Fancy says Luis' name cracks me up. I definitely think Fancy has moved on from Noah (thank the heavens). I'm not sure on her and Luis though. But where does that leave Noah? With Theresa of course. I was immediately disgusted by the idea of them together until a friend pointed out that perhaps these two annoying, idiotic characters will cancel out each other's bad qualities. What do you think? Maybe?" Thanks Kamal!!!

"Finally some secrets are going to be revealed soon and maybe this show might improve. I think Passions needs to be revamped completely. They need to put the weaker actors with the betters one (Ivy, Pilar, Julian, Tabitha) so at least the new ones don't look so bad and they can learn a thing or two. Passions needs to give the better and older actors more respectable storylines. There needs to be more drama with businesses and more socially relevant problems. I mean how about giving a character an illness or more business drama like Crane vs. someone new like the Hotchkiss family. I think this show can still have the love triangles but it can have so much more too. And Finally Passions should use their actors to their potential. Liz was great at being devious; Valerie is great too. I mean there are a lot of good people who are unused. Anyways that's all I got to say now and I totally agree with what you said about the Vendetta thing this [last] week. Keep up the good work!" Thanks Joey!!!

"Ok I have tried typing this a few times and after a while it erases everything I put in and refreshes the screen automatically. What is an email address so I can send a regular email and give you my thoughts. I have some frustrations, thoughts, and suggestions I need to get out." Please use the link at the bottom of the screen to send email directly to me. Thanks Cheryl!!!

Quote of the week: "I thought you were dead." - Noah about Beth. "No such luck!" - Edna.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July,

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