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Luis and Fancy are cute together, but she really needs to stop trying to be a heroine and let Luis save his son. Fancy knows that Beth is crazy, yet time and again she refuses to leave Luis and ends up being the reason that he can't save his child.

I had a VCR malfunction so I did not see any of this week's episodes. So instead of commenting on what happened this week, I'll comment on the Vendetta storyline as a whole.

First off, Alistair as the monk was unoriginal. Anyone would've been better than Alistair. This whole, "I want to rule the world" crap was dumb. Not for one minute did I think Alistair would win and actually have the chance to rule the world. The writers could've picked any other character and written a story around the chalice and symbol that would've been much more interesting.

While it wasn't a shocker that Chad and Whitney aren't siblings, I'm glad this storyline is over with. Now they can be together, and with Simone interested in the opposite sex, they don't have to hear how they betrayed her. I love Simone and wish her storyline would pick up. I love Paloma as well, but I hope the writers don't put Paloma and Simone together. Their relationship works best as friends.

Theresa needs to let Ethan go, plain and simple. And I would love for Ethan to learn the truth about Little Ethan and the tabloid at the same time, and then have Theresa tell him goodbye. The writers have written her as so desperate to have Ethan; as if her life just can't go on without him, until there is nothing left but for her to be duped by him repeatedly. Honestly, Theresa is better off with Alistair.

And what happened to Gwen's job? Even if Collier was demanding all of her time and attention on Theresa's demands, few companies let employees take off for extended periods of time like this. Especially since Gwen has only been there several weeks (in Harmony time). Maybe since the news broke that Alistair is alive, Collier fired Gwen. Maybe this happened and I missed it altogether.

Luis and Fancy are cute, but she really needs to stop trying to be a heroine (or center of attention - I can't figure out which) and let Luis save his son. Fancy knows Beth is crazy, yet time and again she refuses to leave Luis and ends up being the reason he can't save his son. And Luis is so idiotic. For once, let Fancy be unconscious while you try to save your son. For crying out loud what's more important; your son, or your future niece in law? Obviously there is something between Fancy and Luis, and I'm glad she's getting over Noah.

Beth is a breath of fresh air. She's smart, but hysterically crazy. She believes that Alistair loves her and wants to be a father to her, while he really just wants to torture Luis and Sheridan. Oh the possibilities of what could be if Beth could stay in Harmony. Perhaps she could give Marty to Sheridan in exchange for her freedom. Then she could roam around in her own crazy little world, bringing much delight to the screen. Hopefully, Edna and Norma will be too busy to drop in.

I apologize for the column being shortened, but I'll be back on track next week.

Until next week friends,

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