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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Springfield during the week of July 12, 2004.

Kimberly is on vacation. In place of her regular column, we offer a flashback to this week in 2004. Find out what Kimberly had to say about what was going on -- and relive some memories of your own. If you'd like to have your say on the show's storylines, be sure to visit our message boards!

As we are lulled into the warmth of summer, Springfield is feeling the effects of the sun as well. The Bauer bar-be-que is the unofficial start to summer in Springfield, and I can see that there are several stories that are going to be heating up pretty soon for GL fans!

Now I often wonder how much the internet "spoils" shows like GL for fans. While I certainly enjoy talking to GL fans, I sometime miss being "spoiled" in the moment on the show. But as I watched the show this week, I really thought that, if you think about it some, you can "spoil" yourself as well.

Just sitting and watching the show, I have figured out how I think things will happen on the show in coming months. Many of you pick up on these clues as well. While some of you are adamant about not knowing, sometimes it can be interesting to see how GL will get to the conclusion that you "know" will happen. Let's take a few examples.

This past week, Sandy Foster was freaking out about getting "booked" in the Springfield PD station. Why? Because (as I have thought all along), he is not Jonathan, Reva and Richard's son. But the fun will be to see how he pulled it off. Remember, even Olivia welcomed him with open arms - since her sister raised Jonathan. Hopefully GL will remember when they recast the real Jonathan that he is YOUNGER than Shayne, and should look like a high school kid (if you SORAS him at the same rate, give or take) that they have every other kid in Springfield. Also it looks like this whole story will break while Josh is away for a month (when Robert Newman does a play in Massachusetts). How can a psychic not know when she's being conned by someone pretending to be her own child?

For those who have been viewers long enough to remember Dinah, it will be interesting how she can come back to Springfield when she is "on the lam" for murdering ex-boyfriend Hart Jessup. Even more interesting is how the mysterious Jeffrey O'Neill knows her, since he is a CIA operative (and Springfield's D.A.). I can see where many think a Jeffrey/Cassie pairing might be in the works, but I wouldn't mind seeing the chemistry between Dinah and Edmund, as well. Have to wait and see on that one.

Harley and Gus are just weeks away from marriage - yet "Auntie Alex" is begging Gus to keep her drug connection private. Despite her relationship with Buzz, she is willing to risk it all to save her hide - once again. What will happen when all of the cards are revealed and Alex has to hopefully pay the piper for her misdeeds?

I know that some Danny and Michelle fans are unsure about the "new" Michelle, but I like this edgier Bauer. But who doesn't see the Michelle/Tony storyline coming down the road? While I must admit that I miss the chemistry between Jordi Vilasuso and Paul Anthony Stewart, this is one way to keep this story going without the typical break up stories that the writers seem so fond of. Michelle has always been Danny's girl, and you can almost sense that Tony has always had a little crush on her. This ought to be a great new twist that brings these performers more airtime - without the Mob plot that I am glad to be rid of.

And the whole Phillip and Olivia un-traditional romance is quite interesting. What is Phillip planning for his not-so-loving wife? I really had hoped that this pair would be together for a while, but I guess that Olivia's misdeeds have gotten in the way. I would love to see Phillip find love again (with Beth, perhaps?) and spend more time enjoying life. Those Spauldings have lives full of melodrama, it seems!!

So with so many stories heating up, hopefully GL viewers will have something to tune into. I want to see if my predictions are right on the money - and the way they get to the heart of the story should be an interesting ride. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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