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We can see it coming ---- an earthquake in Pennsylvania and Greg will be crushed & killed.

We can see it coming ---- an earthquake in Pennsylvania and Greg will be crushed & killed. Before this predictable event happens, I have to comment that Greg is just plain being tortured. It's the work of a sadistic mind. We're supposed to believe someone digs him up to replace the water and supplies and covers him back up in such a public area without anyone in PV noticing? Another thing: Are they cleaning up after him? That was one of the first things I thought about when I saw him buried alive. It's really disgusting and this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Nicole who writes: "On "OLTL", "Blair" was locked in the trunk of a car for heaven only knows how long; now someone sticks Greg Madden in a coffin underground.....Do their captors ever stop to consider the obvious.....i.e. sanitary facilities or "Depends"? PUUUUUUUU! Lord help the poor souls who rescue the victims." I don't follow OLTL but the thought of it all is gross. Now who is behind this dastardly deed? We know it has to be someone that knows about Josh being Erica's son, which would narrow it down to Erica, Ryan, Joe, Tad, Jeff (he showed up after Greg was buried), Dixie, Zach and Julia. I say Julia because Ryan was nonchalantly discussing this with her and she acted as if it was no big news. So how did she find out and while we're at it, why hasn't anyone told Kendall? I know Ryan was sworn to secrecy but how about Zach? The bottom line is Dixie signed adoption papers even if Greg manipulated her.


Oh please, not another "Who's Your Daddy?" storyline. I can see this coming with "Spike". Oh, yes, I know the reference to Buffy and Spike the vampire, but if they really wanted to have a love reference they should have named the child "Angel" because Angel was Buffy's true love ---- always. Ryan doesn't care if Spike is really his or not because he loves the baby ---- and the baby's mother. This means of course Spike will end up and be someone else's baby and what about Kendall will she even be Spike's mom?

Searching for Kate!

David decides to take advantage of the situation and try to take advantage of Dixie. Tad decides to show David up and let Dixie see David as the master manipulator he is. I guess the one thing I really feel about all of this is Kate has been raised by another family for her entire life and Tad and Dixie decide to just swoop in and take her from them. Even Greg's flashback showed he made sure the families were screened and assured of being fine parents. Of course this won't be the case for Kate as I've heard from so many such as Catherine who writes "Well, well, well.....we all can see where this storyline is headed. Terry comes to town looking for Annie...who just happens to know Di Kirby, so probably (since Terry is a sleaze-bag) he is/has somehow been in kahoots with the infamous Dr. Madden...and the daughter that Annie has run off with is (drum roll, please) TA-DAAAAAAAAAA! Tad and Dixie's Kate. I really hope they don't drag this storyline out too long! Find the child-do the DNA and move on!" I also hope they speed this up.

I Love You - NOT

I've missed something with Erin since she decided to throw Aidan aside. It apparently has to do with the Terry storyline and Aidan's investigation of Terry's wife since we saw Erin interact with Jamal (Tom & Livia's son). It really doesn't matter as Erin saved herself all those years waiting for the right guy, met and fell for the really great and attractive Aidan, made love and now tells him she needs space. I'm thinking she's inherited Jonathan's brain tumor. LOL!! Watch out PV as there could be another murderer on the loose.

How About a Bribe!

Kendall has no need to worry about Zach going to jail since that hunk of a husband of hers has bribed the judge. She does seem to be worrying about Zach's concern for Dixie though. I received several emails about Zach and Kendall's chemistry together as Jean who wrote "I just don't agree with you about the chemistry between Ryan and Kendall. The chemistry is between Kendall and Zach and the writers don't know how to play that up. Ryan seems to me to be a real sneak and I hate his constant whispering." I agree that Zach and Kendall have chemistry but it's still there between Kendall and Ryan as well. One thing I don't much care for is the fact Kendall and the other girls at Fusion are being so hateful and mean spirited which brings me to this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week which comes from Kathy who writes: "Am I the only one who wants to smack that smug face of that uppity Danielle - you'd think she owned Fusion the way she treats Babe. She's just a high school graduate granted with not a lot going on in her life and now Erin, who Babe brought in and defended is treating her like crap.......Who are these cows and where do they get off? Are these writers in the twilight zone or something?" I understand they are mad at Babe because of JR but geez most of them have also committed many sins and errors.

Home Violence!

I have purposefully stayed away from writing about Krystal because as anyone knows I just can't stand the character. There is no objectivity from my standpoint, but what is up with Krystal beating up on Adam? She is abusive, vile and deserving of no one's love. Everyone talks about Erica being a hypocrite and I agree she is, but Krystal fits this bill all too well as she protects her "baby doll" from the big bad Chandler, but had no problem scamming the same Chandlers into marriage, etc. The Adam I've always loved would have this tramp packing and back to her double wide faster than a speeding bullet. Let's get rid of Krystal and bring on Brooke to have some real love and sparks with the marvelous Adam! Speaking of Brooke, it sure was nice to see her this week even if it was briefly and having her mixing it up with Jackson. I personally didn't care for the pairing of those two many moons ago but it was good to see and hear Erica's jealousy! It would be good to have a triangle with those three, or throw Jeff Martin in there too and let's see some fireworks before the 4th!

The Loss of AMC Veterans!

It's a sad day now that both Jill Larson (Opal) and Tonya Pinkins (Livia) have been taken off contract. What's up with Frons and McTavish? They must not have any vision on how to use actors that are of a certain age. It's really bizarre considering Livia's son Jamal is being reintroduced into the cast so he'll have no interaction with his family? Considering AMC is bringing on a newly aged Colby (now a teen) plus a friend of hers as well as Annie, "T" a.k.a Terry and their child, in addition Jeff Martin just came back onto the canvas, so why aren't the veterans being utilized? Is it any wonder why long time fans are tuning out? Another reason fans are frustrated is the changing scenery of PV. I heard from Margaret who asks "When did Pine Valley (a suburb of Philly) become a coastal town with a beach and now a marina large enough for yachts? Is it supposed to be on the Delaware Bay? I know it's only a soap, but a little reality wouldn't hurt once in awhile." The writers seem to think the viewers will accept anything they choose to throw our way. [Editor's Note: Philadelphia is off of the Delaware and has a large cruise ship terminal, marina and ship-building industry]

Prayers and the 4th of July!

July 4th is upon us. Remember the troops and their families in your prayers! They need our support. Also, remember to take care of your pets during the 4th of July festivities. As an animal lover, I'll remind you they need to be kept away from all of the noise and confusion as they can easily get hurt or disoriented. Please be kind to the animals as they can not take care of themselves. Isn't it great to have Suellen back for a few weeks? It seems like old times! Thanks for the emails, rants, raves and differences of opinions. Have a happy 4th and I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


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