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Kendall decides she needs to check Spike's DNA to find out if Greg is the father as opposed to Ryan. Up steps Josh to be the 'Greg' donor and what results do we get???

Kendall decides she needs to check Spike's DNA to find out if Greg is the father as opposed to Ryan. Up steps Josh to be the "Greg" donor and what results do we get??? That would be Josh is indeed related. Now we know Josh would have to be related since he's Erica's son, but I'm wondering will Erica turn out to be the mother of Spike. Of course Kendall has been in the dark about Josh because no one has kept her in the know. Oh my, why can't Erica just tell Kendall the truth and move on. Why didn't Kendall get Ryan's DNA to have tested? I really want that child to be Kendall & Ryan's baby --- no one else's.


Can anyone be true to their spouse while being married in PV? We have "the slut" Krystal sleeping with Tad. Excuse me I thought she professed to everyone that she was in love with her husband. But if memory serves, she was all up for taking Babe and Little Adam away from Adam & JR since the Chandler money was all hers and her daughter's money now. Krystal disgusts me, especially as she yells at Adam about protecting JR while she has done everything for her "baby doll", and as far as I'm concerned Tad can have her. It doesn't surprise me Tad had no problem with adultery once again and Adam is Tad's arch enemy. Adam would be well rid of Krystal and everything about her. There is NO way Adam could have ever fallen for that woman or just shrugged off her spending the night with Tad. Next thing we know Zach has to go check on Dixie and we have them in a lip lock. Even though Dixie initiated this kiss, why is it Zach would jeopardize his marriage with that long passionate return kiss? Dixie appears to be making the "kiss rounds." First David, then Tad and now Zach. Wonder how each of them measure up? I was proud of Ryan last week when he told Dixie to leave Zach alone, however she didn't take that advice. Josh is trying to get Babe to run around on JR but so far she's having no part of it. Who would have thought we could look to Babe as the one to stay faithful --- this marriage? I feel sure that will change.

Guilty - Not Me!

Seems everyone is a suspect for Madden's murder. We have Erica professing her innocence to Jackson who doesn't appear to be buying it. Does anyone wonder? When was the last time La Kane actually told her husband the truth? Zach is also under suspicion from his spouse but Zach tells Kendall that she has nothing to worry about even though Zach admitted wanting Madden dead! JR is telling everyone and anyone that will listen he isn't responsible for Madden's death. Of course, his track record isn't very good these days. Josh wants Derek to arrest JR for murder, but Josh forgot about one little thing ---- evidence. Granted it's not always necessary in PV, but this time Derek tells him forensics is "on the job". I shudder to think where this will lead us --- we all know how great the PV forensics team is. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Sandy who writes: "My thoughts on Greg Madden's death - I was just watching today's show, and although some of our characters can be despicable at times, I don't think any of them could have tortured Greg in this manner. I think it was Terry, the guy who terrorized Lily in NYC. He is Annie's abusive husband and the "father" of her daughter. I think somewhere down the line we're going to find out that the little girl is Kate. This guy got wind of Madden's not-so-legitimate adoptions, put 2 & 2 together, and decided to find out the truth as to whether his daughter was the one that Dixie Martin was looking for. That would explain why no one ever came back to dig up Madden. Once Madden cracked and admitted that this little girl was Kate, that guy decided he was better off 6 feet under. Maybe it won't turn out that way, but I can't imagine anyone of our regular characters being so sadistic." I can see why so many think Terry will be culprit, but how could he have known Josh was Erica's aborted fetus which the torturer mentioned?

Hard to Like

Josh is making it increasing hard for me to like him. Between running around chasing Babe, telling everyone that JR killed his father, sleeping around with nurses (or anyone else he can find) in the hospital --- his place of business, taking away Danielle's virginity and previously drugging Amanda and Erica, Josh is just not easy to warm up to. Why is it Colby has to be a teen now? Part of the problem with AMC is this instant "you're grown" syndrome. Remember when JR and Jamie were both boys for a while. We got to see them grow up more gradually although they are certainly older than they would be in real life. The audience will feel more of an investment when we get to enjoy and share growing up with the families. Instead Colby went from 4 years old to almost 16 overnight, plus she came back as a thief and little "hellion", very similar to Amanda's return. Why must this happen? Even though they have tried to redeem Amanda at the expense of Janet and killing off Trevor I still haven't warmed to the character. I really don't want this to be the case with Colby, but it appears this is the only way Ms. McTavish knows how to re-introduce a character into the mix. This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Karen who writes "Why do these writers bring back all these kids with horrible attitudes? We had Amanda come back as a snotty teen queen and now it looks like Colby will be the same. And put some realistic clothes on these women!" Yes, the wardrobe department needs to go into the work environment and look around.


Oh my, just what PV needs --- another bar. Remember when Hayley was always front burner and she and Mateo had SOS, well now another perennial front burner character, Kendall, has a bar. I'm wondering how all this is going to be portrayed since Danielle is in on the "opening" but she certainly isn't of age to drink. And how old is Amanda supposed to be now since she is the new hostess? What about Lily working there as well? Won't she see her share of red --- or perhaps a sign when entering ConFusion will read "no smoking, no cell phones and under NO circumstances any RED on the premises"!


Heard from so many Ryan & Kendall fans this time thought I'd share a few. From Rendall Fan: "Zendall fans may their opinions, BUT Ryan and Kendall just fit. We Rendall fans are abound..........". Also from Kristi "I have to agree that there is chemistry between Ryan and Kendall. I love Zach and Kendall, but in my heart, I will always be rooting for Ryan and her. I never liked Ryan with Greenlee and have been anxiously awaiting the repairing of my favorite couple." And finally from Ellyn who weighed in on more than just Ryan/Kendall "There's a phrase often used in sports, "this team is in disarray." well, this show sure is. My gosh, nothing makes sense, they write characters into corners, (JR my fave, comes to mind) it's just really difficult to watch. May was awful, most of June, with the exception of the few JR/Babe crumbs I was thrown, I'm sure July will be difficult, not to mention August. I personally, am not a Zach/Kendall fan. JR and Babe are my pairing, and where Kendall is concerned, I don't know, I just like Ryan. I guess I find Zach more interesting, being a friend to Dixie, than being in a relationship....." One more email I'd like to share is from someone who didn't identify themselves or provide a valid email address to respond to, as you all know I respond to all, so I'll respond to this individual here. From anonymous "Please, Mary don't use this for political statements such as asking us to remember the troops in our prayers......" My response "Supporting our troops is neither for or against the war it IS supporting Americans doing their jobs and responsibilities for protecting our country. I will continue to support our troops and certainly mention it in the column. In my weekly travels I've met many a service person on their way overseas and have yet to find one that is offended by my keeping them in my prayers. On the contrary they appreciate it."

Other Items!

So many rumors are flying and tongues wagging about Megan McTavish soon being gone from AMC! Time will tell with this one as an announcement will have to be made if/when she leaves. I personally hope it's true since she has not helped AMC any in the time she's been back. Hopefully if it happens, the writer(s) replacing her will return to solid writing and give some much needed front burner time to the old fan faves such as Adam, Brooke, Palmer, etc. However the writers can only do so much as TPTB are in charge and decide which actors will be on/off contract. Keep those opinions and emails coming. I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


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