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Getting away with murder
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What a concept, what a feat, what a great story for Del Henry to write about. He's referring to Zach Slater though, not Tad Martin. When Del shows up at the Slater's home to broach the subject, Kendall sets him straight. Zach was acquitted, end of story.

What a concept, what a feat, what a great story for Del Henry to write about. He's referring to Zach Slater though, not Tad Martin. When Del shows up at the Slater's home to broach the subject, Kendall sets him straight. Zach was acquitted, end of story. Fast forward to wedded bliss and parenthood with Zendall and Spike. At least this has been nice to see as they interact as a reunited couple, take care of a sick infant, and make plans to buy a real home as a family. I didn't know how to act seeing Zach in casual clothes instead of a suit, attire he even wore while in a jail cell. When you see Zach, Tad, or Jack out of the business suit, you realize they do have lives outside of the "office".

Another married couple looking to buy a real home and change their living arrangement is JR and Babe Chandler. Ironically, the two women end up looking at a house with Marian and both wanting it right away. Wasn't it great to see Marian Chandler again? You can't tell me they couldn't find more for her and Stuart to do with all the Chandlers running around now. They used to take care of Colby when she was a young girl, what a few years ago? It is doubtful JR and Babe will be getting a house together anytime soon as she confesses to her affair with Josh by week's end. For some reason, Zach says he cannot take the house or live there. Was it his father's house at one time? Another skeleton yet to be revealed? What's the scoop?

It appears David is trying to help everyone on his buddy list before he makes his departure from Pine Valley. He kidnapped Emma in order to give her back to Dixie and a chance for her to start a new life with "Kate". In a very twisted way, granted, he showed how much he loved Dixie and wanted to give her what she wanted/needed. He admits to her he does love her but wants nothing in return. He thought he was helping Babe by telling JR his wife had an affair with Josh Madden. At that time, JR didn't believe him and Josh denied it. He ran a paternity test on Krystal and will know who the real father is of Baby Charlotte. I am sure that card will be played at some point soon. It is actually very sad to see how they have written David's character for so long. At one time he had good relationships with his wife, a baby daughter, mother, brother, Greenlee, Krystal, and even Babe. He never had any guy buddies per se, but he had times when you had compassion for him. He definitely had a lot of enemies and got plenty of punches or smacks, but thanks to Vincent I's amazing talent.......he was interesting to watch. We can't say it enough, as I know Mary and Kristine have also touched on this subject.......he will be sorely missed on AMC. Now with Julia Barr (Brooke) possibly following his exit, the casualties keep piling up!!!

Josh has been lecturing and crying all over town about JR's anger and bad behavior. What does he do when he goes to the New Beginnings Sweeps Party thrown by his mother, Erica Kane? He gets ANGRY as soon as he sees Zach in attendance. He is rude and belligerent in front of his whole new family and the media. A surprise guest was Donnie Osmond who made some funny cracks about the difference in his family gatherings and Erica's. He also thought she should try Broadway sometime (which we know Susan Lucci has done) as he appears in Beauty and the Beast. Meanwhile, backtracking a little.....Erica was expecting Jeff to escort her to the party and who is at the door but her HUSBAND. Jack came bearing a beautiful diamond necklace and his arm to escort her to her bash. He beat Jeff (Plan B as Erica referred to her ex-husband) by a few minutes, so imagine how awkward that was for everyone. As previously mentioned, Zach and Kendall arrived to show their support (but cut out after the fiasco with Josh to go see her dream house), and Josh was with Bianca. That was quite a surprise to hear Maggie cheated on her and that she is dealing with a broken heart. Yet, she would take her back in a minute if Maggie knew now it was only her she wanted to be with. That is what is refreshing about having Bianca back in Pine Valley. She has a kind, caring, loving heart. She is a peacemaker and confidante for her family and friends. What you see is what you get. Just like Myrtle. I had to chuckle seeing her sitting on Zach's desk at the casino; they have the most amazing rapport/chemistry. She advised her best friend he needed to use his ace in the hole when it comes to Kendall. Wait for her to regain the trust because the love and devotion is still there.

Dixie did take Emma and was at the airport with her awaiting her flight to their new life. But talking to the young girl, she realized the only mother she really knows and loves is Annie. So she returns her to Annie and Ryan but in return would just like to know if she really is Kate, either way. She needs to know for her own peace of mind and sanity. At the moment, Annie has no sympathy but then decides to go through with the DNA test. She and Ryan have their two children camping out in the living room while they play games and share parenting tips. I think we know where this "friendship" is going but at least it has a good basis and is progressing. This could be a good match and allows the family ties with Jonathan and Erin.

Speaking of Jonathan, he thought he was coming to Amanda's rescue (or was it just plain jealousy?) with Sean's flirting but she put him in his place. It is no secret he is still in love with Lily and when she heard about her ex-husband with Amanda, she seemed to be reacting herself. She cut herself with a knife and freaked out from the red of the blood. Sean and Amanda had to take her to the ER and Jack was called away from the party. Leaving Erica with Jeff. Whew, such wicked webs they weave.

That's how the week went on OUR FAVORITE SHOW...all the tap dancing around everyone hinting or telling JR that his wife cheated on him with Josh. So many people know, how could they keep it a secret for long? Colby called her that five-letter word I hate used that they shorten to two letters. I am sure JR will be singing the same tune when he reacts to her confession, his mouth runs over when he is angry, betrayed, cornered, etc. Josh could be right about his beloved's husband, if he were capable of attempting murder sober, what would he do if he started drinking again? Then David Hayward was either plotting or interfering in other's lives. Adam found out about Babe's deception and wasn't a happy camper. Imagine how he would react to knowing his wife did the same thing, a one-night stand with Tad. Sean vowed to be "friends" with Colby but I think she was hoping for more. I prefer fast-forwarding through scenes with these two and/or Sydney. They just don't interest me. When I know I am writing the column, I suffer through them as don't want to miss anything but not much to report in that department.

It was definitely good to be aboard again in Mary's absence. I will also be back next week to cover for Kristine while she attends Super Soap Weekend in Orlando, Florida. As you know I have attended twice in the past and written a report on it all. I think Kristine wants to do the same, as this is the first time she has been able to go and is VERY excited. I reported earlier in the year I would be attending with my soap fan pals, but unfortunately we couldn't do it again this year due to other commitments. To all of you who wrote to me about meeting up, I am truly sorry I won't be able to do so, but am sure you will enjoy the event and hope you will drop me a line to let me know what you thought of it all, who you saw, etc. You have no idea how much I love these soap outings and hearing all the stories, sharing photos, and all it entails. So please keep me in the loop and will be back with you next week..........

See you next time with best regards always,

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