Carly and Simon hit the sheets

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Carly and Simon hit the sheets
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Where the heck is Henry right now? He never seems to get the type of story that is worthy of his character. He needs a love interest or something; he always seem to get left out in terms of love and story these days.

The beginning of another Sweeps period and it is starting off to an interesting start - Craig is in the forefront of most of the action, Jade finds herself a new man: Adam Munson and Carly sleeps with Simon after their jewel heist. Some of these happenings are okay and I also have a bone to pick with this show about some glaring oversights in storytelling.

Craig, Craig, Craig
When Craig is in Oakdale then it is mostly all about Craig all the time and other characters have to take the background. It is true that the character of Craig moves along the story a lot because of his effect on almost everyone in Oakdale - does he need to always be the focal point? There are other characters that were in the light while he was away. I am not saying that I dislike the character of Craig but it can be too much sometimes - this is the same way when Hunt Block played the role as he was on for weeks at a time nonstop - please, not again.

Don't get me wrong about Craig, I am enjoying the new actor playing the role and he has easily made the role his own in a very short period of time. I know that viewers have mixed feelings about him because he is not Hunt Block or Scott Bryce but he does keep Craig interesting. I knew that Craig would stop at nothing until he got his hands on Johnny; however getting Johnny back may cause him to lose his other child, Lucy. Craig hates to lose so how will he keep both of his children; Lucy will not let him hurt Dusty without fighting back.

Simon and Carly
Well they finally did it and we knew that they would - it seemed so anticlimactic. I had expected them to get closer sooner. I am sort of sorry that they did it because I think it's time for her to go back to Jack. I had sort of given up on them when Simon tore up the newly decorated apartment so they would have to steal the necklace from Vienna - that was such a waste of story time. I thought this story was about Carly getting a new start in her life as opposed to getting involved in more illegal dealings which could have landed her in jail away from her children.

Then we have Katie who can't get Simon out of her head and she is having a difficult time getting pregnant. So as predictable as this show is sometimes, Katie will probably sleep with Simon and get pregnant right away... and Poor Mike will be left out in the cold again with another wife who is pregnant by another man.

Jade Finds a New Man
Adam Munson is not in town for a full day before he runs into Jade Taylor - in short order, alienate members of his family by thinking she is worth saving. Did he pay any attention to what she did to Will and Gwen? I have to wonder if he is really Hal Munson's kid. This is moving at rocket speed because this guy has not gotten to know this woman before he is taking her side already.

On top on all of this, we will have to deal with another new Adam Munson because the current one is leaving after such a short run. This guy is such a natural actor that he fit right in so quickly like he had been around for a long time. I hope that Adam sees through Jade in short order.

What's Wrong in Oakdale?
This show sometime makes some real big mistakes in terms of story and characters and I mentioned some earlier in the column. However, there are two major mistakes that keep happening - promising characters with no stories: Henry Coleman and Dallas Griffin.

Where the heck is Henry right now? He never seems to get the type of story that is worthy of his character. He needs a love interest or something; he always seem to get the left out in terms of love and story these days.

Why has Dallas Griffin been given a story yet? He was brought in to move along the Maddie storyline and now nothing. Every time we see him now he is escorting his Aunt Jessica somewhere and Jessica is rarely seen herself. Why would the show bring in a new character like Adam Munson then totally overlook a character with a lot of potential like Dallas?

Some readers had a lot to say about what is going on in Oakdale:

Helen said, "First of all, I MISS HUNT BLOCK!! But I am giving the new Craig a little time; I see some potential with him. Second of all, I think Will had every right to press charges against Jade - sure, he killed her mother - but he was also punished for it, as Jade should be punished for the trouble she's caused Will & Gwen. I think Lily had a point, but I just think Jade should pay for her consequences as Will paid for his."

Tina said, "I hate Craig, no matter who plays him, but at least Hunt was funny and easy on the eyes. Why the writers didn't let Jade freeze to death in the storm, I don't know! Jack and Carly need to be together for good, and now the writers have a good reason to bring them back together, for Parker. The sneak peak said that Vienna was coming to town and had a secret! Wouldn't it be a hoot if she was pregnant with Simon's child? You know they were pretty active on the cruise! I have always liked Lily, but she took a cheap "POT SHOT" at Will! Will paid for his mistakes, when will Jade? And Jade is even more volatile now with Aunt Lily behind her! Lily suddenly forgot that she hated Jade! I love Will & Gwen together. I hope that whatever is wrong with her brain will somehow reverse and she gets pregnant. But the writers never do what I want them to!"

Mary said, "I'm so upset about the so-called "Hal Memorial." I'm copying you on the e-mail that I sent to CBS daytime. I still can't believe it. This was absolutely pathetic - everyone involved with the show, the writers, the producers, everyone, with the exception of the actors, should be ashamed of themselves. I thought that it would be a REAL memorial - instead we get a few shots at Yo's, a few shots of some primary characters receiving the bad news, and that's it??? Okay, I said to myself, maybe the real memorial will be at the funeral. Joke's on me because there IS no on-screen funeral. We get to see Margo and Tom and a few others after the funeral. I have watched ATWT for 35 years. I remember Hal's first day on the show - I didn't care for him. Over the years, Hal (and Benjamin) were in my home almost every day and I grew to love him, as did most ATWT fans. I was devastated at his suicide. To think that this man, who gave us so much entertainment every day, who gave us believable storylines through his wonderful acting, who made us believe that not EVERY guy who is on a soap has to be a Tom Cruise look-a-like, was so lonely, so full of despair that he felt the need to end it all, is just heartbreaking. As a fan of ATWT, I am furious that all the show could do for this wonderful actor was to give him maybe 30 minutes in one show. It's no wonder that all of the soaps are in such trouble in the ratings - you people have no idea what soap fans are looking for."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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