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Simon and Katie reunited
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There are a few things that are certain in life: the sun always rises in the east, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and Katie will always love Simon...and vice versa.

There are a few things certain in life: the sun always rises in the east, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and Katie Peretti will always love Simon Frazier. And vice versa. Katie and Simon fans got what they were waiting for this week, when Simon and Katie gave in to their feelings and reunited for a night of passionate sex. It wasn't exactly the reunion I'd imagined for this once super couple, but it made sense. Katie was caught up in her memories, after looking at old photos and mementos, and Simon, reeling from a fight with Carly, returned to his first love to finally face his lingering feelings. For Carly, letting go of the past meant a talk with Jack. For Simon, it meant couch sex with Katie. Ah, soap opera at its best.

Fate has been cruel to Katie and Simon, mostly because Simon made bad choices in life that caught up with him. And despite the fact that they both seemed to have moved on, their bond just couldn't be broken. Bravo to the writers for the surprise twist tryst, because I never saw it coming. Place your bets to see how long before Katie turns the stick blue, and Mike finds out that the bun in the oven didn't come from the Kasnoff bakery.

The other players in this mess only complicate things further. Carly blew off Jack's heart-felt plea to reconcile, so that she could be with Simon, someone she believes is better suited to her "dark side." That's certainly reasonable, as Carly continuously feels like she has to be someone she isn't to meet Jack's standard. And poor Mike is once again a cuckold. Making matters worse for this good guy is that he found out about the affair by reading about it in his wife's manuscript for Oakdale Confidential. Ouch. The whole quadrangle is messy, and I don't see an easy solution. The one thing I am certain of is how it will end. It's likely that Simon will once again leave town, and Katie will remain to pick up the pieces of her life and try to find happiness. That is until Simon's next visit.

In other musings:
--Adam Munson needs a chill pill. He's been so hard on Gwen, that I'm finding it hard to like the guy. Yeah, I get it; he's a big-time music producer who's wasting his time in Oakdale to do a favor for his brothers. But, does he have to be such a jackass? Although, he's right about one thing: Gwen's lack of professionalism. Um, Gwen, you don't take your husband and your former lover to work with you, and you definitely don't take a nap in the middle of your very expensive recording session. I'm surprised Adam's head didn't explode.

--It's sad that the only Henry fix I've had in the last few weeks is from his voice saying, "Coming up on As The World Turns." Note to ATWT execs: Simon needs a friend who isn't a hot, blonde woman.

--Tom's job with Craig was the shortest in the history of Oakdale. That's a shame, as pitting Tom against Margo and the entire town would have given the former DA some serious screen time and some juicy storylines. But, now that Tom's unemployed, maybe he can hang out at the bar with the town's most notorious unemployed guy, Henry. (Yeah, I'm trying to get my Henry in a scene with anyone at this point.)

--Show writers, producers and honchos, please take note of the following: For the last time, CRAIG WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRYANT'S DEATH!!!! Pull some old tapes. Read some old scripts. Study World history 101. But please, for the sake of my sanity, stop rewriting history. Bryant had a car accident because he was upset and speeding, because he found his girlfriend, Jennifer, in bed with his cousin Billy. Craig had nothing to do with it, other than he wasn't home to talk to Bryant when he called. I'm beyond tired of Margo, Lucy, Dusty and the rest of the town blaming Craig for Bryant's tragic death. I wanted to smack Lucy this week when she threw Bryant's death up at Craig. There are plenty of crimes Craig did do, for which he shoulders the blame, but this isn't one of them. Enough!

--I'm so happy to see Lily out of that coma and back hanging out with her friend Carly. Adult friendships on ATWT have been sparse lately. I enjoyed the gals catching up and sharing their Simon stories. Let's just hope they don't share too many details, if you know what I mean.

--Jack Snyder may have the worst timing in the history of Oakdale. He finally decides he wants his wife back, just after she goes to bed with the town bad boy. Then, Carly decides that her Betty Crocker life with Jack just doesn't fit anymore. I'm betting that idea will last just until Jack starts dating someone new.

--Kudos to Gwen and Will for getting out the vote and for chastising Casey for his lack of participation. Nice.

--What happened to Dusty Donovan? This character has transformed into an arrogant, mouthy know-it-all, with a superiority complex. Good for Craig for reminding Dusty that he isn't a saint either. Dusty was a gambler with mob ties, who still doesn't operate within the law. Not to mention the fact, that he and his former wife set Craig up. Dusty needs to soften the edges a little and remind me why I should still like him. I'm a little tired of his bull-in-a-china-shop routine. Lucy, you can do better.

--Emily needs to check back in with her therapist because she's clearly gone off the deep end again. Poisoning someone because Craig Montgomery tells you to is not normal behavior. The men in the little white coats need to reserve Em a permanent spot at the hospital.

--Is Dusty really falling for Lucy again, or is he just keeping her close so he can get her to testify against her father? Beware Lucy, I'm not sure Dusty's motives are 100 percent altruistic.

--I'd like to see some sympathy for Craig from his family. Don't send the hate mail just yet. Hear me out. Yes, he did an awful thing in the past and Lucy ended up buried alive because of his kidnapping scheme gone awry. So, I can certainly understand why Lucy and the rest of the town don't want him to be anyone's father. But, in reality, I think Margo or Katie or even Lucy, who previously adored her dad, would empathize that he should be a part of his own son's life. Their unyielding stance that Craig is scum is a little unsettling. Ironically, Tom seems to be the only one who gets that Craig should have some rights to see his son. This story would be much more interesting if the whole town didn't think that Craig was the son of Satan. Differing opinions would make things a little more interesting, not to mention realistic, don't you think?

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Kristy.)
"I feel cheated that Will and/or Gwen didn't have a chance to rip Jade a new one. This has happen before with "Julia 2" when she died before Holden confronted her. It is such a let down to follow a story, knowing it'll blow up in the villain's face and end up with vague apologies. Lily should be ashamed of throwing Rose in Will's face. He was a few years younger, and he did have to do time in an asylum for what he did. Jade gets to do her time in a cushy mansion. I'm holding out hope that Barbara lays into her, at least. Just give us one scene where we get to hear someone say what we have been yelling at our TV screen whenever Jade shows her face."

(From Two Scoops reader Lisa.)
"Jennifer, did you kidnap Henry? We know you must have, and who can blame you, really. But the rest of us miss him dearly so please send him back to the show."

Dear Lisa, you uncovered my evil plot. Congratulations. I know you miss him, but if you want him back, you'll have to comply with my demands. Here they are: The martini man gets it - unless he's given a decent storyline and is seen onscreen at least a few times a week. So, start writing the show and demand his release. Otherwise, me and Uncle Henry are gonna get really cozy!

(From Two Scoops reader Blair.)
"I just finished re-reading your latest column, and I noticed you said that you were still on the fence about Lucy and Dusty. Well, I wanted to ask you, after watching the scenes they shared on November 1, if you saw the same sparks that I did? I'm curious because after reading the Soap Central message board, I noticed that many folks on the fence or opposed to this couple saw those same sparks and were even on the edge of their seats. I, personally, think that the intimacy between the two actors has grown by leaps and bounds recently and I think that the Lusty couple is about to take off. Can't wait to read your thoughts and opinions!"

Dear Blair, don't hate me, but I'm not a big fan of Lusty this time around. They just aren't "sparking" for me. I'm not sure what it is, as both actors are doing a fine job. Maybe I just want Lucy to date someone her own age or someone without so much baggage or arrogance. I wouldn't mind seeing her on a date with Dallas. Can you imagine Craig finding out that his daughter is dating a cop?

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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