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Somehow, Blake managed to win the election that Jeffrey had been winning in a landslide, but who poisoned her? Since the champagne was meant for Jeffrey, Olivia is a prime suspect, but that might be a little too easy.

With the falling leaves, and a nip in the air, it must be fall sweeps time again! And this week we saw some movement on some major stories, and perhaps a peek into what will happen this winter.

Since the calendar shows Tuesday was Election Day, we knew that someone would have to win the mayoral election in Springfield. But what no one could possibly know is that (at least here in the Washington, DC viewing area) the show was interrupted several times this week for fallout from the real election headlines - can't the show get a break? I didn't see Blake's poisoning, so I'll have to hope for flashbacks to show what happened. I'm not sure if other fans missed part of the shows, but at least we can catch up on most of what happened while we were away.

Somehow Blake won the election that Jeffrey was winning in a landslide but who poisoned her? Since the champagne was meant for Jeffrey, Olivia is a prime suspect, but I think that might be a little too easy. It's not like Jeffrey has many friends in town - even his old boss could have made the move to silence him once and for all.

And Olivia finally knows the identity of the man who attacked her two decades ago. Crystal Chappell gave some great performances this week - certainly worthy of her Emmy reel. But how will Olivia manage to deal with all of this change in her life? A new daughter - Ava - and the name (and face) behind her past? Only time will tell. I just can't wait for more great scenes from Crystal!!

Mallet's very insightful description of Dinah was very telling - could it lead to a new Dinah story? This is one of my favorite all-time characters on GL and I'd love to see more of Gina Tognoni's great range in playing the emotional Dinah. I would like to see GL get these two back together, but don't hold out much hope. Marina's growing feelings for Mallet make me see a classic soap triangle in the making!

Spunky Reva left Cedars under her own steam (yet no one called Jonathan?) and who knows what she'll get into now that she's on the long road to recovery. Will Josh and Cassie, who fans feel pretty strongly about, be able to survive? And somehow will all of the focus on Reva, no one remembers that Billy is working on his own recovery? Or will TPTB forget about this and focus on Reva/Josh/Cassie now that the cancer is away (for now, at least). I was pleased that the show did remember Lillian's own battle with breast cancer - hopefully we will see more of her in the weeks ahead.

With Thanksgiving coming up, it should be interesting to see how the show addresses all of the fractured families in Springfield. The Spauldings, Coopers, Bauers and Lewis's all have their own particular issues - will they be able to share a meal? It should be an interesting holiday season in Springfield!


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