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Ethan's infidelity shouldn't be swept under the rug; he was wrong, and he needs to pay for it. However, it was great to finally see Theresa one-up Gwen and beat her at her own game last week.

How smart was Gwen to go bring the money to JT herself? Figuring Rebecca, would jump into bed with JT, Gwen hops off to battle it out with Theresa yet again in the quest for Ethan. However, Rebecca is back at home with Ethan, thinking about seducing him. I was disgusted and grossed completely out by that fact. Thank goodness she came to her senses. And I'm glad Gwen found the wig and busted her.

I am not convinced Ethan will leave Gwen when the truth comes out. It just seems too simple for Theresa and Ethan to get back together. And his infidelity shouldn't be swept under the rug. He was wrong and he needs to pay for it. However, it was great to finally see Theresa one up Gwen and beat her at her own game. Theresa supposedly has the world at her fingertips, why is JT even giving Gwen the time of day?

So Kay has been phone-forgiven by Grace, setting up perfectly for Grace to be murdered when she comes home. Who knows, Spike may even be the one to do it since he has a flair for murder. Grace has also helped Kay choose Miguel, which sends Fox into a rage. So now his plan of action includes having Kay and Miguel believe that he is dying.

Did Kay even bother to ask Fox what exactly is killing him? She just jumped right up and dumped Miguel, because she can't hurt Fox when he only has so long to live. And has Julian fully converted back to evil or what? He even went so far as to encourage Fox to kill Miguel. Is the point of the Crane family to show that no one can be good, that they all eventually turn out like Alistair. Fox's character has now been ruined; the old Fox would never have sunk this low.

Funny how Luis allowed the rookie Paloma to go off alone, but he insisted Sheridan come with him. Seems to me he is more concerned about Sheridan's safety than Paloma's. It was great Luis caught Chris with Sheridan there to see, but Chris manages to talk his way out of trouble. And how stupid is Sheridan to sit there and talk herself into believing how logical it was for Chris to be walking around in the tunnel by himself looking for Fancy?

How Fancy hung on that balance all week baffles me. Chains kept breaking, and the thing looked unstable from the get-go, but she unconsciously and consciously hung on there. Then she starts moving around and both she and Luis end up at the bottom on the mine. This is just an excuse to put them together and have Sheridan stew about it.

Some Random Thoughts:

And where are Ivy and Julian in Fancy's life? Lots of things have happened to her without their reactions.

It just wouldn't be sweeps without either Rebecca of Gwen trying to kill Theresa.

Viewer's Voice:

"The writers need to bring Jared another woman. Up until now, Jared's been a really good guy. The man even offered to help Theresa get Ethan! That was really big of him. I'm sure he has some sort of dark past we don't know about yet, but so far, so good. But the question is...who could he hook up with? Whitney! Yes, Whit is Theresa's best friend, but that didn't stop them from dating the same guy before. Remember...they both dated Fox (at different times of course). Whit recognized how great a guy Jared is even when Theresa was too stubborn to. Whit and Chad's relationship will come to an end once Whit finds out what Chad is up to, and who better to pick up the pieces than Jared? As long as Jared doesn't turn out to be Eve and Julian's love child, I see no reason this can't happen. But I have a random question...why does Jared have free reign to waltz on down to the Crane vault and take out money? Moving on...if Theresa is a Crane with all of the money and power in the world, how is Gwen able to compete with her financially? The way this show portrays the Crane's bankroll, you would think Theresa would be able to triple whatever Gwen could offer! How can Gwen even come close to Theresa's payment to JT? Next...I'm looking forward to Charity's return. I was never a big fan of that character, but her presence will definitely spice things up with the boring Miguel/Kay/Fox love triangle. I just hope she won't be as annoying as she was before. I hope she doesn't go back to being the Ms. Goody Goody she used to be. I started to like her when she became a little more evil and started sleeping with Jessica's boyfriend. Of course its wrong to sleep with someone's boyfriend, but it made for better TV." Thanks Belinda!!! Wouldn't it be interesting if Charity went after Spike!!!

"Okay, did anyone else feel like they need to beat the stupidness out of all the men in Harmony over the past couple of weeks? I don't even know where to begin. We've got Miguel who goes to Fox to ask for more work. His sister owns the whole company. Why not go to her? Then there's drunken Julian telling his son to commit murder in order to keep Kay. Fox actually considers the idea before deciding that pretending to be dying is the better idea. How pathetic can you get? Speaking of pathetic, what is with Jared. What guy in their right mind is going to just say 'I can't argue with that,' when their girlfriend is breaking up with them, and then offer to help her get her married ex back!" Thanks Angie!!!

"The storylines are becoming old. I have recorded the show everyday for two years in the hopes that the storylines would change. When Kay finally confessed about her part in helping Ivy tear her parents apart, I thought it was another daydream. I waited for two days to see someone awaken. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was TRUE. The writers need to do more of this surprise twist instead of the same old stuff. Next up...Teresa with Ethan, maybe?" Thanks Christy!!!

"I have a hunch that Passions won't last much longer, which is why all the plot lines are being resolved. Now Charity is coming back? I'm sure it will be someone new, and it won't work, because Charity was perfect, fragile, innocent and rather dopey. Why is it Passions had massive staff cuts, and yet they are bringing new people in? Plus they are dropping the whole magic thing, it seems, and that is a mistake, since that is what the show is founded on. Maybe the writers should look at the old episodes and learn something." Thanks MJ!!!

Until next week friends,

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