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It was selfish of Eve to beg Ivy to keep her out of the fallout; she played a part in breaking up Sam and Grace, too. Eve went along with the plan because she wanted to protect her own secrets, but she never spoke up, even after those secrets were revealed.

Luis bugged the heck out of me this week. He has nothing but Chris' pen (found in Chris' home no less) and a piece of paper tied to the papers Alistair had his Omega documents on, and he wanted to arrest Chris for murder. I'm no cop, but don't you also need motive and intent, not to mention more solid proof before you arrest someone? Sheridan's right, he's pig-headed and controlling.

Then came Luis' madness at beating down every thug in town until he found Fancy. Even after little James and Paloma told everyone Fancy went after the killer, Luis still insisted Chris was the killer. Hello, if Fancy isn't with Chris and Paloma said she went after the killer, wouldn't that eliminate Chris as the killer? Remember when Pilar was shot and Luis was determined to nail Spike for the shooting? Why isn't Luis focused on Spike now? Because he's not married to Sheridan, that's why.

As Belinda [see Viewer's Voice below] pointed out, Fancy took off after Spike with no weapon, no back up, no nothing. She could've at least brought Paloma along or told her what she was up to, but no, she has to play the hero and once again it placed her in danger. I think she gets off on the "damsel in distress" routine that I am bored with and sick of. At least Sheridan knew how to stick up for herself.

Kay is begging everyone's forgiveness, and at least two people have written in saying Kay tried to expose Ivy before and no one believed her. I for one am glad the secret is out, but Kay does not deserve instant forgiveness. She was a horrible person and went to extraordinary lengths to get Miguel. If she wants any kind of redemption, she needs to confess about how Maria was conceived too.

Fox loving Kay and forgiving her made me sick. It's so obvious that Kay is really only worried about Miguel forgiving her, and Fox knows this. His support and love is really just a way to turn and keep Miguel against Kay for his own selfish purposes. Grace laying into Kay was great, but really this is all Grace's fault. Kay tried to tell her, but Grace was stuck up Charity's butt and couldn't look at Kay as anything other than a troublemaker. And Grace leaving town didn't make Jessica what she's become. Jessica made her own choices and she will be the one to have to live with them.

I loved Grace laying into Ivy and even threatening to kill her. Now I am wondering if it will be Ivy that Tabitha saw in that coffin? Wouldn't that make for an interesting scenario. I stand by what I said last week, Ivy is going to end up killing Grace. Grace and Sam won't get the happily ever after they deserve. It also sets up wonderfully for Kay to feel guilty the rest of her life for what she did to her mom.

Did Ivy really think she'd convince Sam to take her back after she so cruelly ripped apart his marriage? I wondered how long it'd be before she drug Eve down with her. It was only a matter of time, but Eve was rather selfish in begging Ivy to keep her out of it. Eve played her part in breaking up Sam and Grace and she deserves to be rolled out too. Eve went along with this on the notion she wanted to protect her own secrets, but once they came out, she never once spoke up. And it amazes me how Ivy still thinks Ethan was rightfully entitled to the Crane fortune when he was never a Crane. She sounds like Theresa.

Speaking of Theresa, she's across town with Gwen fighting for JT to keep quiet. I understand that Theresa can't be sure Ethan will ever leave Gwen. That is why EM's paternity is a big deal. What I can't understand is why Theresa doesn't want Ethan to know the truth about Gwen spilling his paternity secret, if for no other reason than to clear her name. And I loved Whitney telling Theresa that money is more important to Theresa now. Theresa refuses to walk away from the Crane money to be with Ethan. That revelation makes Theresa decide that she has to go after JT and make him tell Ethan the truth.

Why isn't JT used more as a villain? He holds all these secrets, yet sex with Rebecca is what makes him tick? I don't get it. Why isn't he blackmailing everyone in town for money and sex. Would Theresa sleep with him to keep her secret? How much money would she give him? Instead of seeing people jump through hoops to please JT, we are seeing him and Rebecca act like donkeys. Personally, I am not entertained. And Michael Sabatino is a much better actor than this.

Where does Ethan's affair with Theresa come into play? He shouldn't get away with his discretions just because he was wronged and really in love with Gwen. And now that Theresa has broken up with Jared, what part did he play in this except to make Ethan insane enough to jump into bed with Theresa while he was still honoring those sacred wedding vows.

So Whitney managed to miss Chad in bed with his lover. Is it Valerie or Stan? Just what did Stan find so amusing? What was with that look that Valerie and Chad exchanged? And Whitney gushing over what a noble and stand up man Chad is made me sick. He doesn't even feel guilty for what he's doing.

Some Random Thoughts:

Endora made the most adorable princess for Halloween. She lights up the screen every time she graces it.

Where was the magic and trickery that usually accompanies Passions on Halloween? A few floating things from Endora, and that was it. Of course I'd rather watch that than JT and Rebecca getting it on for the thousandth time.

What is Miguel torn about? Either he can forgive Kay for this or he can't.

Quote of the week: "I'm coming home, Ivy. And when I get back to Harmony, I'm going to kill you." I can't wait!!!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"Okay did everyone in Harmony take stupid pills or something? Kay DID tell her family about Ivy and David years ago and Grace was the one who led the "I don't believe you" charge against her own daughter. What Grace said to Kay over the phone was unforgivable. Grace is NOT the saint that this show paints her out to be. Jessica needs to keep her slutty little mouth shut about "How could you do this?!?" We might ask her the same thing, how could you become a whore? Gwen and Rebecca need to be burned in effigy for all of their sins and Theresa needs to stay with Jared (I HATE the spoilers that say she is dumping him, WHY?!?!!?!?!) Ethan had better leave Gwen for Theresa when the truth comes out because if Theresa dumps Jared, and doesn't end up with Ethan, I will be so pissed!!!!! By the way, if she has no knowledge of the affair, why is Gwen so hell bent on destroying Theresa now? She has moved on for once and is with Jared so shouldn't Gwen be counting her blessings and not play with fire when it comes to JT? She is just asking to be blown out of the water!" Thanks Amanda!!!

"I have my own "Random Thoughts" for this week. 1)I know Gwen wants to keep JT in town because she wants to find out what Theresa's secret is, but is she forgetting that this is the one person who can expose her own secret? 2) Now that Chad's real parentage has been exposed, does Eve and Julian no longer care to find out where their child is? Have they forgotten that they still have a son floating around out there somewhere? 3) Why would Fancy go running after a KILLER with no weapon...no back up....no nothing? 4) How is it that JT can openly float around town without Ethan ever seeing him? Come to think of it...from Rome up until now, has Ethan ever encountered JT? If he has...I don't remember. Someone please answer this for me. 5) If the Crane's are such a powerful and wealthy family, why can't they afford a better security system? How is it that a criminal like Spike is repeatedly able to sneak on the grounds and shoot and strangle people? Over the past couple of months, Spike shot Pilar and Chris, and he just killed somebody! 6) Why isn't Sheridan's cottage taped off as a crime scene? Since when does someone get killed, and then five minutes later, people are able to roam about the area? With a child in the house nonetheless. Chris gets shot, Phyllis gets murdered, yet Sheridan and the gang stick around as if these are normal occurrences. Why wouldn't they want to get James far away from there? Of all places on the Crane estate, her house is the place that attracts most of the crime. 7) Are the producers even trying to hide Liza Huber's pregnancy? I keep having to remind myself that "Gwen" is not pregnant. That's all!" Thanks Belinda!!!

"I would like to say that I've been watching Passions from the first day, and honestly I love the show but I think its getting boring now. For almost the whole year Ethan, Gwen and Theresa story has being going around and Theresa always end up looking like the bad one. I think it's time for Gwen's lies come to light just to make the viewers feel like they haven't been wasting all of their time, getting all excited just to see the same old scene being repeated for two weeks before it reach the point. I know that the same writers are for Days of our Lives and man everyday something happens on Days of our Lives that makes you want watch it everyday. But on Passions it doesn't make sense watching it tomorrow because I will catch up with the same thing next week. Please make the show exciting for your viewers because I believe soon there won't be any." Thanks Amy!!!

"I really don't understand why you keep saying Luis and Sheridan are a super couple. Why, exactly? He always tries to run her life, and she becomes a whiny child around him. He told her to stay away from her own mother, and the whole thing with Antonio was awful. Not to mention the whole having sex with her while a MENTAL PATIENT! Chris, while not being the person he claimed, has always been good for Sheridan, a rock for her, and supportive. And as to Fancy; she was so snotty when she first came on the show, but of course, she is now just like all the other women. Whine, Whine, Whine." Thanks MJ!!!

"All I can say is that is about time that Kay and Ivy's lies be exposed. I actually missed the episode and had to buy it on Itunes, but it was a pretty good $2 spent. Kay deserved everything that was said to her. Her "reasons" for keeping the secret were as selfish as it gets. Yeah I know she did try to tell them the truth before, but given her track record I can't blame them for not believing her. And it doesn't excuse her keeping the secret in the first place. Plus she had a thousand opportunities between then and now to tell but she didn't. It wasn't just between her and her mother. She had the rest of her family to think about. And she let John bond with a mother that wasn't his. Grace loved Kay, but Kay was too blinded by her "love" of Miguel to see it. Kay deserves everything she gets." Thanks Galit"

To all the Veterans, and those who will one day become Veterans, and most especially to those who gave their lives for our freedom, THANK YOU!!!

Until next week friends,

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