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It was a can't-miss week last week, as Ivy's secret was unexpectedly revealed. The ramifications could be very interesting.

Wow. That's about all I can say right now. One minute I was yawning through another round of Miguel vs. Fox, after Fox yells at Pilar for trying to convince Kay not to marry him. (And she shouldn't. The way Fox confessed to Julian how he sabotaged Miguel, Kay should run for the hills.) We then learn that he gets his madness from his mother. I mean, Ivy actually picked up a butcher knife and threatened to kill Eve if she spilled the beans about what Ivy did to get Sam. And then the next minute Kay is feeling guilty, Miguel notices the guilt, and bing-bang-boom Ivy's secret is revealed.

I never saw this coming, but there are several things I loved about it. First of all, the secret was revealed on a Thursday, a usual daytime no-no. Big secrets always come out on a Friday-Monday combination. Second, November sweeps is less than a week away. This would be a sure-fire, tune-in event. Third, a "secret is revealed" was told in the spoilers, but nothing about Sam and Ivy. I assumed the "secret" would be EM's paternity. Fourth, Sam took Kay's side immediately and never doubted her word, even though he is furious with her. THAT is what a good, true father would do, end of story. And lastly, the whole time these scenes were playing out, I assumed Ivy or Kay would wake up and it would all be another fantasy. It wasn't a fantasy, the secret was actually revealed. The ramifications of this could play out very interestingly.

I know Grace is returning soon, but I thought she'd show up for the wedding and head back off into the wild blue yonder. Now I wonder if she shows up and Ivy kills her. Perhaps that's the funeral that Tabitha saw in her bowl. I must give kudos to the writers for this. This story has gone from unbearable and unwatchable to I-can't-miss-a-minute exciting. Perhaps Grace's funeral will be the thing that brings Charity back to town, and Miguel's vow of choosing Kay over Charity will be tested.

After endless months of hearing how Miguel wants Kay, all of a sudden he doesn't know if he does because of her involvement in the scandal. If he really wanted her badly enough, would this matter? And if he is this upset over Kay interfering in her parents' lives, what will he do when he learns how Maria was conceived?

I had to laugh out loud at Rebecca as she honestly thought she could confess her sins to Pilar and have Pilar spill the truth about EM's paternity. Gwen was much more on cue with her trickery of Whitney. Had Gwen just admitted JT told her and Rebecca the truth, nit-Whit would probably have spilled the beans herself. I don't understand why Gwen didn't admit to JT spilling the beans? I mean Theresa saw JT and Rebecca together and let them go. It's not a secret they all know each other, except to Ethan. Why Gwen denied it confuses me.

Pilar and Whitney manage to warn Theresa that Gwen and Rebecca know she has a secret and is out to learn it. Theresa should know this. She has constantly had to stay one step ahead of Gwen and Rebecca since she fell in love with Ethan. Why would this be any different? And why did Ethan automatically assume it was JT that Theresa was talking to in the alley? He still has absolutely no proof that JT is Harmony.

Still in all, Whitney and Theresa head to JT's seedy hotel room with a case full of cash to shut him up. JT is in the perfect position to play both sides against the middle as he can keep milking sex out of Rebecca and cash out of Theresa to keep or spill the secret. But JT may never see the cash as Gwen lets Theresa know JT has told her the truth. I think Gwen is lying, but it will be interesting next week to see how Theresa handles this.

Thank goodness McKenzie is back!!! Sheridan shined instead of whined this week. The only problem with McKenzie being back is that I can't understand why Sheridan wants to be married to Chris. McKenzie and Galen have practically defined what super couples are about, and to see them apart makes no sense.

I wonder if Chris really murdered Phyllis, or if Sheridan is the one that did it. I mean Phyllis is the one who brought the news that Luis and Fancy spent the night together in the spare bedroom. Perhaps the messenger got shot (or in this case, strangled) just for delivering the message this time. Sheridan also denies that Chris is guilty of the murder. I'm smelling a storyline here.

Why is Fancy investigating a crime scene? She's a rookie!!! And why is Luis working with her personally when Paloma and the other recruits are left to figure it out on their own? It would make sense that Fancy would get transferred to another supervisor after the video incident, but no, she's still up Luis' butt, muttering things like, "I wish you'd feel about me the way you feel about Sheridan," 35 times a day. Why she is so determined to make Luis love her when she knows that both Sheridan and Luis are in love with each other is beyond me. You'd think she's try to move on.

Some Random Thoughts:

The scenes where Kay confessed to her dad were perfect. Sam's anger, Ivy's desperation, and Kay's guilt blended nicely for some great TV.

Ivy is now single, as is Julian; let's see these two back together.

After getting all excited that Chad has a bed, I learn it's a foldout bed from his couch. Can't he afford the real thing? And I sincerely hope he cleans that thing.

Why are Fancy and Luis kissing in bed when Sam has made it clear they are to stay away from each other?

Pilar really needs to stay out of her children's lives. She even went as far as to say something nice about Katherine to convince Kay not to marry Miguel.

Viewer's Voice:

"Hi, you say that Sheridan is whiny but that is beyond true when compared to Fancy. She is a spoiled brat. She wants what she wants and if she doesn't get it, she cries like a baby until she comes up with one of her stupid ideas that only gets Luis in trouble or farther from what he is doing. I mean look at the Vendetta storyline; when Beth and Marty were in the taxi and Luis and Fancy were chasing them on the motorcycle. When they crashed and the car was on fire, Fancy kept holding Luis back from getting his son out of the car. So that is totally selfish. And how about Fancy going to Sheridan and telling her to lay off Luis as if they had no feelings for each other. She is a spoiled whiny brat not Sheridan. But I do agree that Sheridan at times can get on my nerves, but I guess that's what her character is supposed to be, clueless to everything! But I just can't see Fancy and Luis together.. It seems wrong because there is such an age difference between the two. I don't know, I guess I am saying that because I am young, but Luis is hot and a great guy but if my aunt was still in love with him and I knew that, I would totally back off because I know that deep down she loves him and he loves her and I could never come between that." Thanks Jennifer!!!

"This week, I am very disappointed in both Pilar and Whitney. Usually Theresa is the aloof one who needs an occasional reality check. But what's up with Pilar and Whitney falling for Rebecca and Gwen's false attempts to be friends? Pilar and Rebecca have been enemies for years, then all of a sudden, Rebecca is Ms. Holier-than-Thou and Pilar is ready to "unburden" herself to her? HUH? I'm writing this on Wednesday, so I'm hoping by the end of the week, Pilar would have come to her senses. And Whitney is just as disappointing. Gwen is talking in very general terms, so what makes Whitney think that Gwen actually knows Theresa's secret? The only thing Gwen has really said is, "what are we going to do about the information Theresa learned in Rome?" If I were Whitney, my question back to Gwen would have been, "what information?" But no, Whitney wants to be gullible now. Switching gears...I have to say that I actually laughed at Julian and Rebecca's "Tomkat" episode. I think this show could use more of Julian and Rebecca's sexcapades. Not much else on the show is entertaining anymore. And Ivy's schemes are finally coming to light. The revealing of this secret isn't as exciting as it would be if the Theresa/Ethan/Gwen secrets came out, but I guess we have to take what we can get." Thanks Belinda!!!

"I just started reading the comments about the show and I can agree with almost all of the viewers opinions. I have watched Passions ever since it first aired and I am so disappointed. Every scene is someone repeating what everyone already knows; we know Chad loves Whitney but isn't happy, we know Theresa doesn't want to risk little Ethan's future as a Crane, and oh my gosh Sheridan needs to leave town or something. She is so annoying and I totally want Luis and Fancy together just like I want Miguel and Kay and Theresa and Ethan to be. I also HATE Gwen, she is horrible and I think she should get what is coming to her. I think the writers suck for not destroying Gwen yet. And Jared is annoying too; he waits on Theresa's hand and foot and he always distracts her from her work at Crane it seems. Theresa also doesn't spend enough time with her children (Jane and little Ethan). That could hurt in the custody hearing little Ethan. What happened to Gwen and Ethan having TEMPORARY custody of Jane. When both of them weren't working Theresa could of snatched Jane out from under them. I love Endora and Tabitha, but I HATED Siren. She was always in the way. And I want Kay and Miguel to end up together since I hate Fox. He is just like his father and grandfather. Well that's the end of my rant. I hope it tells the writers to wake up and actually start writing the show instead of just repeating the same boring, tired stuff over and over!!" Thanks Linds!!!

"The only thing I wanna know is when will everything hit the fan about Ethan, Gwen and Theresa? I mean how long do we have to keep seeing the same flashbacks about what happened before the truth comes out? And why is it that no one on the show has a happy healthy relationship? There is TOO much drama on this show. Every soap has at least ONE couple that everyone admires. I mean come on!! Not one person in Harmony is living in harmony. Charity is gone, Sheridan is stupid, Kay is lost in the magic, Sam is in denial, Whitney is blind, Jessica is... well she just is, Pilar is depressed, Simone and Paloma are really confused, and finally the love triangle: Ethan, Gwen and Theresa; the storyline is past getting old and almost to the point of being dead. Are the writers depressed? Do they not lead happy lives? I mean talk about boring!! I keep watching the show hoping for a change, but everyday it is the same thing. Please make a change in something; the writers, the storyline. Just change something. And one other thing, the BAD ACTORS have got to go!! Fancy, Fox, Spike, Miguel, Chris and Noah. They need more acting lessons. But those are my thoughts, thanks for reading!" Thanks for writing in Kendra!!!

"I like Fox and Kay. Miguel needs to realize that leaving a woman to be a single mother while chasing after another is just plain wrong. Now he loves Kay and her heart is truly tied to someone else. Talk about stroking your ego! Miguel needs to leave Kay alone; when she wanted him he did not want her. Please let the wedding between Fox and Kay happen! How long is one day in Harmony, a month or a year? I am not sure anymore. As for Theresa, she and Ethan are suppose to end up together. I love watching Julian and Rebecca, but I love Julian and Eve. Please put them back together. Rebecca and Julian are just gross, plus she has been with JT. Shouldn't she have a STD or something; she sleeps with everybody. Jessica, please kill her, she is not redeemable. After all she is just sick, crazy, stupid, dumb; need I say more. Chad and another man would be hurtful and gross but it would play for a good eye popper. Luis and Sheridan should be revealed as really being married, only Alistair lied and hid the truth. JT can bring this out. As for Pilar, TC would be a good match for her. It would be gross, but the limit on Harmony men is just to recycle them, right? Anyway the writers need to put these long awaited couples together, increase ratings, then tear them apart one by one as the ratings go again on again off again." Thanks Chiara!!!

"I love Julian and Eve together. I hate TC. The storyline is getting anemic. And go away Miguel. He chases Charity forever and then wants to come home and kick it with Kay. Whatever! I don't like this Miguel or this Fox. They need some new writers. The old back and forth with Sheridan and Luis and Theresa and Ethan is soooo tired its dead. Kill TC off. He sucks. I love Tabitha's saves the show. She needs more to do on the show. Somebody please pump some new life into this show." Thanks Valerie!!!

"First of all, let me just say that I like the idea of Noah and Paloma. Actually, when Paloma was first cast, I thought the show should cast Noah, as well, to be her love interest. Well, that didn't pan out, at first, as they cast Fancy for that purpose when they cast Noah. But now that the idea is coming to fruition, I am quite optimistic that we finally have something new. The only thing I'm worried about is Fancy making her way back to Noah after this relationship with Luis doesn't work out. I'm worried another love triangle will begin. I want Noah and Paloma to face some realistic problems that aren't related to a third (or even fourth) person. If the writers do it just right, they'll make Noah and Paloma a great couple. But then again, this is Passions we're talking about. I have a drinking game for you and all the readers, Brandi. Let's drink every time Miguel tells Kay he loves her and insists she loves him, too. I know others have done it on this show before him, but none have made my blood boil as much as he does whenever he does it." Thanks Jamison, but if we play that drinking game, we would be drunk everyday!!!

"I think I'm a little bit late on saying this, but what is up with the Passion's men not thinking? In one episode I remember Ethan asking Rebecca who has been text messaging her on her cell phone. He goes through the process of asking some guy to trace where it's been calling from. He later finds out that the source is coming from within Harmony. But wouldn't it have been so much easier for Ethan just to text JT back asking "Who is this?", and solve it right there and then. JT would have never known it was Ethan texting him back." Thanks Sara!!!

Until next week friends,

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