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So for a change, instead of trying to cover her butt, Gwen is scratching her head. Theresa had both Gwen and Rebecca in the crosshairs last week, but she let them walk away scot-free, and neither Gwen nor Rebecca knows why.

So for a change, instead of trying to cover her butt, Gwen is scratching her head. Theresa had both Gwen and Rebecca in the crosshairs and she let them walk away scot-free and neither Gwen nor Rebecca knows why. Of course we know Theresa is terrified of EM getting Crane ripped out from under him, but why that is really a big deal is beyond me. It's not as if Theresa acts like she wants to give Ethan's son what was taken from him.

Once again Gwen out and out admitted her misdeeds and yet again Theresa didn't have a tape recorder to bust her. Of course Theresa is trying to keep Ethan and Gwen together to keep her son. However, if Ethan knew the truth, then he'd leave Gwen and be with her. She admitted this week she still loves him, once he leaves Gwen and comes back to her, he will be thrilled EM is his son.

I'm afraid the only thing Theresa has accomplished was attracting Gwen to the fact she is trying to hide something. Now instead of having to stay one step ahead of Theresa, Gwen is hot on her trail to bust her butt. If Gwen gets her hands on this info, Theresa will have to kidnap her kids and go Martin-and-Katherine-style undercover.

Why is JT so afraid of Ethan? I know he's got a ton of secrets, but I can't understand him being afraid of Ethan finding him. I can even understand that he wouldn't want to rat Rebecca out, but couldn't he just lie? I mean if all hopes for the truth lie with JT, and JT lies about the truth, is there another way Ethan could find out? And if so, why isn't he trying?

Sheridan is another one that admitted her true love this week. However, Sheridan straight out admitted it to Fancy and Chris, which I must say is a bit gutsy. Her husband couldn't have been too thrilled to hear this, and I know Fancy wasn't thrilled at all. But Contessa Crane firmly stated she's staying with her husband, which both Fancy and Chris were thrilled to hear.

However, the question must be posed as to where this leaves Luis? He's still in love with Sheridan, and not at all willing to accept that things are over between them. Meanwhile, he's got a hundred people breathing down his neck to make a go with Fancy, except he doesn't want to get involved with her. And does Fancy remind anyone else of Beth with her, "I am your future, Luis" comments?

The whole Kay and Miguel inside Endora's head bored me. Yes Kay has admitted she's in love with Miguel, but like Sheridan, she's going to marry to wrong man. Why Kay is so insistent on marrying Fox is beyond me. He has gone from creepy to downright scary. The way he pushed his way into her bathroom and demanded to know where Miguel is, was something that should have Kay running for the hills. Not to mention the fact he took Endora's chocolate. That alone proves he knows nothing about women. I know nothing comes between me and MY chocolate!!!

To really confuse Kay, Miguel goes and tells her that even if Charity were in the picture, he would still want to be with her. And while I understand Kay does not want to take his word for it, I don't believe him. I think the second Charity waltzes back into town, Miguel leaves Kay for her. The truth about Maria's conception would come out and drive Miguel straight into Charity's arms forever.

I enjoy Tabitha and Julian, but their sparring over Endora and custody is getting old. It seems that once a month the writers have Julian make his rounds and demand custody of his children. And to top it off, he's threatened to go after EM again too, which opens a whole new can of worms for Theresa.

So who is Chad seeing? Is it a man, or is it a woman? I'm apt to believe a woman because I've been conditioned to expect the boring from the writers. But if it's a man, where are they going with this? Simone came out as a lesbian, yet we rarely see her unless she's trying to stop Spike from killing Jessica. Is a homosexual storyline the kiss of death for Chad?

So Jessica had the opportunity to leave Spike for the protection of her family and chose scummy Spike instead. Does anyone else think this was just set up so Paloma could "realize" her little crush on Noah? I like the idea, but Noah and Fancy are headed back together, so Paloma will just be hurt in the long run.

Some Random Thoughts:

It was great to see Timmy again. Josh Ryan Evans is sorely missed and his death marked the beginning of the end of this show.

Why did Gwen and Theresa run around in their nighties when chasing JT? It seemed a bit inappropriate for two grown women to run around half naked.

Why did none of the other hotel patrons hear JT, Rebecca, Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, and Jared running through the hotel?

The dress Kay had on while she was trapped in Endora's head was beautiful. She should get married in that dress.

Viewer's Voice:

"One thing is for sure, the storylines with Kay, Miguel, and Fox has been dragged out too long. It is time for a decision to be made. It is just not interesting anymore. Charity needs to come back into the scene so that things can be restored to order. Theresa, Ethan, Gwen, and Jared are becoming very boring too. They are giving Gwen too much luck. It is time for her to start paying for her actions. It is not fair to have Theresa to continue to pay for Gwen and her mothers' indiscretions. It takes vicious, vindictive, and cold-hearted person to not only blame someone for something they didn't do, but take someone children and flaunt it in their face. As far as Chad goes, I think they are playing this segment as the in the closet brother. It has all the signs. If it were a woman it would have been told by now. Not only that, but it is playing out a role that a lot of men that are hiding their sexuality do. They are too scared to admit that they are gay so they pretend to have this normal white picked fence life with a wife and child at home, while at the same time they are meeting with their lover on the side to have a little rendezvous. They want to have the pleasure of both worlds. Read the signs it is not a woman it is a man, the question is who is the man. Finally this Spike character; people, people, you really know how to milk a storyline. Instead of making the show better, you are making it worse. All these storylines constantly being dragged out is really turning people away and not catching attention. I have been watching Passions since it first aired, but I am about to turn to something else. I am tired of the same storyline month after month after month. Someone needs to be a little more creative." Thanks Katie!!!

"Fancy and Luis bore me. I just don't subscribe to this farce of a relationship like I don't subscribe to the farce of the relationship that is Chris and Sheridan, Kay and Miguel and Ethan and Gwen. Luis and Fancy are fast-forward material for me. The porn bust? Not even remotely interesting. Zzzzzzz. I do agree with you when you say that Ethan should have the cajones to say he wants to leave his wife. JT and his "truth" are moot at this point because Ethan's made his feelings crystal clear - he wants Theresa. He (and I cringe to even type this sentence) loves Theresa. What I really want to happen is for Gwen to realize that she doesn't need Ethan. She really is still only holding on to the tool to spite Theresa. Let it go, Gwen. You know where his heart lies. Reassert your backbone (because Ethan never had one) and kick him to the curb! You can do much better. Where's Hank Bennett when you need him? There was definitely a spark there all those years ago. The only thing that really interests me is Chad's mystery lover. Whit-less is a non-issue for me. I just want to know who it is and if it indeed is a man like it has been heavily hinted/speculated. Another woman would be a total cop-out and ruin the suspense. I'm putting all my eggs in one basket and praying that the show finally comes through on something juicy." I hope you aren't let down, but I'm afraid you probably will be. Thanks Kamal!!!

"Yesterday I said that Ethan was mentally slow. I really believe [Passions] needs new writers. They drag a storyline on forever. Each character explains every thing that's happened over and over again. Plus, like I said , it seems as though each character is mentally challenged in some way. Actually, Tabitha and Endora are the only characters with any intelligence. I used to adore the show. Now, each time I watch, I get a little closer to picking something else to watch each day. Get some new writers!!!" Thanks Olti!!!!

"I like Kay with Miguel but this back and forth between him and Fox is a bit much. How many week now is they same thing played out (different location)? Can Fox become a new actor. Ever since Hartley left I haven't connected with the new man. Ethan and Theresa should be together (ok for a while) then maybe mid-next year trouble in paradise. I always liked them to be together. Gwen needs to get real and look between the lines (or covers). Whine whine whine. Fancy and Luis' have chemistry. I like them together for a while. Whitney and Chad, ever since they got back from Rome, I fast-forward my Tivo because I cannot stand the stupid scenes they have. Rebecca and JT are a hoot. Welcome back to town JT." Thanks Helena!!!

"My question the writers of this show actually care about the fans? I mean, Passions fans have been disappointed in the show for a while now. I know I have, but still I watch. I can't even explain why. Passions has been the last in the ratings for how long now? And what have the writers and producers done to change this? The Sheridan and Luis storyline is even boring now, and they used to be the stars of the show IMO. All of the love triangles are stale. As far as Ethan and Theresa, do we have to wait 5 years before Little Ethan's paternity is revealed? They haven't even revealed the fact that Gwen was the one that ruined Ethan's life, and now we have to deal with another secret on top of that? This show is full of "fluff", and not enough action. Who wants to watch storylines about mermaids? PLEASE! And for crying out loud, get better actors! I agree with everyone else who says Fox is the worst actor. Julian is the most believable, but how often do we see him these days? I think if Passions has any chance of becoming a long running show, they need to fire more people and completely revamp the writing staff." Thanks Belinda!!!

"Like a comment last week, I, too, stopped watching. I read your column, and the spoilers, and that's it. I can't stand nuFox and nuMiguel. Only Tabitha and Endora are worth watching. What happened to Fancy's job at Crane? She wants to be a cop? Oh, please. There will always be the triangles, and they are so darn boring. It used to be such a good show. I put every old episode from SciFi on disc, and at least I have the memories. And of course, our Fox on Smallville. Watch that, and remember the good old days of Fox Crane, adorable." Thanks MJ!!!

"Am I the only one who is rooting for Fancy & Luis to be together? I cannot stand the character of Sheridan. She's whiny and annoying. Luis deserves a real woman who will put his needs high, unlike Sheridan who puts everyone else before Luis. The Shuis love story was played out years ago." Thanks Davina!!!

Until next week friends,

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