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Ethan wants to be with Theresa, and he is looking for any excuse to leave Gwen. Of course, he denies this, but it's the truth. He desperately wants out of his marriage, but he doesn't have the cajones to stand up and say so.

Ethan about worked my last nerve this week with his never-ending accusations of Rebecca leaking the truth about his paternity. I have to agree with Gwen, Ethan wants to be with Theresa and he is looking for excuses to leave Gwen so he can be with Theresa. Of course he denies it, but that is the truth. He desperately wants out of his marriage but doesn't have the cojones to stand up and say so.

Ethan was very harsh to Rebecca. With no solid proof, he demanded she admit to knowing JT, and for once, being a slut played out to Rebecca's advantage. I have to agree with Rebecca somewhat; Ethan was pushing into something that was obviously very private and he showed no remorse for doing so.

And how exactly did Ethan know to show up at that particular hotel room and find Gwen? Of course she had a romantic evening set up, but how did Ethan know that? He was too busy trying to prove Rebecca and JT know each other. And once he got there, all he could do was question Gwen about JT, again with no solid proof that Rebecca and Gwen ever knew JT.

I never in a million years would've dreamed that Ethan would have found JT in the closet with Rebecca and learned the truth. I kept thinking it was all one of Gwen or Rebecca's nightmares and I was right. However, it was embarrassing to see Gwen on the floor begging Ethan not to leave her. If she were my daughter, I'd tell Ethan the truth just because she deserves better.

So Jared has told Theresa he loves her. That is pretty much the kiss of death for him. I hated that Theresa lied that she loved him. It's obvious she doesn't as she is still dreaming about that loser Ethan. It's pretty plain Jared will turn out to be a bad guy giving Ethan and Theresa the edge to get back together. I would love to see it all blow up and Theresa simply walk away from Ethan for her own good.

So Gwen had to go and get a room right next to Theresa's just so Ethan could bust in there and tell her to keep it down. Just as I was wondering how Rebecca and JT would manage not to be seen, Jared pops up and sees them. Will he rat them out, or will he keep his mouth shut in order to hang onto Theresa? And if he does rat them out, how will Gwen explain her way out of this one? And does anyone else suspect pregnancy as the reason Gwen passed out?

It was interesting to see Fox and Miguel as friends this week, but I still am not interested in this storyline. It's a bit late for Kay to wish she hadn't caused this mess, and frankly she can end it. I do have to agree with Tabitha on one thing; if Fox makes so much money, why is he living with her? Since when did she become a boarding house?

So Fancy and Luis' love scene was supposed to "push the boundaries of good television." This show does that continuously with its bad writing. Their love scene was nothing shocking to me, it seemed rather tame actually. Sheridan and Paloma's expression was worth it the entire absurdity of the story. Why did the actual scene end up on the evening news? It's a bit far fetched that something remotely risqué would end up on the news. Maybe Fox news, but not NBC.

I loved that Fancy and Luis stood up to Sam for each other. Yes, Fancy stepped out of bounds, but she saved Luis and nabbed the bad guys. The fallout they will experience from the town is the unfortunate consequence, and I can not wait for Julian and Ivy's expression. I do wonder why Fancy walked around dressed like that for hours after the bust. Couldn't she have changed before Sam lit into her?

So Whitney has confronted Chad about cheating on her, and he tells her he bought a doll for her and she forgives him. What is she, 8? At least Theresa realized how lame the excuse was. I'm still hoping it isn't Valerie that Chad is sleeping with, but someone totally out of left field like Simone, or even better Rae. They never show Valerie and Chad together, so there is hope that the writers have a twist in store. Another man would make more sense especially since Chad walks around saying things like, "it just isn't enough."

One day, years from now, I hope Jessica realizes how good her friends are to her. They incessantly try to save her from Spike, much to her dismay. Let's just hope that Spike doesn't kill Jessica or drive her to kill herself. Let's hope this intervention works, although I doubt it will. Spike will sweet talk his way back into her arms with threats of busting her for murdering the johns.

Some Random Thoughts:

What was up with Ethan in that hotel looking for JT? He looked like he was in a maze. And wasn't it amazing the hotel was dark in the halls Ethan was in but very well lit in the section JT, Rebecca, and Gwen was in?

Chad does have a bed. Will wonders never cease?

Rebecca having a nightie in her purse was hilarious.

Viewer's Voice:

"I wish Gwen would grow a backbone and dump Ethan already! Or find out that he has been sleeping with that skank Theresa and THEN dump him! Gwen is a professional and (supposedly) SMART woman. She can do so much better than this sanctimonious creep! Also, why is it that head writer (Reilly and Co.) acting like Gwen's ONE lie is worse than all of Theresa and Ethan's actions? SHE did not send that E-Mail to J.T.----Rebecca did! End this storyline NOW. Gwen is too good to be in the same storyline with these two obnoxious twits. It is also way too painful for Gwen to act like she's nothing without the philandering, pontificating, boring JERK! Get her a new guy already." Thanks Annie!!!

"I think it is time Ethan and Theresa get together and live as a family in "harmony". Charity needs to come back and end the Miguel/Fox dilemma and then the script writer can continue with the storyline as he sees fit and let good conquer evil sometime in the story. Make it real as we ourselves are not always faced with mishaps. He had me captive to this soap from I was at home on maternity leave seven years ago and today my son watches Passions on holidays home from school. We love Passions in The Bahamas. Keep up the good work." Thanks Clarice!!!

"I just wanted to comment on this new storyline with Chad. Does anyone else think that making him sleep with Valerie is just too simple. I don't think that is Valerie in the bed. How come they never show her face, hands, even the back of her head, nothing! No, fans this is Passions, and something else is definitely going on. There are even rumors floating around that Chad is in fact sleeping with a man! Try that on for size! I just wanted to put that out there and see if anyone else notices that we never actually see the person he is with. If it were Valerie, why wouldn't they show it. Not to mention, she was caught by Eve sleeping with Julian. Fans, I don't think its Valerie, its time to think outside the box!" Thanks Trey!!!

"I cannot watch the show any more. It has become too badly written. But I do read the day ahead summary and just saw a perfect example of what they could do and what they would never do. Fancy and Luis just had sex for the first time (maybe they were just faking it but I think they really did). There is such a potential here for good writers to give them a beautiful emotional scene. Consider that they each bring a couple different aspects to their relationship. They are co-workers with Luis, the experienced boss, and Fancy, the trainee under his care, and as law enforcement they are there to take care of and back each other up. They are good friends who have been through a lot together and each would out of friendship be willing to die for the other. This came out in Rome. And they are in an awkward love relationship where she is in love with him, he is not in love with her and they both know about it.
Fancy's romantic dream of a "first night of lovemaking" with Luis was actually a basic rape for both of them as they had to have sex or die, in a makeshift studio in a backroom with creepy evil men standing around. A good writer could produce a beautiful sensitive script exploring all aspects of their relationship and the emotional trauma each would suffer from what happened. I don't like this story having happened at all, but it did, so make the best of it. Instead it will be all about Sheridan (a bed w/o a man is vacancy that must be filled) and her being upset and the writers won't even stop to think that there is so much more potential to this story. It's not that they will ignore it - it's that it won't even enter their minds. A good soap should be character driven but they forget the characters and everything is a plot device, with the history and personalities of the characters constantly changing to serve the latest twist. The best writing I ever saw on this show was Julian and Timmy's adventure and that was years ago. The only relationship that is worth watching now is Tabitha and Endora and they just aren't enough to keep me watching anymore. The rest is just too bad. And it doesn't need to be." Thanks Judi!!!

"Ethan is a dirt bag. Plain and simple. I knew he was always a loser, but he's now a no-good dirt bag. He's repeatedly cheated on his wife and professed his love for Theresa but he's still not willing to leave Gwen. WHAT!?? Did I miss the boat? Why profess your love and then stay with your wife out of some obligation? I knew as soon as Theresa honestly attempted to move on that he'd come sniffing after her like the dog he is. Bleh! And Tess has gone back to being Theresa. I was rooting for Jared and Tess but that Theresa had to come back and ruin it all. The first time ever I rooted for the character washed away in the matter of weeks. Thanks JER. As far as Chad goes, they are making it so obvious that it will be Valerie that it won't turn out to be Valerie. Whoever this person is, they got together before Rome. I believe Chad said that in his dream or something like that. So it's been going on before he got back together with Whitney. I have no clue as to who it is for sure. I'm pretty convinced that it isn't Valerie though.
Miguel/Kay/Fox drama. Siren is finally gone and this story is still not any more interesting. I could root for the old Fox/Kay pairing but nu-Fox is just so bland. And Miguel isn't that more flavorful either. And Kay and her wishy-washy self annoys to no end. I still contend the real sexual tension lies between Miguel and Fox. Now THAT would be interesting." Thanks Kamal!!!

Until next week friends,

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