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Apparently, Chad is sleeping with Valerie, but why does Whitney automatically assume that Chad is having an affair with Valerie? Aren't there other women in Harmony that Chad could be sleeping with?

Apparently Chad is sleeping with Valerie, but why does Whitney automatically assume that Chad is having an affair with Valerie? Aren't there other women in Harmony that Chad could be sleeping with? And I just loved that Theresa was ready to fire Valerie for Whitney's assumption that she was sleeping with Chad, but was only mildly upset that she almost let EM's paternity out of the bag.

So JT Cornell is back in town. Let's hope this time the truth about the tabloid comes out and Rebecca and Gwen get busted. As much as they talk about it, someone should've overheard them about it by now. And I just loved Ethan in his Sherlock Holmes mode when he just assumed the person Rebecca was texting was JT. The name JT Cornell hasn't been brought up in months, but all of a sudden Rebecca is texting him and Ethan knows it.

Rebecca dabbling with JT is going to be the cause of both her and Gwen's downfall. However, I have a feeling that about the time Gwen gets busted, the truth about EM's paternity will come out and Theresa will be in hot water for hiding the truth from Ethan. Which woman will he choose? What will happen to Jane being Gwen also has custody? I'm also wondering how Ethan's infidelity plays into the picture.

Is Fox going to die? Is Miguel going to die? Let's hope this storyline dies soon. This back-and-forth, who-will-Kay-choose crap is getting so old Moses knows about it. And I love Tabby and Endora, but they could make this story disappear as well. All they have to do is leak out how Maria was conceived and that Kay helped Ivy set Grace up and things will get very interesting.

Maybe the funeral Tabitha saw will be Jessica's. It's perfectly logical that Spike will kill her. Although that little fantasy she had of killing him amused me. I'd love to see her finally kick that scum to the curb, as would Paloma and Simone. And I'm sure Chris would too.

Speaking of the Booth's, Sheridan is now the proud mama to little James much to Luis' chagrin. But Fancy's little lap dance is making those upsets vanish rather quickly. I understand Fancy wanted to help Luis, but do rookies really get the chance to jump into big undercover assignments right off the back? I'm not sure they do, even if the back up is unavailable. But I must say she has more sense than Luis who wanted to ring her neck right there while she was encouraging him to act like they didn't know each other. Looked like Luis wanted them to get busted.

Some Random Thoughts:

Does Theresa care about Jane? She keeps going on and on about her son's legacy, but she never mentions her daughter.

I believe this week was the first time we saw any activity in the Pilar/Martin/Katherine triangle since the busted wedding. It was good to see Pilar let Martin go.

Fancy really didn't look all that different from her Vegas debut. I'm sure Julian and Ivy would be so pleased.

Why was Simone looking up info on Spike on the police computers? Is the public allowed to do that?

Viewer's Voice:

"I like your observations, especially about Chad. C'mon--he was sooo ga-ga over her [Whitney] that he was willing to be with her knowing she was his sister! Now that he can be with her he cheats? Just doesn't work--ruined that fairy tale love. Also, Jared is too perfect and caters to "Tess's" (gag) every need...notice how much he distracts her from work? Notice how often she says "I can't drink champagne/work out/go to bed, I have to work." I think he's either hired by someone to distract her from running Crane, or hired by Gwen or Rebecca to distract her from Ethan. How many times has Gwen said "this is the first time I've ever seen her interested in someone other than my husband--this might solve all my problems!"?? Just my ideas! What do you think?" I think you are right on the money. Thanks Tracy!!!

"What happened to the custody for Jane storyline? People seem to have forgotten that Gwen and Ethan were only rewarded TEMPORARY custody. Yet, everyone acts like it was permanent. Theresa missed her chance to take her daughter back. For a while there, both Ethan and Gwen were without jobs and didn't even have a house of their own - they're staying at the B&B. They weren't exactly the best homemakers at the time. On the other hand, Theresa, as Alistair's "widow" (I'm not sure he's dead, but that's another story), owns a mansion, and she has a job - one of the most powerful jobs as the head of Crane Industries. No real judge would have chosen Ethan and Gwen as parents over her at the time. Even now since the two have jobs, Theresa could always resort to the typical Crane tactics, bribe a judge, and get her daughter back. No more boohooing over not having Jane. Yet, now that I think about it, she doesn't even seem to care about Jane. Only when Gwen plays Mommy (which isn't that often) does Theresa lay claim to her child. Who knows? Maybe the child would be better in foster care along with her brother who no one cares about either..." Thanks Laura!!!

"I totally agree with everyone else. The whole Ethan thing is getting old. Someone has to win him or something else has to happen. Maybe get everyone to find out about who little Ethan's real father is and then he goes with Theresa because of it. And all this "fate" stuff.....Ethan isn't supposed to say that...it was Theresa's word for like ever! And everyone knows it. He can't just start saying it. Gwen is sooooo annoying. I can't stand her. Like go and fall in love with Jared or something and let Ethan and Theresa be together all ready. This has been going on for years. They need to end it and make something else happen. Anyways thanks for reading. Love the show by the way :)and your column." Thanks Naomi!!!

Until next week friends,

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