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Last week, Jonathan was cornered, and he had to come out swinging at those who have kept him from Tammy. Of course, he's forgetting that he's the one who is keeping himself from Tammy by sleeping with Lizzie and getting her pregnant in the first place.

Finally - after weeks of being stuck in neutral - Jonathan gets things kicked into high gear with his big announcement at Towers Friday. And who among the GL faithful ever doubted that he would light the spark (pardon the pun) to get things going?

You could feel the energy in the room when Jonathan was cornered and had to come out swinging at all of those who have kept him from Tammy. Of course, Jonathan does forget one major thing - he is the one who is keeping himself from Tammy by sleeping with Lizzie and getting her pregnant in the first place. But I digress...

The whole Reva smoking pot thing was a little funny (Alan's stuffed shirt reaction was priceless) but I couldn't help thinking the whole week that Kim's new hair color was hideous! Way too brassy - it distracted me from the drama on-screen - which should never happen. They must have used the same colorist who was doing the brown shoe polish look on Rick, Billy and Buzz a while back. Just let them look natural. No one has one solid hair color - if you are going to play with it at least make it look better, not worse.

But having two major stories coming to a boiling point finally gave fans something to look forward to. With November sweeps coming soon, things might finally be heating up in Springfield. And Ava and Olivia's showdown is coming to a head as well. Maybe the slower pace of summer time is finally over for GL fans. Hooray!

"Crash" detractors (that's Cassie/Josh for those who don't know) were probably less than thrilled that the twosome finally got together this week. Although I think this storyline is like watching a train wreck, I am glad that GL had the sense to address the whole Reva issue and the obvious unease her presence would cause.

Speaking of GL history lessons, I was thrilled to see the exchange from Vanessa/Dinah/Olivia this week. With a show that has been on as long as GL (and had as many writers as we have had - especially of late) sometimes history takes a back seat. Those scenes were a great way to bring in Vanessa (always one of my favorites) into a current storyline. There are many parallels between Olivia and Van and I'd love to see GL really explore them - especially since the two characters despise each other.

This week we'll see Eleni return to Springfield - although I only think for a short visit. But hopefully we'll see GL use all of the connections this character has to current Springfield residents. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm cautiously optimistic that we might be headed in the right (or is it "write"?) direction with these plot twists. Let's hope the upward trend continues.

Until next week...

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