Another memorial service in Oakdale

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Another memorial service in Oakdale
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It's time for Jack and Carly to get back together. Jack is visibly jealous, and Carly definitely wants him back, but Simon is the obstacle; he has definitely worn out his welcome.

I do like ATWT very much and it seems whenever I think things could slow down then things move at a rapid pace. We have Craig back in town with a new face but it's the same character, Emily and Paul say good-bye to their daughter and Lily is awake seeing Rose - this show is staying right on track with interesting tales for the folks in Oakdale.

Craig Montgomery is Back
Craig should never have been written off in the first place if the writers were just going to overturn his conviction in such a nonchalant manner. Craig just arrives back in town with no consequence at all for his misdeeds. I guess that just that had to be the case for the viewers to accept the new actor in the role.

I am going to give the new actor, Jeff Meek a chance unlike what I did when Paul was recast with Roger Howarth. I was really negative even though I knew Roger was a good actor. It generally takes six months to a year to get used to a new actor in a recast role if it is a good actor. From what I have seen already, he is a good actor and he could add something to the role even though Hunt Block had a huge following. I remember this actor from another soap years ago and he was good in that role.

I like that the writers are just throwing him into the role with no apologies for the departure of Hunt Block. He had had scenes with so many characters that Craig had wronged like Meg, Paul, Dusty, Lucy, Casey and Barbara. I can't wait for him to meet up with Gwen, Lucinda, Carly, Jack, Katie, Mike, Holden and Lily. Craig has touched the lives of just about everyone in town. It is good to have the character back because he does move the story along and it may not too long for the viewers to appreciate what this actor brings to the role.

Lily "sees dead people"
Lily is awake and boy is it good to have her awake. It seemed like she was in coma for a very long time. Now that she is awake, she is seeing Rose on a regular basis. It is now time to find out what happened to Rose's daughter and how does Jade fit into this equation. I believe that Jade is either the missing daughter or knows who or where she is. Lily is remembering things rather quickly though she didn't ask about Damian.

Carly and Jack
It is time for them to get back together as this thing with Simon is now becoming irritating. I guess that is supposed to be the purpose of this - Simon is the obstacle to them getting back together. Jack is visibly jealous and Carly definitely wants him back. Now that Simon's building has collapsed - does she still have job with Simon? In my opinion, Simon has pretty much worn out his welcome on this visit to Oakdale.

Paul and Emily
All of the actors involved in the baby delivery in the storm did magnificent work. Emily now has no ties Paul anymore and it looks like she may be letting him go so she can go on with her life. I am so sad that their baby died. I wondered if this was some type of punishment for the two of them for all the bad they did to Jennifer.

So with this death, there was another memorial service in Oakdale. They have had three memorial services in the last three months: Jennifer Munson Donovan, the kids killed by the Slasher and now baby, Jennifer Ryan - which was also the name of Paul's maternal grandmother before she married Dr. Bob.

Now depending what they decide to do about Hal, I have a feeling there may be another memorial service very soon. It was mentioned this week that Hal was away on Special Assignment.

The Younger Folks of Oakdale
Maddie seems to be getting the help that she needs after her ordeal. I do like the fact that she is moving slowly back to Casey. I saw that spark of the Maddie we met when she first arrived in Oakdale as she was trying to find out what Jade is really up to.

Casey has truly grown up. I like the way he handles things with Maddie and his platonic friendship with Gwen. He really gave Craig a piece of his mind and Craig deserved it.

Gwen and Will need to be together and I know that Jade is faking this pregnancy - at least, I hope so. Will has finally told Jade that he wants to be with his wife and that she needs to be away from them; he wants to take care of his baby but not be with the mother.

Dallas needs a storyline soon or they will probably lose the actor - remember Curtis. One of the problems with this show is that they have a hard time sometimes integrating certain characters into town and giving others characters so much airtime that it is almost unbearable.

Here is what some readers had to say and it looks like Jade is a huge topic on viewer's minds:

Tina says, "I don't believe Jade is pregnant for one minute. I don't think she has thought this through very well.... what happens when Barbra finds out!!! Look out Jade."

Donna says, "I don't believe Jade is pregnant either; Will said he used protection. Jade said that doesn't always work. Will is the dumbest box of rocks ever! But I hope she doesn't crawl into bed and really get pregnant. Barbara. . .help! Get Dr. Bob or Dr. Lucy or the blue stick!

Joellen says, "The character of Jade makes me ill. What is wrong with the writers and their continual "pregnancy" storylines? Gwen is a great actress - let her be the dominant one in the Will/Gwen/Jade saga!"

Mary says, "Wait till Barbara hears about this. If Gwen won't fight Jade, Barbara will. I wish the writers would stop beating this dead horse storyline. Let come up with something fresh."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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