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Barbara's flirtation with Chaz the bodyguard was hysterical, as was her takedown move on a man three times her size. If her design business doesn't work out, she may have a future as a pro wrestler.

Wicked, immoral, liar and cheat. Those are all words used to describe Oakdale's favorite evildoer, Craig Montgomery, who came home recently after a stint in the hoosegow. Long-time readers know I've been begging for Craig to return to Oakdale, since Hunt Block was fired from the role. I'd always assumed Block would return, but sadly he didn't. So, the recast was inevitable. And so far, he's doing a decent job.

New Craig has already generated plenty of buzz. My mailbox is burning up with messages from those who already hate him or love him. He's also been thrust into a front-burner storyline, sharing scenes with just about everyone in town. (If only Henry could get the same respect.)

Jeffrey Meek is a great actor, and I wish him plenty of luck. Stepping into such a popular actor's role is no easy feat. I'd probably love him in any other part, except this one. Block left such a thumbprint on the role of Craig, that I just don't think it can be successfully recast. No offense to Meek, but every time he utters the word "sweetness" to Lucy or squares off against Emily or Carly, I'm searching his face for Craig's signature smirk, wicked sense-of-humor and vulnerability. It's not Meek's fault. He's doing an admirable job. He just isn't Block. That said, I'm not closing the book yet, Scoopers. Maybe with time, I'll love new Craig and stop picturing Block saying his words.


--I'm taking donations to buy Jack a comb. Who's in?

--Lucy and Meg should turn in their medical licenses or warn their patients that death is highly probable if treated by either of these so-called medical professionals. They both left Craig alone and walking around, bleeding, with a fever, despite Lucy's rant that Craig wasn't even well enough to make a car trip to the hospital. I guess leaving him to sip cocktails in a hotel bar is perfectly OK, though.

--Poor Elwood should work out a better sign with Casey for when he wants use of the dorm room. Instead of the traditional sock-on-the-doorknob-for-privacy sign, Elwood got a squirt of mustard to the cornea. Ouch.

--Has Jade been hanging out at the free clinic, paying people for their ultrasound pictures and their pregnancy tests? That's the only explanation I can fathom, since it's obvious she doesn't have a baby Munson in the oven. Someone get Barbara on this, pronto. She'd expose Jade's scheme in a red-hot minute.

--Lily apparently brought her dead sister back with her from the coma. But if Rose can talk to Lily and give her ominous warnings about finding her daughter, then why can't she just tell her where the daughter is?

--Hello, Emily, can you say, "Frying pan to the fire?" Paul Ryan worked you over so badly you resorted to assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, but Craig Montgomery will most likely leave you in a straight jacket. You have been warned.

--No, you weren't hearing things. Lucinda did use the phrase "I don't give a hoot in Hell." Priceless.

--You go, Barbara! Her flirtation with Chaz the bodyguard was hysterical, as was her takedown move on a man three times her size. If her design business doesn't work out, she may have a future as a pro wrestler.

--Yay for Henry! He returned to his pristine hairstyle this week. Thank you, martini man. Well done.

--Is Rosanna headed back to Oakdale? She was mentioned several times this week, which usually is an indicator that a character may be headed home. Besides, if Lily can wake up from a coma, why can't Rosanna?

--Frankly, I'd like to hang Simon up by his thumbs. Even after several warnings that his new loan shark uses human thumbs as a torture point, he wasn't persuaded to walk away from the deal. Simon apparently learned nothing from losing Katie because of his lies and shady business partners. I was hoping this time around, Simon would be an upstanding guy. That way, it would be much harder for Katie to ignore him. We've seen this story before, and it always ends the same way, with bad-guy Simon getting in over his head and slinking out of town. Yawn.

--How did Simon go from millionaire to cash-strapped crook in a matter of weeks? I find it hard to believe that one bad real-estate investment put him into bankruptcy. That's too bad. I liked rich Simon. But broke or loaded, he sizzles with Carly.

--What are your thoughts on Lucy and Dusty? I used to love his intensity, but lately, he seems to come across as a loud, dictating bully. I like Lucy, but I'm not sure I like them together. Comments?

--Was the word "college" spelled incorrectly (colege) on purpose on Elwood's t-shirt? Let's hope so, or I have serious doubts about the higher education Casey and Gwen are receiving.

--Thumbs up to Paul and Will bonding again. With news breaking that Hal will die off screen soon, and Will's marriage on the rocks, he's going to need a big brother.

Best Lines of the Week:

(Simon gives Lucinda a tour of his new building, after the storm destroyed it.)
Simon: "Carly did the most amazing design scheme."
Lucinda: "What is she going to call this, the Apocalypse?"

(Craig tries to engage his daughter, Lucy, in conversation, but she doesn't respond.)
Craig: "The silent treatment, huh? Your mother would be so proud."

(Craig explains to Emily why they should do business together.)
Craig: "Emily, we share the title for most likely to be spit on while walking down the street."

Reader Spotlight:

(From Two Scoops reader Frankie)
I am loving the new Craig. Hunt Block was terrific, and even though the new guy looks completely different, he has just slipped into the role without even a ripple. Don't you love it when that happens.

(From Two Scoops reader Talia)
I just watched the NEW Craig. Sorry, I don't like this guy. He just doesn't fit the Craig look. He is more of a James Stenbeck type.

(From Two Scoops reader Jennifer)
Emily needs a break from my TV screen and also from the town of Oakdale...just a few months, please!

(From Two Scoops reader Judy)
I'm really sick of Jade. How did she really think she was going to pull off the pregnancy? Was she going to wear a pillow for 6 months? Where would the baby be at the time of delivery? I guess she didn't think that far ahead. Her character has really hit rock bottom, and it's time for her leave Oakdale in disgrace! I love your articles. Keep up the good work.

(From Two Scoops reader Maria)
Hi Jennifer, I enjoy your column ever week. ATWT is great, and I have been watching it for 32 years. I am very disappointed about the Jade storyline. I was really wishing they would make Dallas the daddy (bringing him into the storyline more) or making her be his long lost sister or even Jessica her Mom. (Where has she been these days?) They (Dallas and Jade) are both great actors but have not yet been given the chance.

Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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