Things are coming to a boil

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Things are coming to a boil
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As the temperatures start to drop, Springfield is heating up, and it's about time! When Mel walked into the Beacon Hotel room last week, she looked like she wanted to yank out some of Beth's blonde hair.

As the temperatures start to drop, Springfield is heating up this week! And it is about time!

When Mel walked into that Beacon Hotel room I was waiting for her to yank out some strands of Beth's blonde hair. Having never been faced with that sort of situation, I think I would have resorted to a little hair pulling. But Mel is a lady (and a lawyer) so she didn't stoop that low. But I did love that Beth (who is turning into a mini-version of the slut of Springfield) pointed out that Mel had shut Rick out of her life. This story does break my heart though - the Four Muskateers will never been the same again (even if Phillip does return to Springfield).

While I certainly see Mel's point of view, I am more than a little worried that this last piece of the fractured Bauer family means even less air time for what was the central family in the show. Will Rick be able to bring his family back together? Or could we see the return of some more Bauer's to help Rick heal. (Note to GL: Bring back Peter Simon - Ed Bauer - already!!)

It was great to see the whole Cooper family this week (although the show was interrupted here in the DC area for much of the show due to the plane crash Wednesday afternoon). Since I missed a good portion of the show, I didn't see if Eleni and A-M got some air time together - which they should have. I'll try to check out the archives to hear what I missed. Still, GL has this rhythm now of writing for a couple or family for weeks, and forgetting them for long periods. This is definitely a major pet peeve of mine. Not to mention something I hope to see less of in the future.

One thing I have to hand to soap fans, we saw this whole Olivia/Ava story from a mile away. And in true typical soap fashion, 'Liv blurts out that she's Ava's mother as the show closes last Friday. But how will this shocking announcement change their relationship - and Olivia's chances for avoiding jail time?

And Reva is preparing to drive off of another bridge. I know that there are fans who haven't been watching GL that long, but she did this ages ago when Kim Zimmer left the show in the 1990's. This whole storyline is driving me crazy - and I'll be glad to not be reminded of it once it's over. So many wasted opportunities to have a story with some meaning and hope for cancer patients and their families.

But I'll focus on the positive for now - and hope that this trial is juicy and brings some closure to Olivia and Ava's fractured relationship. But how will the Cooper's be able to survive it if they still have divided loyalties?

And will Gus and Harley be able to bring a new life into the Cooper clan? GL had mentioned this as a storyline for the fall - but I haven't been able to find much on this story - yet. I'll keep you posted.


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