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There used to be a time when the supercouple reigned. Today, any couple that stays happy is considered boring, so there is always some impediment in place to keep them apart.

There used to be a time on OLTL when the "supercouple" reigned. Tina and Cord, Max and Gabrielle (and even Luna), Viki and Clint, Megan and Jake, Bo and Nora, Todd (Roger Howarth's) and Blair---these couples all had that "it" factor, that quality that made them irresistible to watch. They were the couples that went through ups and downs, but their love always kept them together no matter what. Today, any couple that stays happy is considered "boring," so there is always some impediment in place to keep the couples we love to root for apart from one another. As a result, there is no stabilizing force on the show---no couple that acts as the model for all others. All that viewers are faced with now is an extended game of musical chairs, and the only fun is watching to see who ends up with one another!

The first contestants in the game are David and Dorian. Tuc Watkins's David has always been the perfect spoil for Robin Strasser's Dorian. She has had so few men in her life over the years (Mel Hayes is the only other one who comes to mind) who are able to match her wit for wit, but David is definitely that man. He is sneaky, diabolical, and passionate just like Dorian. And Watkins brings such a likeability to the role that he is able to combust with Strasser on screen! Strasser has a perfect acting partner in Watkins (and vice versa), and it's just too bad that Watkins won't be around too much longer (or so the rumor has it). But back to the game. David and Dorian become engaged and decide to take the plunge and get married. Then David seemingly dumps Dorian at the altar at the blackmail request of brother Spencer over the Thomas McBain shooting. Dorian moves to Clint who quickly comes to his sense and realizes this is DORIAN he's becoming involved with and then finds herself inviting David to move into one of the spare rooms in her home. Next thing you know, David and Dorian are getting dirty (literally and figuratively!) on the kitchen prep table! It's hard to find rooting value in a couple that we love when the game of musical chairs is constantly in play. There is no doubt in my mind that Dorian's motivation to have David live in her home is to help make Clint jealous and somehow win him back, but I also know that Dorian's heart will always remain with David, despite how her non-wedding day ended. Nonetheless, Strasser continues to shine, and she deserves to have this silly vendetta plotline wrapped up so that she can be showcased in a story worthy of her Emmy-award-wining talents.

Next to play this game of musical chairs are Cristian and Evangeline. Is she really in love with Cristian, or is she just in love with the IDEA of being in love with Cristian? That is the million dollar question. Her heart was shattered after her break up with John, and for her to find happiness with Cristian is a nice thought; however, one minute she is canoodling Cristian and the next minute she sees him pummeling Ted in the alley and deems that he isn't the right kind of boyfriend material for her. I find it eyebrow-raising that Evangeline has been having more and more heart-to-heart talks with friend Todd than she ever had with Cristian. Might there be more there than she's letting on? At any rate, it's time to get Evangeline out of the musical chair game and allow her to enjoy life with ONE person to whom she can give her whole heart.

We can't forget about the perennial players of this game, Todd and Blair. Boy, I'll bet they have the trophy for the most times playing this game! Once again, this never-ending game of they are together, now they aren't, they are together, now they aren't is getting really OLD. The only part to this cycle of dysfunction is that Blair is now chasing after Todd and not the other way around. Blair is utterly devoted to Todd one moment, and then in a second of doubt, she believes he's guilty of a heinous murder and jumps in bed with the sleaziest man in all of Llanview---Spencer Truman Buchanan (or so we're told)---and then once she discovers Spencer's true intentions, she's back in the game trying to win back the adoration of the husband she threw out with the trash. Todd and Blair are one of those rare couples that you don't want to like but you almost can't help yourself not to like them. For as many obstacles as they have jumped over together, they still remain connected and a big part of each other's lives. So on the one hand, I'd like to give them some happiness and a big time out from all of the drama for a while, but on the other hand, I'm curious to see what role Evangeline could play in Todd's life in a deeper way (and I'm not ready for a full-fledged romance between them just yet). And what part will the return of Marty Saybrooke play in Todd's life?

And our final players in the game would have to be Jessica, Antonio, and Nash. If these people aren't dizzy by now after all of the couple-switching going on, then I sure am! It's so obvious that Jessica and Antonio are immersed in romantic bliss right NOW, but that won't last. As more and more of Tess's memories flood Jessica, it's only natural to assume that she will fall head over heals for the man with whom Tess mothered a child. With a wedding between Jessica and Antonio set to take place very soon, what part will Nash play in their happily-ever-after storybook romance? Again, let these three get out of the game. It's time for Antonio to be paired up with a new leading lady who will give him some spark once again. His character has become so dull and so one-note in his continued attempts to be the person who rides in and saves Jessica, but someone else in his life might be just what is needed to rejuvenate this character.

So, as the game of musical chairs continues, we are left wondering which partner will be the next one out of the game or which one will sit out only to take a breather before re-entering the game with a passion to find a new partner! It's anyone's guess at this point, folks!

A Favorite Nora Moment: Over the weekend, I suddenly remembered that Nora has a sister! Remember her? The one who helped integrate Viki so long ago? Where was she during Nora's comatose condition? No mention, no word of her, nothing! I can remember thinking that the two actresses made a good fit as sisters---two strong, spirited, feisty women with impressive careers: Nora as an attorney and her sister as a psychiatrist. Nora has such a diverse and interesting family, and it would be great to see Rachel return and become involved with Vincent and also give R.J. more story to play with his niece back in town. Nora is coming back to us, little by little, step by step---and it's been great seeing Hillary B. Smith on screen more often, even if it means sharing time with Dr. Paige!!

I'll be back again in two weeks with more thoughts on life in Llanview!

Enjoy your week,

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