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After a very anti-climatic trial for Dixie Cooney and Zach Slater, we find out who the real murderer was. I am sure most of you were as surprised as I was that they would have a long and upstanding character be the culprit. Much like Bianca. I can remember thinking months ago when Tad stood out by the gravesite devoid of emotion how he must be involved or know something. They wanted us to believe each and every character had a motive and was capable of plotting such a horrific demise. Just like with the Cambias brother. Tad was dealing with the frustration of not being able to find his daughter and anger over Dixie's behavior and choices. Anger seems to be the key word for so many Pine Valley residents.

When you think of ANGER, does JR come to mind? He is wearing on my last nerve with the way he handles what life dishes out and how he talks to others. Can you believe the way he lashed out at Jonathan like HE is a saint and everyone is beneath him? For whatever reason, he cannot stay on track. He makes empty promises, claims he wants to be a good father/husband, but yet cannot be kind and humble for more than a day. We know Babe has not been faithful and that is a story in itself, but did she deserve to have JR go off on Amanda at her place of business? Can you imagine how he will handle finding out about the affair with Josh? God help us all. I feel as our columnist, Kristine, does about JR. I have hated that he is the villain so often making it impossible to muster up any more sympathy. Jacob Young is a fine actor and deserves to shine with some vulnerability and have some fun. He and Babe have definitely reached that toxic point and it would be better to move on. Is staying together for "Little A" a plausible enough reason if they aren't setting good examples for their son? If I had to go by chemistry, I truly think Babe and Josh radiate more heat. They balance each other out, he has proven his love and loyalty in actions not just words. She has helped him cope with the trauma in his life. JR's parents might be dysfunctional at best, but at least they are alive. Josh has new parents he has to get to know on a whole new level. The man he thought was his father, well you know that gruesome piece of history!!!!

Speaking of Josh's father, Jeff Martin, we are having mixed reviews (by you the fans) on matching him back up with Erica. There will always be that legion of Jack/Erica fans, me included, who have waited to see them back together so many times, and celebrated when the marriage finally occurred. Erica even said this past week how she has been in love with Jackson Montgomery for 20 years. Hallelujah, all of us die-hard, long- term AMC fans have been in love with him and them as a couple. They have had so many obstacles and the craziest family dynamics ever. That hasn't changed as one child (Greenlee) runs off, another is hiding in the attic (Reggie), and Sean, a nephew, appears on their doorstep only to cause more chaos. I can't say I blame Erica for wanting to move out to concentrate on her business and self, but make it a temporary one. You throw in an ex-husband across the hotel hallway that is enjoying her company and friendship, and what does that spell out? Mary shared a few spotlights from fans about this trio; here are a few brief portions of their thoughts.

Bryna: "Fans are upset about the poor writing of Jack/Erica characters. AMC dropped the ball on their best super couple. I would rather see Jeff with Brooke or anyone else."

Jesse: "If AMC breaks up Jack/Erica for that bore Jeff, than I am done. Who would think for a minute that Erica would want Jeff? "

Amanda: "I have watched the show since the first days and I don't remember Erica and Jeff being a love story. Erica wanted Phil and couldn't get him away from Tara. She then hooked up with Jeff and liked the idea of being a doctor's wife but soon got bored. When she found out she was pregnant, she was afraid her career would be ruined, so she decided to abort and never even told her husband about the pregnancy. They never matched up and still don't. "

I, too, have watched the show since Day One, and that is exactly how it was. Phil and Tara were the big super couple. Erica was a devious brat. That's what made her so interesting. When she married Tom Cudahy, she hid birth control pills, so having children was not her priority at that time. The bottom line is Jack was the first man after a long line of husbands and affairs that really "got her". He loved her no matter what. They have been through so much and deserve to be happy for more than a few days at a time. Let them work out their problems and issues. There is nothing wrong with Erica being friends with Jeff now that they have a son. That is admirable; just let us have our super couple. I am sure when Bianca returns soon, she will voice her opinion on it all.

Before the verdict was handed down on Dixie and Zach, there was a lot of daydreaming going on by the parties affected. Kendall wanted to know if she had a chance with Zach again and vice versa. Ryan in turn was thinking the same about the mother of his son and Dixie wondered about her chance with Zach. As soon as the duo was acquitted, Zach dragged Ms Cooney to Tad's house and he scurried over to his wife's condo. I guess I should say their home, but it hasn't felt like one for so long. The drama surrounding this condo courtyard is overwhelming at times. The most refreshing part is when Annie is outside playing hopscotch and there is some normalcy. The scenes between Zendall and Tad/Dixie were powerful. Both men had some serious, dark secrets to reveal to the women they love or have loved. It was nice to see the Martins reach an understanding and forgiveness. Although Kendall is unsure if she can ever get past what Zach did. He might not have committed the act, but he had no regret or remorse over how he felt and not stopping Greg Madden from rotting away. I had to chuckle when Derek left Tad's home and told them to all High Five each other for their part in the cover-up. There have been so many crimes that have left the guilty unpunished.

I have to admit it will be a big loss losing Vincent Irizzary as David Hayward. The doctor was not a moral man, he had a lot of flaws......but he was always fiercely loyal to the few he loved and let close. They have underused his incredible talent for so long and it is always hard to let go of good actors. Especially when they are force-feeding you shallow characters like Colby, Sean, etc. All I could think of when the pregnancy issue came up with Adam's daughter, was not let Krystal and Colby be pregnant at the same time. Adam is married to his son's wife's mother; do we need him to be a father and grandfather at the same time too? Although why worry, we all know who will be the biological father of Krystal's bundle of joy. Which is a shame since Adam finally is happily married to the mother of his child for the first time. And I doubt by the previews for next week that Colby will truly be pregnant as she decides to accuse Josh of rape. Whoa, Josh already committed statutory rape with Danielle, how bad will this look for him? Bogus or not. It will also be a true test for Babe being a part of the Chandler family. Plus they couldn't let the jail cell get cold, as most of the residents keep it VERY busy!!!!

It was nice to see Aidan again and resume having others get back onboard. I am sure it was just for vacation purposes. There are so many actors not being used as they overexpose some of these twisted storylines. We can only hope that will eventually change. They have been true to past history with using Tad and Zach's fathers as prime examples. Erica is keeping Jonathan abreast of Lily's recovery. Jeff is bonding with his son over a few beers. They actually showed two girlfriends sharing their inner thoughts on the drama in their lives with Babe and Amanda. That was what was fun about Fusion in days past, the female bonding not just catfights. I personally have a lot of gal pals I socialize with, talk to frequently, and have hen parties where we discuss our lives and pressing issues. They keep me grounded and am guaranteed they are always there for me. It is one of life's blessings. That is why FRIENDS and SEX AND THE CITY were so popular. You like to see it with the guys too. Friends, as family, are priceless jewels.

In closing, I just wanted to thank so many of you out there for always staying in touch with me. It is always nice to be back at Soap Central/Two Scoops and I am glad Mary got to take a well-deserved vacation. I can't wait to hear how it was for her in Hawaii. She will be back in two weeks and I will also cover for her one time in November. It is overwhelming how much you still care about me and what has been going on in my life. I am very busy with work, my family, and various activities I am involved in. My granddaughter, Ellen, is 18 months old now and quite the character. She has so much personality and is a joy to be around on a daily basis. My youngest daughter who married in May announced she is now pregnant and I will be a grandma again in the spring. Isn't life full of wonderful surprises? Thank you for all your kind notes, photos (Eric, I owe you a note but really enjoyed the pix of the AMC Fan Luncheon), and thoughts on OUR FAVORITE SHOW. Please don't hesitate to drop me lines on occasion, as I will never tire of hearing from fellow soap fans/pals. Back to you soon and have a safe and festive Halloween.

See you next time with best regards always,

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