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One could say AMC needs to be concerned considering the ratings during the Madden reveal tied their all time low which places the show just above the perennial basement dwelling Passions for total viewers.

One could say AMC needs to be concerned considering the ratings during the Madden reveal tied their all time low which places the show just above the perennial basement dwelling Passions for total viewers. I can't understand why TPTB would think allowing the burial, torture and subsequent murder being committed by a beloved PV character, Tad, would set well with long time viewers. They are still toying with about if Tad just confessed, but someone else such as Jamie actually did the crime, but at this point, it doesn't matter anymore. They also allowed Zach to be accountable as he listened to the torture, did nothing and then had no regret for his non-action. No one is punished and the justice system is again made a joke of because of the "double jeopardy" out. This is supposed to be clever? Everyone keeps saying Madden was evil and "stole" Kate from Dixie. Although I was not a fan of Madden, to say he was evil is somewhat stretching the truth. He certainly bordered on psychotic as he thought of himself as God and was very manipulative but not out and out evil. Let's not forget Dixie signed Kate over to Dr. MADden, he didn't steal her baby. I see on Cady McClain's (Dixie) blog she is trying to explain why Dixie is who she is now and also is asking viewers to "stay with us" so even the actors must be aware of the ratings and lack of viewers. So now here's how I'd fix AMC if I were in charge.

Dallas ReVisited!

I'd first pull a Dallas - remember the season that wasn't - Pam's dream allowed the whole season to be wiped clean. Well, I'd have Tad waking up at the Mardi Gras Ball, after the explosion realizing he'd had a terrible nightmare, but still calling out Dixie's name. In turn, I'd have Dixie responding "Tad, I'm here --- help me". Going forward (this would take some time to develop like all GOOD soap storylines), we'd find out that Dixie had survived the accident, delivered Kate who was promptly taken by Dr. Madden without anyone's consent pronounced dead and given to some other couple. Dr. Madden then saw that Dixie lived through multiple surgeries and once Dixie was "back", she remembered her baby was born alive. Madden then took Dixie captive and kept her locked away for years with him as her only contact. Dixie is then a true victim with the kidnapping syndrome - you know how Dixie feels for her kidnapper but wants to escape and get her old life back. Once escaping, she gets back to PV, but just watches for a while. This then allows Tad and Dixie to be reunited and start the search for Kate. Dr. Madden would run off to parts unknown by the time this whole plot unwinds and there would be no murder to unravel.


During the explosion we only had the one death of Ethan and since there's no chance of a return by James Scott I guess that past would stay in place, but I would have another death during the explosion. Krystal Carey Chandler would meet her maker and not return. There would be no Carey spawn and subsequent "who's the Daddy" potential storyline. Since Adam is under the delusion he's in love with Krystal, he would mourn for a while, but would return to our old Adam instead of this new and unimproved form since being under Krystal's spell. After Krystal's death, Brooke would be there to comfort Adam but be tough as well, allowing for an Adam/Brooke pairing again and an excellent front burner storyline for our beloved veterans. There was also the kidnapping of Babe & Little Adam by Janet and the "death" of Trevor. This would not be repeated in my scenario, as Janet would escape solo to the cabin after the explosion, Babe would be despondent about Krystal's death, going into a deep catatonic depression sending her to Oak Haven for a while. Amanda would come clean about Janet being behind the explosion; Trevor would show up not dead and sans freezer burn, find and expose Janet and then leave town with Amanda in tow.


The whole teen scene would be wiped out. There would be no instant aging of Colby, no Sydney, no Sean (Bianca hasn't even acknowledged him) and his problems with Barbara. Colby would still be 6 years old and in the care of her loving mother, Liza. Terry and Annie would not have come to PV. Lily would not have run off to NYC to be terrorized by Terry, saved by Jonathan and then married to Jonathan. Bianca would stay in Paris and not come back at all as I have yet to see the point in this return other than as a nosy busy body. I'd like to see Reggie stay in PV especially since his departure was never addressed but I don't know if that would be possible as Michael B. Jordon could already be doing things elsewhere. JR's character wouldn't be as flawed as it is now as there would have been no construction "accident", no Kendall in a coma storyline. Kendall and Babe would no longer be on every day non-stop. Even though I am a Kendall fan, I am tired of her and would like to see other plots as well. They did the exact same thing with Hayley before she left. I had always been a Hayley supporter, but was so glad she took off to bigger things.

And You Know David Hayward Stays!

Since the financial issues would be alleviated with the dismissal of Krystal, the teens, Amanda and Bianca, Vincent Irizarry would be re-instated with a well-deserved raise. David would not have a fixation on Dixie - that was past history when Dixie left previously. Instead David would still withhold medication from Palmer during the explosion, remember my David is definitely not a saint. David would be re-instated at the hospital and subsequently have a front burner storyline going head to head with Dr. Joe. Again gets some veterans in the mix. David would also be introduced in the storyline with Brooke and Adam allowing the viewers to see top notch talent from 3 great actors and having a love interest triangle with the 3. I've always liked the idea of a David/Brooke tryst, but in the end have Brooke and Adam re-marry.


With my scenario, there would be no pairing between Zach and Dixie, perhaps there could be a real triangle between Zach, Kendall and Ryan this time, not some "fantasy" make believe affair. Erica and Jackson would get some air time and look at having a baby. I know Erica may be too old in real life, but in PV time Erica is still in her 40s. This storyline could put a positive spin on late in life pregnancies with a different fertility expert and an optimistic outcome - a little Montgomery/Kane boy. As far as Josh, the walking fetus, I would make Josh the real life child of Madden and his wife. Josh could then leave to search for his father. If AMC wants to keep Jeff Martin on the docket, that would be fine by me, just have him back in PV to help out Dr. Joe as he battles David Hayward.

Fixing AMC!

Do I think AMC can be fixed? YES! Will AMC be fixed? Possibly, but there needs to be some creativity and a completely different direction. Even though my above "fix" may be out there, it would get AMC back to a great starting point to get their ratings going up instead of down. What TPTB did was ruin both Tad and Zach. I personally can't imagine anyone wanting Kendall to reunite with Zach as he was a monster about Madden. There is no way Zach should be allowed as a role model for Spike even if Spike was a dog and not a child. That's another change I would make - the baby's name would not be Spike. Also, the dizzying hand held cameras would be gone!

Many rumors about Jacob Young (JR) not renewing his contract. I like Jacob Young and think he is a fine actor, but if he can't be re-signed, then the role of JR should be recast as many actors have portrayed JR in the past. JR is an integral character to AMC and should not be tossed aside. Thanks to Suellen for covering for me last time and she will be here for you in 2 weeks as well. Thanks for so many emails with your well wishes, rants and raves. I'll see you back here in about a month!!


Mary Page
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