Jade starts on Will again

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Jade starts on Will again
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The sad part is that the same people who know that Jade is toxic are continuing to allow her in so that she can cause more trouble. How gullible can Will be? Jade is playing on his insecurities, and it's working like a charm.

In my last few columns, the major theme has been Craig Montgomery and Jade Taylor and how much airtime they get opposed to other characters. This past week, there was also a lot happening in Oakdale with Carly, Jack, Katie, Mike and Simon.

As the Craig Turns
As I watched the show this week, I was constantly saying to myself - what is this all about? Why is Craig on almost every day and creating so much havoc? When is this going to end? In just one week, he got Emily to drug Meg, he had Dusty's brakes fixed that almost killed him and tortured his adult child to win custody of his youngest child. The question is - how uninteresting is this? I am truly bored at the way he keeps getting away with crimes, the way he makes Dusty and Paul raving idiots and making Emily look like loser for continually wanting a man that has moved on.

I just wish that the writers could think of something different for Craig to do now that he has served time in jail. Emily needs to move on from Paul and Craig now or have them do something interesting with their paper. When Dusty was with Jennifer he had changed so much but now with the threat of Craig, he has become that character he was before. Then there is Paul who has some other issues like getting over what happened to Roseanna and Craig is bringing out the most irritating, suspicious aspects of his character. It's not the actors as they are just doing what is on the page but the writers need to balance this out a little bit better.

Jade is Back Causing Problems
Jade's role in life is just to get exactly what she wants and it doesn't matter how she does this. She seems to be stuck on Will so much that she did not learn anything from her previous actions. The sad part is that the same people who know that she is toxic are continuing to allow her in so she can cause trouble. How gullible can Will be? Jade is playing so much on Will's insecurities and it works like a charm.

Adam can't be interested in his brother's wife. This could be such a mess if this continues in the direction that it appears. Why are the writers pushing certain characters down our throats when there are so many who can use some screen time like Dallas? Also, where are Kim, Bob, Lisa, Emma and Barbara?

Mike, Katie, Carly, Jack and Simon
If you think about this group, they are so connected from all of their previous and current entanglements. When Mike found out that Katie cheated on him with Katie, Katie tried to defend herself with throwing some of his past in his face - Roseanna, Jennifer and Carly. Katie has shown a determination that has been missing of late; it's the Katie that we have been missing. To add a valuable asset to the mix, she has enlisted her old pal, Henry to help her out.

Simon and Carly are interesting together but she is better with Jack. I watched as Jack poured out his heart to her on two occasions and you see the spark between them. It won't be long as the Paul Leyden who plays Simon will be leaving soon so then Carly will probably be back with Jack soon - at least I hope so. It's time for them to be a family again.

What is wrong with Lily? I imagine woman go through this a lot after having children as they worry about how they look. This could be a good story if the writers let it play put with something weird happening. Lily needs something to focus on together without another person being an obstacle.

Here are a few thoughts from some readers:

Nancy said, "When Hunt B came on the show people wanted Scott B back, etc. and now some will say they want Scott B or Hunt B. back but I am extremely happy with Jeffrey Meek as Craig. He is doing an outstanding job. They did say they invited Scott/Hunt back but they declined so "life" goes on. As far as being on every day, when Simon (PL) comes back he is on with Carly or Katie most of the time. Paul (Roger Howarth) has the most air time year after year since he came on the show. I enjoy Craig (JM) and I have been watching the show every day since he came back which I haven't done in a long time."

Annmarie said, "Does anyone not see the storyline coming up with Carly? I'm surprised no one has mentioned this. Since she is pregnant in real life, I guess they are going to write in a familiar storyline again. (Remember...who is the father...Jack or Mike?) It looks like the same story only this time...whose baby is it....Jack or Simon? She had her fling with Simon and decided it was just a fling. So now I bet she goes back to Jack, very soon, and then the pregnancy comes out! I guess we'll see! If so, poor Jack! I think it's time for him to move on!!"

Frankie said, "The Carly and Simon affair has been fun, but surely I'm not the only fan growing impatient for a Jack and Carly reunion. However, since we know that Maura West is pregnant in real life, I suspect this means she will disappear from Oakdale for a while. Perhaps, there'll be the classic coma absence (although they just did that with Lily) or maybe she'll end up in jail over the infamous jewel heist? Either way, I am hoping that the inevitable reunion of Jack and Carly will be well worth the long wait"

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday!!!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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