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Katie Peretti is back. The docile housewife, who has been nesting in the cottage for months, has been replaced by the tough-talking, trouble-making, scrappy Katie we know and love. In short, it's on.

Katie Peretti is back. The docile housewife, who has been nesting in the cottage for months, has been replaced by the tough-talking, trouble-making, scrappy Katie we know and love. In short, it's on.

Carly, you have been warned. Mike, you too. And Simon, I'd sleep with one eye open, if I were you. Despite the fact that Katie cheated on her husband, she feels wronged that Carly and Simon are moving on, but that she and Mike are finished. Her new novel is going to paint Carly and Simon in a not-so-flattering light and, perhaps, get them in a heap of trouble. It appears Katie's imagination isn't that far from the truth, when it comes to casting Simon and Carly as jewel thieves. And I can only imagine what juicy story she's cooked up for Mike.

After a chat with Katie's pal Henry, she had an attack of moral conscience and tried to stop the presses, but it was too late. The damage has been done. It seems Katie has never heard the phrase, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Perhaps, she should have consulted her brother Craig for advice on the subject. He seems to be an expert.

In other musings:
--Finally, the writers remembered that Katie and Henry are friends. Finally! It's been months, Scoopers, since the two even shared a scene. But, even after all that time apart, they fell right back into friendship mode and rediscovered their knack for scheming. And an extra kudos to the writers for giving Henry that line about Katie hurting him in the past. It was short, but a sweet acknowledgement to fans that haven't forgotten the shabby treatment Katie gave Henry. I'm thrilled to see Katie and Henry back together, but why does it only happen when she's estranged from Mike or Simon? A girl can have friends, even when she has a love interest. It works on "Desperate Housewives," why not in Oakdale?

--Note to Lisa, it's not really kind to point out to a woman who's put on some weight that her coma is responsible for her "packing on the pounds." Ouch.

--Faith sure grew up quickly. At this rate, Lily and Holden had better increase their investments in the kids' college funds.

--I missed a couple days of the show last week, but from what I understand, Craig is now responsible for cutting Dusty's brakes and attempting to murder him? Wow. We haven't seen Craig do something that downright evil since he tried to off Steve Andropolous in the '80s. I'm not happy that Craig has resorted to attempted murder. That act now makes him a full-on villain, instead of the guy who just made bad choices, for the right reasons, with tragic consequences. It's hard to root for a character when he goes full-on bad. Shades of gray, people. That's all I'm saying.

--Dusty is going Tony Soprano on Craig. Angry Dusty is packing heat, and thanks to Paul thwarting Emily's plan, which was to thwart Dusty's plan, the bullets in the gun are real. If you didn't follow all that, don't worry. The point is Paul and Dusty both want Craig dead, and they're trying desperately to make it happen, despite Lucy and Emily's interference. If shooting Craig will help calm Dusty down, I'm for it. That guy has some serious anger management issues.

--Adam Munson is a goner - in more ways than one - since the part has been recast. We all know where this story is headed. Adam is obviously going to fall for Gwen, and the two are going to bond over music. As for Will, I hope he doesn't let Jade twist him into a pretzel of jealousy over Adam and Gwen.

--It appears that the show execs are doing a weight storyline with Lily. I hope they follow up and do it right. This is a relevant topic in today's society, and Lily is the perfect character to do it, since she's battling the post-baby weight. It's nice to see that even the beautiful, fictional people of Oakdale struggle with real-life problems, too.

--Lucy flaked out and didn't testify against her papa. Who can blame her? She was scared for Dusty's life. I say cut her a break. The girl hasn't had many people in her life to love, so I'm sure the thought of losing Dusty was unbearable.

--Thumbs up to Emily's new haircut. I've always liked her with short hair.

--What is going on with Holden and the mysterious blonde? Holden doesn't cheat, so it must be business or a nice surprise for Lily. But, I don't think it's going to sit well with his wife, who is feeling depressed, ugly and fat.

--Iris is back! I enjoyed her last time around, and she looks like she'll be trying to cause more trouble for Gwen and Will. I can't wait until Iris tangles with Barbara. Oh, this is going to be good.

--Do you have a favorite Best Line of the Week from the past year? If so, shoot me over an e-mail with "Best Line of the Week" as the subject with your pick. I'm looking for the best of the best for the end-of-the-year wrap up. I think Henry had a gem this week. Check it out.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry describes Carly's illustrious past with men.)
Henry: "That woman's seen more action than a thoroughbred."

(Emily and Barbara discuss Craig's latest scheme and how to thwart it.)
Emily: "He led me to believe he was going to poison Lucy."
Barbara: "I should be so lucky."
Emily: "You really want to punish Craig, then why don't you just marry him again?"'

(Meg tells Craig that his meddling is resulting in relationship problems between her and Paul.)
Meg: "At this point, I don't have a conversation with my fiancée that doesn't begin and end with your name."
Craig: "Look on the bright side, at least you're still talking to each other."

(Iris tells Gwen she's sorry and wants forgiveness.)
Iris: "I had a lot of time to think this past year."
Gwen: "Your first experience at that, did you enjoy it?"

That's all for now Scoopers! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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