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Sheridan is sickening. She wants Luis to be happy...just not with anyone other than herself. Fancy is headed for a huge heartbreak, because Sheridan is going to jump back into Luis' bed the second that she finds out what a creep her husband is.

I guess Fox is a full fledged villain now. Not only has he gone to every extreme to keep Kay, he is now trying to turn sweet little innocent Charity into a slut. Did you see that dress he gave her?!?!?! Charity never showed so much skin. And why is Charity agreeing to come back to town? I thought she left because Death would take Maria if she hooked up with Miguel. Now all of sudden Death is going to renege on his threat? Doesn't make much sense.

Kay and Miguel going at it on the living room couch, when her bridal shower is supposedly moments away, was just gross. Anyone could've walked in on them, and when Fox saw them he would've killed Miguel if Julian had let him. Couldn't they have at least found an empty room upstairs to go to? At least Kay decides she has to tell Fox the truth instead of jerking him around.

And Kay was so close to telling Fox the truth, until Jessica hauled off and whacked her not once but twice. So thanks to Jessica's drunken outburst, we will be subjected to months and months of Fox and Miguel fighting over Kay while Charity looms around, having sporadic intimate moments with Miguel only to have Kay catch every one of them. Yawn.

So Theresa has told Ethan the truth, only to have him react very badly to the news. I would've thought the exact opposite would be true, because it almost seems like the perfect excuse for him to leave Gwen and be with the woman he truly loves. Oh wait, he can't leave Gwen, he married her. So Theresa takes it all back and then Ethan expresses disappointment.

Later on Ethan tells Luis how much he loves Theresa and how much he wishes he were EM's dad. Cry me a river, Ethan. You want your cake and eat it too, and I don't feel the least bit sorry for this loser. I feel sorry for Theresa who will never be enough for Ethan. There will always be some lie or something that will stand between them and eternal happiness.

Sheridan makes me sick. She wants Luis to be happy, just with no one else except her. On top of that, she doesn't want to leave her happy little family with Chris and James. But Luis and Fancy together just won't do. And Fancy is so blind to think Sheridan is just going to let her and Luis be together. Fancy is headed for a huge heartbreak because Sheridan is going to jump back into Luis' bed the second she finds out what a creep her husband is.

Whose side is Eve on anyway? She's encouraging Fancy and Luis, then talking to Sheridan about dumping Chris and James and fighting Fancy for Luis. And why is anyone listening to Eve about love? She's screwed up her entire life, but yet she feels the need hand out medical advice and love advice. I was so glad to see Sheridan lay into her; I'm glad someone did instead of taking her crap.

And her daughter is just like her. One minute Whitney is pushing Theresa with Ethan, then she pushing her with Jared. Then she throws all her morals out the window and pushes Theresa and Ethan just because Rebecca told her that Chad is cheating on her. Then nit Whit forgives Chad and tells Theresa the only way Theresa, her best friend, can throw her a bridal shower is if Whitney can throw one for her and Jared!!! Nit Whit needs to get back into tennis because she obviously misses the back and forth action, and is substituting it with her mood swings.

But Jared is set on leaving town, so Whitney may not have her way. If Gwen has anything to say about it, Jared won't be leaving town, while Ethan has all but pushed Jared out the door. Luis has a good point when he asked Ethan if any man would be good enough for Theresa to move on with. Jared has been nothing but good to Theresa, and she was actually happy with him the two minutes she forgot about Ethan.

We all know Jared isn't what he seems, but will we ever know what it is he's hiding? He and Theresa were never really given a chance. Maybe he actually is a good guy, but I can't help but think he planted the fortune teller who told Theresa she and Jared were meant to be. If nothing else, I am glad he told Ethan that he is stringing both Gwen and Theresa along and is jerk for doing so.

Some Random Thoughts:

Fox tells Charity, "There was a huge hole in our group when you left." Was he really in their group? I seem to remember him chasing Whitney when Charity left town and I certainly don't remember them being close.

When is Grace coming home already? And what's up with that phone call she received?

Who gives a bridal shower on Thanksgiving?

I couldn't love Liza Huber more, nor be happier that she is expecting, but the huge bags over her belly have got to go. It's getting absurd.

What is with Ethan wanting Ivy and Sam back together? I thought he abhorred lying.

Endora's Thanksgiving hijinks were too cute. The pilgrims wanting to burn Tabitha and the Indians showing up to help were hilarious.

Why did JT keep the money? Shouldn't Gwen and Theresa have yanked it all back from him after they each thought he was going to support the other?

Viewer's Voice:

"Here's what I don't get...why is it that the show only spends about 3 or 4 days on the big revealing of Ivy's long kept secret, but EVERYDAY we have to see the Theresa/Ethan/Gwen saga at a standstill!! Ivy's secret was kept for a really long time, but they didn't make much of a deal about it being revealed. The whole thing has already been condensed into Kay's guilt, without much focus on Sam and Ivy themselves. This week was completely usual. Theresa/Ethan/Gwen take two steps forward and then 10 steps back. Now they've got Julian involved in it? Come on now. I can't think of any other secret that's been stretched out for this long. At this rate...the truth about Gwen revealing Ethan's paternity will never be revealed. And after all this time I'm personally starting not to care. I'm not sure why I still watch this show. I guess it's become part of my normal routine." Thanks Belinda!!!

"Passions needs some seriously new storylines! They whole thing with Fancy and Luis is the same damsel in distress thing that happened with Sheridan and Luis. Then there's Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen. Stop already!! Gwen has already told him that she doesn't want to be with him if he's still after Theresa, he says no and then goes after her anyway. Then Theresa wants him back he says no and goes back with Gwen. How long is this going to keep going? I say let Gwen find him cheating with Theresa, leave him and hook up with Jared. Let Theresa have the man that she can't possibly live without even though he's married to another woman and Gwen have herself a good man. This story with Chad's mistress is going too far. Let Whitney find him already. Grace does need to come back, but is she seriously going to be killed off? And why is Charity coming back now that Kay will have a chance to bond with her mother? Kay needs to make her mind up too. She can't be stringing along two men. Now that Charity is back she'll seriously have to make her mind up soon. Although the new Charity isn't as good of an actor as the previous one. As for Julian he needs some kind of structure in his life. He doesn't even have a storyline anymore. What happened to Eve? Last I saw her she was only taking care of TC. And why is Paloma so insistent on Sheridan revealing her feelings for Luis? Wasn't she the one who was pushing Luis with Fancy?" Thanks Sara!!!

"I've resigned to the fact that the truth will never come out about Ethan's paternity outing. All the itty bitty (comparatively) secrets will come out and cause chaos for a short time but the one that could revamp the show and make it last more than one more year will not come out. The writers seem to hate Theresa and have very little imagination for ways to out lies here. Okay, so JT didn't want to tell the truth with Gwen, Rebecca and Theresa standing there, fine, coward. Have him send Ethan a letter in a week from some obscure country telling him the truth and the reason why he lied to Ethan's face. And please, writers, for the love of all that is good and pure in this world, give Theresa something to do besides act like a obsessed, committable schizophrenic. Oh, and quit pampering your lying little leach, Gwen. Thanks for letting me rant." Anytime CB!!!

"Like you I am so darn sick of Passions and JERk. He tells us the secrets are coming out and WHAM! it is a darn lie. We all know that it was Gwackho and her mother that outed Ethan. Then when we all think it is coming out, what happens, JT lies and says Phyllis. If I had been Theresa I would have taken my money back and told JT well you changed your mind about telling the truth well I have changed mine and I will have my money back and let him go to jail for tax fraud. I so hope that before Passions is taken off the air that Gwackho and her mom are made to pay for all the stuff they have done. It would only be fair. Theresa always gets caught and the truth comes to light. For once I want JERk to tie up ALL lose ends and make the show go off with everyone having a happy ending... I too have wondered at all the "new" people coming on the show when they are supposed to be in all these major budget cuts. JERk has forgotten what he has written and he does not follow his own times. Like now saying that Kay didn't tell what she knew about Ivy and David; well she did and they didn't believe her. She had a bump on her head and she was talking "crazy." That is one of the biggest things that really irks me with JERk; he changes things around and then expects us to be so stupid to remember what we have seen and read. Thanks for the rant. Thanks Diana!!

"I really think that you all are milking this Gwen, Teresa and Ethan thing a little too much. For goodness sakes PLEASE LET TERESA HAVE ETHAN. Passions has no "Strong Couples". The ratings are so low because you don't even have a decent love story going on. It is kind of melodramatic the way that no one can ever be with the one they love. It's just getting a little ridiculous!!!!" Thanks Keny!!!

"I know everyone has said this, but NuFox is disgusting. I'm now glad Justin left the show, because I just can't see HIM doing these awful scenes. It just wouldn't work. I wonder how many of the actors have to vomit before doing a scene, because the writing is just so awful? The whole thing with Luis and Fancy is just Luis and Sheridan all over again. I love Sam, but as a Police Chief he sucks. He can't seem to stop any crime in Harmony! No one can stop Spike, or clean up the sleazy part of town. Maybe Endora should cast a few spells. Hey, maybe she could fix the writers!!!" Thanks MJ!!!

"I hate to say it but it finally happened, after being a viewer since day one I too had to jump off the Passions train. I just can't take anymore of this back and forth with Gwen, Ethan and Theresa and the Fox, Kay and Miguel triangle is just ridiculous. And please don't get me started on the Siren storyline. Why is it that JER gets such joy from ticking off his viewers? Does he not know how annoying all the dream sequences and fake reveals and flashbacks from the day or scene before or does he simply not care as long as it follows his "vision" for what the show should be? I love your column and will keep reading it as long as this show lasts, and hey if the storyline actually ever advances I would love to revisit this show, but right now, especially knowing Gwen and her trashy mother will get away with the stupid tabloid thing for the billionth time, I just had to call it quits. Now that my tirade is over, thanks for writing a great column every week and God bless you for being able wade through the repetitiveness (is that even a word?) to entertain us every week." Thank Melissa!!!

"I am a loyal Passions fan, and I, and many other Passions fans are very let down about the Gwen/Ethan/Teresa triangle. Anyone I talked to hoped that FINALLY the truth about Gwen would come out but it did not. So many of us are probably going to stop watching this show because after 2 years of the same storyline. You think the truth would FINALLY come out. I hope that the writers will think about this because lots of people are getting tired of the same old lines. A very disappointed Passions fan." Thanks Angela!!!

Quote of the week, "This is my first time writing, semi-long term reader. I have been watching Passions almost since day one and always wanted Theresa and Ethan together. I am getting so frustrated with thinking that this is the time Theresa wins. I hated that JT lied about who told him about Ethan's true paternity, but what really ticked me off was that no one said....'Hey if Phyllis is the one that revealed Ethan's paternity than Theresa didn't do it either!!' And the main reason that Ethan left Theresa for Gwen is no longer relevant!" Thanks Renae!!!

Fun Fact of the week: "If Harmony is suppose to be on the east coast....then where would their be a mine shaft, and that deep...The shaft would fill up because it would be below sea level." Thanks Patty!!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season,

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