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What is it with the Lo-Fitz men going at it in public places? First Miguel and Kay, then Miguel and Charity, and now Luis and Fancy. Get a room already!

So Charity is back and going at it hot and heavy with Miguel. I'm apt to believe this "Charity" is an imposter. I believe Fox hired a look alike to split Kay and Miguel apart, and I have substantial evidence to back me up. First, the real Charity would've never jumped into bed with Miguel that quickly. She was very intent on waiting until marriage, and has flatly refused to marry Miguel or anyone else. And furthermore, she'd never just haul off to the garage while shedding her clothes along the way.

Second, and the most proving evidence of it all, Tabitha was supposed to be banished to the nether worlds of the dark side when Charity and Miguel did the push-push. That hasn't happened? I'm telling you Fox hired a look alike, she smiled real pretty at Miguel, his brain suddenly dropped to his pants, and now Fox has Kay indefinitely.

Kay once again has entrusted her heart to Miguel and he has thrown it away for Charity. And I love Simone. Everyone needs a best friend like her. She is going to make sure Miguel never hurts Kay again. Too bad her decking him was only a fantasy. I wonder how Grace's return plays into the.

Man Sheridan did a complete 180. She is snapping at everyone, and foaming at the mouth over Luis and Fancy. And I really thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when she saw Luis and Fancy making out in Tabitha's bowl. Everyone has felt her wrath, and been assured that Chris is the only man in her heart; everyone except Chris.

And looks like Sheridan has found an unlikely albeit unknowing ally in Pilar, who insists that Luis break all ties with the Cranes, just after he and Fancy were about to go at it on the couch. Fancy overhears Luis promise his mother he'll stay away from the Cranes, and she runs off in tears, with Luis chasing after her. And what was Sheridan doing at Pilar's to see this? Nevertheless, it made for good television to once again see the saintly Eve ripped to shreds, especially by the even saintlier Sheridan.

Luis tracks Fancy down and assures her that he loves her and he wants to be with her. Of course Fancy had to whine a little bit because that's what she does best, but in the end the two love birds are committed to each other. At least until Sheridan turns into Beth and starts scheming to rip the two apart. Did you see that face she made at the end of Thursday's episode? She's scarier than Beth ever was. Alistair would be proud.

Why did Eve feel the need to go to Julian for help with Sheridan? He is encouraging Fox to destroy Kay and Miguel because "Cranes always win." Is he really going to allow Sheridan to disrupt his daughter's life and happiness? Especially since Sheridan is married to another man. Julian plotted alongside Alistair for years to break Sheridan and Luis up, he's not going to harm his daughter to help Sheridan, especially after Eve asked for help.

So the fortune teller tells Theresa she's meant to be with the other half of the coin, and that turns out to be Jared. And so Theresa falls right into bed with Jared while Ethan is burning the midnight oil trying to get the goods on Jared. Valerie finds him in Jared's office, but for whatever reason, lets him stay there and keep looking. Is she in cahoots with JT to blackmail the good people of Harmony?

Whitney also has a little talk with the fortune teller, who clues her in that Chad is cheating on her. Chad then swears on Miles that he isn't sleeping with another woman. Either he is telling the truth and it is another man he's sleeping with, or he is the worst father ever.

Why is Ivy still trying to get with Sam after he has insisted that she go away? She has never managed to pry Sam away just be convincing him they belonged together, what makes her thinks she can do it now, especially after he found out what she's done? And why is she fighting on the phone with Grace?

Some Random Thoughts:

What is it with the Lo-Fitz men going at it in public places? First Miguel and Kay, then Miguel and Charity, now Luis and Fancy. Get a room already!!!!!!

Pilar is like a second mother to Fancy? I thought she grew up in boarding school.

Endora telling her mother Luis called her a dirty word when he called her an angel was adorable. She truly makes this show.

Are all the Cranes going bad? First Fox, then Sheridan; who's next, little Ethan?

Quote of the week: "What's the matter, hon? Did you take a little blue pill and you can't wait two days?"

Viewer's Voice:

"I am so sick of how Passions drags out these storylines yet I keep coming back for more. The triangle is getting old. Personally they should let Theresa be with Jared and Fancy with Luis; at least it would be something different. I think they should speed up some of their storylines and hire writers who can keep coming up with new ideas more frequently." Thanks Amanda!!!

"I agree with all of the comments regarding dragging out the Ethan/Theresa/Gwen/Fox/Kay/Miguel fiasco. It is so tiresome. Goodbye Passions!" Thanks Sharon!!! Sadly you aren't the only one who feels this way!!!

"I have been watching Passions for years and don't know why I am still following the show. Year after year we go through the same storylines. When is there ever gonna be a true couple on the show? Where is the romance? I have decided to discontinue following the show." Thanks Val!!!

"I have been looking at Passions for a very long time and personally, I share the same view as most of the other fans. I really think Ethan and Theresa belong together. I was very disappointed the other day when the truth didn't come out. I hope it comes out when Theresa and Jared gets married (if they are to get married). I like Jared very much but I really want Ethan to know the truth. Thanks for letting me [rant]." thanks Melissa!!!

"Actually Charity did show that much skin when she was acting like 'slut Barbie Charity'. Just before she left and she was trying to push Miguel away to keep her deal with 'Death' (or as I liked to call him...giant papa smurf)!" Thanks Angela!!!

"I just wanted to say that Jared is probably working with Rebecca because when they were all in that hotel looking for JT and Rebecca, he saw them when they were coming out of Ethan and Gwen's room and he didn't say a thing. Maybe Rebecca's got some goods on him and that's why he's working for her. Just a thought." Thanks Joanne!!!

"Charity didn't leave town because of the deal with Death. Father Lonigan said that deal as null and void because Death didn't have that kind of power (or something like that). She left because she thought she was responsible for all of Harmony's pain and suffering." Thanks Galit!!!

"I long ago stopped watching Passions. I just cannot take anymore of these stupid storylines, repeated lines over and over again; the same characters reading off the same script for years at a time; other characters picking up the same scripts for the next year or two, reveals that don't reveal a thing, and no continuity in the character development as if each day is something new and we forget what they did in the past. I do read the summaries and if anything ever changes I may come back. For the time being, I cannot watch this garbage. The only thing I really care about is that Gwen gets revealed. Then I want to see T kick Ediot to the curb and get on with her life." Thanks Judi!!!

"What is with Whitney saying she wants to throw a bridal shower for Theresa and Jared? How long has Jared been in Harmony, four months? For how many of those months have Theresa and Jared been dating?" Thank you Maeve, my thoughts exactly!!!

"What is wrong with you people? How can anyone be on Theresa's side after all the things she has done to Gwen in the name of love. She has been after Ethan from day one, although he was always committed to Gwen. Do you not recall all the evil things Theresa has done to Gwen over the years? Stabbing her when she helped deliver her baby, making her lose her baby when they fought in CA, knocking out the surrogate mother, donning a blond wig pretending to be Gwen? Theresa is nothing but desperate, lusting after a man because she is stupid enough to think it is "fate" that they should be together. Please, give me a break!" Thanks Joan!!! But I think Gwen has pulled some dirty stunts too to hang onto Ethan.

"I too am getting fed up of the Theresa/Ethan/Gwen story and I wish JER would just give it up. Personally I think that Tess should be with Jared forget what Ethan has to say, because as far as I can see Ethan does not want her with anyone but him and he is not willing to leave his lying wife for her. Instead he wants her to keep running after him for the rest of her life. He cannot stand the fact that she loves another man besides him and it's killing him to see her with Jared and that's why he is jealous and I for one am glad things are this way." Thanks Coral!!!

"Hey, what's going on with the Chad storyline? Could it be that Passions is ready to out Chad as bisexual? What I do know is that he swears, even on his son's life that he is not cheating on Whitney with another "woman". He mentions nothing about a "man". Also, the time Whitney almost busted him in the motel room, I think Valerie covered for him with that guy Whitney saw her with. I think that guy giggling when she left is enough of a clue to "what's really going on". I think that it would be really interesting to see what happens there (hopefully soon)." Thanks Shanee!!! I agree with you, I think Chad is bisexual!!!

"Today I have started to love Passions again. The new, improved Ms. Crane is to die for. Sheridan has been one of the blandest characters on the show and I have tuned her out for years now, but today, when she turned on Eve I saw for the first time a character worth watching. Every word she hissed to Eve in her new, strong, Crane voice was what I have been thinking for years now. The 'Jack of all trades and master of none', and 'Physician heal thyself' lines were beautiful. I am a huge supporter of a villain worth hating, and Alistair sucked in that role. Now with Julian converting back to his old ways and Sheridan stepping up to the Crane plate this show might actually become something worth looking forward too." Thanks Jez!!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season,

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