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From the intense stares, to the hateful venom that she's spewing, to the downright-no-she-didn't outing of Luis and Fancy to the tabloid, Sheridan has done her father proud. Last week, she flat-out told Gwen that the whole town knows that Ethan is in love with Theresa.

So not only has Ethan refused to ever divorce his scheming wife, he has the gall to tell Theresa she can move on with her life, just not with Jared. And we all know that promise is only good until Theresa meets someone else. Of course Jared has the dirt on Chad, so he's blackmailed him into bankrupting Theresa. I don't doubt for a moment Jared is working for Alistair. It's just a matter of when Alistair is coming back.

But Ethan still had to run to Theresa in the middle of the night to tell her Jared is up to no good. Then he had the nerve to ask her why she couldn't just trust him. I'm glad Theresa stood up to Ethan and told him where to go and how to get there. She's begged him to trust her and believe her and now he's getting a heaping dose of his own medicine. And yes Valerie should be fired for helping Ethan search Jared's computer.

Of course Valerie has to run to Chad and have him jump in the middle of Theresa, Jared, and Ethan's business. I loved Whitney telling Valerie, "Oh, no, bitch. You ain't going anywhere." Fortunately, the cat fight never began and the 3 musketeers rushed off to aid Theresa. While there Miss Russell once again whips out her attitude and tells Ethan if he'd leave Theresa alone for five minutes she could fall in love with Jared. Ethan did not like hearing that. Theresa is supposed to sit idly by and watch him play the happy family with Gwen and Jane and be ready to cheat with him when he's ready. I hope he loses both Gwen and Theresa.

In the end nit Whit decides she can't trust Chad and just has to leave him for a while to sort things out. And with that look that Jared and Chad shared, I have to wonder if there's something going on between them? If so that's kinda gross.

Luis and Fancy bore me. I can not root for a couple that is going to be torn apart when the truth comes out about Chris. There is no way the majority of fans are going to root against Luis and Sheridan when this is the couple that has been a hit from day one. And it was being played so smart, with Luis not wanting to rush into love until he was over Sheridan. Fancy falls down a well, and boom he's in love. Of course they have decided to hold off on the push-push until she graduates, or Chris is found out and Sheridan and Luis reunite; whichever comes first.

I can not tell you how much I love Sheridan. From the intense stares, to the hateful venom she's spewing, to the downright-no-she-didn't outing of Luis and Fancy to the tabloid, Ms. Crane has done her father proud. I loved her flat out telling Gwen that she needs to divorce Ethan because the whole town knows he is in love with Theresa. But it's obvious losing her child has had an awful effect on Sheridan, as she keeps referring to James as Marty.

Not only is she spying on Fancy and Luis and shooting cell phone pictures to send to the tabloids, she has stooped so low as to poison flowers. Of course Sheridan feels awful for hurting Luis, but at least she can admit she still has feelings for him. And her eavesdropping on Fancy's conversation with him and wanting to be in Luis' arms is leading her right down the path of Beth. Next thing we know she'll be drugging Luis and having Fancy spot them.

And did I miss the episode where Pilar became okay with Luis and Fancy? One minute she is telling Luis to cut ties with the Cranes, never mind Theresa is a Crane. The next minute Pilar is going on and on about not seeing Luis smile since he fell for Sheridan. Is she happy about Fancy and Luis or not?

I said it last week and I knew it was true, Charity was an imposter. Little did I know Miguel was too, but it's just as well that he is. I loved the look-alike masks; it was a nice throwback to when Julian hired the Luis imposter with the mask. But fake Charity made a good point that millions of people wonder about; why would a man like Fox want to be with a woman like Kay who obviously doesn't love him? Why not let her go and thank his lucky stars he found out when he did?

Of course Kay is furious with Miguel and he has no clue why. And this will go on for months as to why Kay is furious with Miguel because all she will tell him is, "you know what you did", and etc. How is Charity going to be explained away when both Simone and Kay saw her? And I am having a hard time feeling sorry for Kay after what she did to conceive Maria. This is kind of like payback for her lies and machinations. Kay tells Simone. "After all the lies that I've told in my life, you would think that I would be able to tell when someone's lying to me." Have truer words ever been spoken?

Some Random Thoughts:

Can't Sheridan find some shoes that fit? Those heels she had on when she was spying on Luis and Fancy were two sizes too big!!!

Why couldn't Paloma have been included in the Lo-Fitz breakfast? She has so little interaction with her family she may as well not be a part of it.

Viewer's Voice:

"First I just want to say that I absolutely love Sheridan right now. Her Crane ways are showing themselves, and it's adding a little spice to this bland show. The situation with Kay/Miguel is reminding me of when Alistair and Julian hired someone to impersonate Luis in order to break Shuis up. I wonder how long we have to go with Kay thinking Miguel hooked up with Charity. How long will she be with Fox before she finds out about his schemes. I'm gonna guess....years. I like the thought of Paloma and Noah. I'm not sure how interesting they would be as a couple, but their ensuing attraction is cute. Those are two people I never thought to pair together. Julian trying to force himself on Eve was disgusting. Grace is just as corny as she was before she left. Her threats invoke nothing. Who cares. We got confirmation (although most of us knew) that Valerie is not Chad's mystery lover. I agree with what Brandi said before. If Chad swears on Miles' life that he's not cheating on Whitney with another woman, and his lover really does turn out to be a woman, he's the worst father in the world. So his lover had better be a man. And once again this week the Ethan/Theresa saga was....blah. Nothing happened there that hasn't happened before." Thanks Belinda!!!

"I started watching Passions when it first came on then I started working during the day and didn't see it for years now I am back in school and home during the day so I get to watch it again but nothing in all these years have changed. Please come up with something different I am to the point of turning to another station and watching their soaps." I don't write the show, just my opinion of it. Thanks Sonya!!!

"One major mistake that Passions made was having an actual character for big Al, instead of keeping just the voice and faceless guy. He was nasty and evil. The actual character actors just didn't have the same punch. I agree with a lot of the people who write in. I read the scoops and that is about it. I did watch for a few minutes last week, just to see Tabitha and Endora. I'm so sick of the same old plotlines, and they are the same; all JER does is switch the names. I think we need a new witch, to help Tabitha, and create a few changes on the show. How about a handsome warlock who makes all the women go gaga?" Thanks MJ!!!

"Okay Sheridan is really creeping me out. Not that I didn't love it when she told Gwen that Ethan loves Theresa more and that she should just divorce him and get it over with (that was a nice little birthday present), but the stuff with Luis and Fancy is just plain wrong! I mean taking a picture of the two of them in a very private personal moment is wrong to begin with, but the fact that one of those people is your own niece is downright disgusting!!!!!!!" Thanks Amanda!!!

"I know you said that it can't really be Charity that's back because Tabitha hasn't been destroyed after Charguel did the deed; but remember, this is the show that loves to do rewrites. I'm leaning towards not taking anything from the show's history into consideration anymore." Thanks Galit!!!

"Hi, Brandi! First of all, I just want to say that I love your column and reading your opinions on the show. I have been watching Passions since it began in 1999 and I too am sick and tired of the same old storylines. I have tried to be loyal to the show but I think I am close to my breaking point. Let me just say though that I LOVE the new Sheridan. She has been so good, nice, and BORING for so long that it's good to see a change. I would also like to see a couple be happy for once. I am a Theresa fan and I used to want her to be with Ethan but the T/E/G storyline has been dragged out for so long that I don't even care anymore. I just hope that she has finally given up on him so that she and Jared can have a real chance. And please, recast Fox. Since Justin Hartley left, this character just hasn't been the same." Thanks Monique!!!

"Any good soap needs a villain - looks to me like Sheridan and Julian are about to take on Alistair's evil, controlling ways. If the writing is good, things might actually get interesting in Harmony!" Thanks Michelle!!!

"What IS it with the Loco-Fitzgerald family? They are the most selfish, conceited family on the whole show! All the Loco kids insist on forcing marriage on the 'man/woman they love' (eye roll). Why? Why do they feel the need to rush into marriage? Especially when the person they 'love' is married or engaged to someone else? What ever happened to taking it slow or dating? It's like okay, I love you, give up your life and marry me, and do it today. I'm so tired of seeing them that way, though, Luis and Teresa have calmed down a bit. Now it's Miguel. This family needs to get knocked down a peg or two." Thanks Chavonn!!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season,

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