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Now we know why Fancy has decided to continue being a cop; she wants to be in constant danger, so that Luis can rescue her, much the same way that Luis and Sheridan started out.

Okay, so we know now why Fancy has decided to stay a cop. Its so she can be in constant danger with Luis rescuing her much the same way Luis and Sheridan started out. Am I the only one bored to tears with this story. I understand this is a small cast and the HPD is small, but there are other cops. Why is Fancy always the one that gets put on the dangerous assignments? And if she keeps butting in these assignments after being told to back off, then shouldn't she be reprimanded?

So what exactly makes Fancy think she's a good cop? She and Luis were supposedly on every television and tabloid around for their little tryst, who wouldn't know they are cops? Why is the peeper going after her when he should know as well that she's a cop? Does he want to get caught? No this story was contrived so that Luis can rescue Fancy.

I was thrilled that Sheridan threw that cup of hot chocolate in Fancy's face. I would've loved that to not have been a dream, but something new and fresh in this tired storyline. Sheridan is much more interesting mean than she is nice. I love watching her struggle between good and evil, and ultimately choosing evil. She is becoming her father's daughter.

So Chad is helping Jared buy an engagement ring, and the sales girl mistakes them for a couple. To me it's a sure sign that the two of them are sleeping together. Chad has swore on Miles that he isn't sleeping with another woman. Since he is sleeping with someone, that only leaves a man. Jared supposedly has a big secret, and they don't get bigger than this.

Upon hearing EM brag about Jared being his new daddy, Ethan once again jumps into his "I'm going to run Theresa's life mode" and demands that she does not marry him because HE doesn't think Jared is suitable for her. Of course the only man suitable for Theresa is the one that won't divorce his wife, but will cheat on her at the drop of a hat.

Meanwhile, the wife Ethan won't leave is fretting because her husband is working with JT to unravel the truth about Jared. He has also confessed that he didn't buy the Phyllis story, which means Ethan really believes Gwen outed him. So why is he still with her? If he believes in his heart that Gwen outed him, and he really loves Theresa, what reason does he have to stay with his wife? This is an outdated story that should've ended three years ago, but yet it is still going on.

Kay gets her dress in and is more determined than ever to marry Fox and get away from Miguel. But in her heart, Kay really loves Miguel and not Fox, it's just that pesky business of Miguel cheating on her with Charity. But nevertheless, Kay will become yet another soap opera victim of a loveless marriage.

Some Random Thoughts:

Tune in the next two weeks for my annual Best of and Worst of Columns!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"Passions needs to get new writers because this show does the same thing over and over, just with different cast members! Better yet I wish it would just get thrown off the air because the storylines suck and are just stupid! It is just taking up space for other good shows! The only thing the writers are good at are dragging out the storylines! Don't they see their ratings are in the basement? Duh do something new! And that tabloid truth game is so stupid; it has to go! I mean what is it for? Clues are suppose to solve mysteries! THERE'S NO MYSTERY! And by the way what would Endora's crayons have to do with anything? No wonder Passions is not on Soap Net on TV!" Thanks ReRe!!!

"I would like to concur that I am too very tired of the drawn out scenes...will they ever end. I would have aged 5 years and the storyline is still the same, boring! On another note, I'd like to express how long was the drop down into the mine shaft with Luis and Fancy? It's amazing how they fell at least 15 stories or more and still survived without a scratch and was almost practically able to make love. What a joke. This was a blooper and a half!!" Thanks Kimberly!!!

"I've seen people mentioning that Charity wouldn't have jumped into bed with Miguel, but the most telling thing of all was her willingness to continue a relationship with him even if he married her cousin. Excuse me? How are more people not talking about this? She knows how important family is to him so he should marry Kay, but he & Charity can keep "loving each other"? Gotta be Zombie Charity. I doubt it's a look alike because her dialogue with Fox indicates she at least believes she has a history with Kay & Miguel." Thanks Myla!!!

Question of the week: "Why does someone who lives on the coast of New England plan an outdoor shower/party in December?" Thanks Margaret!!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season,

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