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Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Passions had to offer in 2006.

Best Character:
The best character on this show is Endora. Honestly, she is the main reason I watch. Her antics are adorable, and her determination to be good while trying to please her mother who loves the dark side and all it entails, is enlightening. She brightens every scene she is in, and makes actors three times her age seem like amateurs. I thought no one could take Timmy's place when he passed, but Endora has filled the void. And now that she's actually speaking on the show, along with her thought bubbles, she's going to be twice as fun to watch.

Best Couple:
This is a hard category to vote for. None of the couples that should be together are, and the ones that are together (ex: Chad & Whit) are having problems. I like Paloma and Noah and where that is headed, and I hope Noah and Fancy do not get back together again. I like how the story started out with Paloma's crush on Noah, and the two getting to know each other. I hope this plays out into a beautiful love story. I also loved their kiss, however, I wish it had been a tad bit more private.

Best Triangle:
Sheridan/Luis/Fancy. Luis and Fancy seemed like a great idea on paper, and it was all playing out so nicely with Luis still in love with Sheridan and wanting to take it slow with Fancy. But someone did a fast-forward and the next minute Luis was in love with Fancy and Sheridan was foaming at the mouth. This has become an interesting triangle just to see Sheridan's formation into a Crane. It's also very interesting to watch as Sheridan struggles to walk the line between good and evil, and choose evil over good.

Best Story:
The best story has been watching Theresa move on from Ethan. In Jared she has found a guy that she can move on with fall in love with. On paper Jared is perfect, except Ethan knows that Jared is not perfect and Theresa refuses to listen. It will come back to bite her, but Theresa trying to move on after Ethan has told her half a million times he is not divorcing Gwen was refreshing to see. And Theresa pointing out that Ethan wants her to believe him based on trust when he wouldn't give her the same benefit was awesome. I hope she keeps her backbone and keeps away from Ethan.

Best Actor:
The best actor this past year has been Rodney Van Johnson (TC Russell). TC had a stroke and Rodney looked and acted like someone that had been handicapped by a stroke. From the mannerisms to slurred speech, Rodney put on a first class performance and actually made us root for TC and Eve to get back together again. Now if we could just see more of him.

Best Actress:
The best actress this past year has been Juliet Mills (Tabitha Lenox). In all fairness, Juliet has Nicole Cox (Endora) to play off of, and she lights up every scene she is in. But from everything from fighting Julian for custody of Endora, to assisting Kay in getting rid of a mermaid, to spying on the denizens of Harmony in her bowl Juliet does it with a smile on her face. It is a mystery why so little airtime is given to her.

Best Moment 2006:
The best moment of 2006 was recently when Ivy got busted. After years of scheming to make Sam hers, Ivy got her wish when amnesiac Grace reunited with long lost "husband" David. Off Grace went to start a life with David, and Ivy settled nicely into a life with Sam. Then all of a sudden Kay realized the truth needed to be told and Ivy got her comeuppance. Now if Grace would only get home, the real face off can begin.

Have a safe, blessed, and Happy New Year,

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