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Why did Dusty shoot Craig right in front of Lucy as a witness? Maybe he thought that she would not testify against him because she didn't testify against her father, but has he ever heard of blood being thicker than water?

In just one week Craig has been shot and is expected to fully recover, we have a new Adam Munson to get used to and angry Katie is so close to the truth regarding Simon and Carly's misdeeds. I was asking myself if I was truly enjoying these stories as much as I should be; I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed by some of these happenings.

Dusty Shoots Craig
How stupid was it of Dusty to shoot Craig knowing that if he was successful in killing him then he'd go to jail leaving Johnny; if not successful, he would lose Johnny in a custody fight while he was in jail - this was not really thought out well by the writers. Why did Dusty shoot Craig right in front of Lucy as a witness? Maybe he thought that she would not testify against him like she didn't against her father, has he ever heard of 'blood being thicker than water'? I am so tired of this Craig story because this guy acts like he is some supreme being and he can get way with whatever he sets out to do. He was very surprised to find out that his plan about the blanks failed when he felt the real lead from the bullet enter his body.

Paul Ryan has been busy undoing Craig's plans. Paul is definitely holding Craig responsible about what he did to Roseanna. Paul showed his Stenbeck genes by trying to kill Craig again by trying to smother him when he found out that he was still alive. I don't know how he will be able to keep Meg close if she gets wind of this information. He still has Emily in his corner and it's obvious that she still wants him. I find her to be just a pitiful character of late by continually chasing after a man that has moved on.

Adam Munson Changes his Face Again
We just got used to the first recast and now we have to start all over with another new Adam Munson. Well the announcement was made that there was a new actor was in place and the story just picked up right where they left off. Adam consoles Gwen about her mother issues, argues then sleeps with Jade - what an introduction. This guy does have chemistry with both Gwen and Jade. First impression, I think this guy is as good as the last guy but is not playing the role as darkly as the other guy.

I certainly hope that Gwen does not have feelings for Adam because as soon as she saw Adam with Jade she found Will and wanted to make love - bad sign.

Poor Gwen as she is getting her life back then her mother, Iris returns which can only mean trouble. I don't care what Iris tells Gwen she will always be about scheming to get something. Iris is such a fun character that she is so enjoyable to watch as she shakes things up in Oakdale this time around; she reminds me of Opal Gardner from All My Children years ago.

Katie Has Revenge on Her Heart
Her heart may have been broken and she is going to making sure that Simon and Carly pay for her pain. Honestly speaking, her pain is self-inflicted. She did not have to sleep with Simon let alone write about it in explicit detail in her book. She is very serious on getting Simon and Carly in trouble with the law as she thinks he stole those jewels - well, she is correct in her assumption.

Carly is being such a gullible character by getting involved with this mess with Simon and being on probation. Jack will do anything in his power to protect her by but with Katie being so vocal about her claims then Jack may not be able to help her. Carly has never been this type of character that comes off as being weak as she is usually the one pulling the strings. I am not enjoying watching her act like this over a man.

Lily and her Image Issues
I guess this is a post pregnancy issue but what is Holden up to? I thought after the last time they would both be more honest and forthright with each other. Jade should just stay out of it as she is just trouble with a capital 'T'.

I am so happy she has a mother like Lucinda who just tells it to her straight. Lucinda Walsh is such a breath of fresh air whenever she shows up and thank goodness she is being given more screen time these days - unfortunately we can't see any of the other veterans hardly at all lately.

Here are some thoughts from some readers:

Frankie says, "Well, I must say that I am so over Lucy. She refuses to testify against her father because he might hurt Dusty, but when Dusty shoots her father she doesn't hesitate to turn him in to the cops. What is with her anyway? She whines and whimpers through every scene (it's almost as annoying as when Emily used to moan and groan) - but Lucy can't even manage to pull up one real honest to goodness teardrop. She needs to be gone."

Mary says, "I'm not enjoying ATWT these days....same old storylines, told day after day after day....the new Craig is fine but not the story....been there before numerous times....give Jade something to do besides stalking Will. .I'm reading the daily updates rather than watching....takes up less time to read the same old, same old."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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