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Megan McTavish is gone (again) but Brian Frons and Julie Carruthers remain. I have great hope the writing will vastly improve but also have my doubts because the powers behind McTavish are still around. I've received so much mail about this firing from so many folks hoping upon hope that AMC can recover from the past year or so. Where does AMC go from here?

Megan McTavish is gone (again) but Brian Frons and Julie Carruthers remain. I have great hope the writing will vastly improve but also have my doubts because the powers behind McTavish are still around. I've received so much mail about this firing from so many folks hoping upon hope that AMC can recover from the past year or so. Where does AMC go from here? Well, back in my October 23, 2006 column (check out the Two Scoops archives on this site as they go back over several years) I had a solution that was extremely well received which took everyone back to the night of the Mardi Gras ball after the explosion. Again we would have the capability to undo the Madden murder and clear Tad of all wrongdoing, take away Erica's infidelity with Jeff, Trevor's death, etc. I suppose Simone would die in the explosion in the arms of her love, Ethan, since Simone is long gone. Erin could still be alive. I don't know about getting David back because Vincent is doing very well at Y&R as his contract has been extended and of course, I'm not surprised by this, but Dixie could return in much the way I described in that column. Frons and Carruthers need to swallow their pride, apologize to Cady McClain, beg her to come back to AMC and move forward. I am still receiving many thoughts on Dixie's demise and lack of respect for that character. Because of this death there are many tuning out! This could be turned around if Frons and Carruthers can admit the mistakes. Another mistake is letting Julia Barr leave, so they should bring Brooke back which could easily be done in my "roll back of time" plot.

This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Deanna who writes: "I've watched this soap since Erica was a teenager. Sometimes it may be months in between viewing but I could always count on knowing who was who for the most part. I remember missing work when Dixie finally found Tad years ago. I remember laughing and watching Palmer and Opal. I even enjoy some of the new people on the show but some of this is so far out of line these days and my intelligence has been called into question that I am finally saying enough. There are too many other quality shows on that are more compelling and believable that I am leaving AMC. When the day comes that this show is cancelled, and it will come, I will feel for those who truly entertained but I am sure that the quality shows that will remain will snatch them up. Shame on those writing for not educating themselves on what the fans really wanted." Deanna is so right about the fans desires not getting any exposure.


Well now that Alex Cambias has been caught, all of PV can consider themselves safe, at least for the time being. The Slayer plot and everything about it has been hokey even the finale. We have Zach being shot, bleeding profusely, able to struggle and fight and overtake Alex, Tad telling Zach not to kill Alex or Zach will regret it the rest of his days. During all this Kendall is screaming for Zach, but doing nothing to help herself and Ryan shows up to take care of Kendall who promptly apologizes for her behavior about Spike and offers to let Ryan see Spike anytime. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Maureen who writes: "Whatever happened to LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON!!! All I watch is killings, murders, lying, punching, etc!!! I can't remember the last time I laughed along with the characters. Tad was good for that! There is way too much violence on AMC now. I am not even slightly excited or anxious to watch the show to see what happened!! That was one of my favorite things!! Now I just shake my head thinking it might wake me and find I wasn't even watching AMC but some nighttime soap!! I hope the writers really change the way they are going. I don't think I have ever heard soooo many bad things said about the show before!!! And let me finish with "dead Alex" is the satin slayer!!! I thought he liked Ryan. Why kill Ryan's only sister???? I am an extremely disappointed loyal fan!!!!" It wasn't logical for Alex to kill Erin, who also was barely mourned.

Babe is SAFE so logically speaking she should be going home, celebrating her life, but no she must consider Josh's offer of her staying dead, kidnapping Little Adam and running away with him. Krystal also wants to consider this offer. And let's bring Little Adam in on the lie by asking him to stay mute around his father about Babe being alive. What everyone should do is wonder what's up with Josh's complete obsession with Babe. Why doesn't he move on with his life without Babe? I'm sorry but Babe and Krystal are still the worst characters to show up in PV lately. Babe already stole Bianca's child and ran off with Jamie while all along making everyone believe the child was JR's baby --- all with the help and support of Krystal. Then when the jig was up the apologizing began and immediately Babe and Krystal were all love and truth. I know JR tried to kill Babe, I know JR has addiction problems, but he does not deserve to have his child stolen from him. I'm glad Erica told him Babe is alive. Unfortunately, JR will probably just go to Babe and tell her how sorry he is for all his past sins, ask her to come back to him and they can all start over. When will the Chandler men wise up? Adam and JR need to get the Carey woman out of the mansion and send them packing. I understand FEMA trailers will be available and on the market soon, so they could have their choice of new digs. Pod Adam needs to return to the Adam of old, find out Krystal was unfaithful and is carrying Tad's child and wreak havoc on all involved.

Marry Me Please!

Ryan proposes to Annie and I just don't want to go there. These two aren't even dating. I know they slept together, but they barely know each other. Ryan wants what Kendall and Zach have, well my friend, it takes time to have love, trust and a relationship. Why is this proposal happening so quickly? Of course, I'm surprised Annie is not jumping on this proposal, as she certainly seems smitten with Ryan. Granted I know a lot of women that would be smitten with him. Let's give Ryan and Annie a chance and some better lines.

I wonder if Julia will be marrying Tad. I say this because she continually discounts her relationship with that hunk Jamie. I mean I like Tad and all but why would he come between his own son's relationship? Jamie appears devoted to Julia. I find it rather odd that Kathy a.k.a Kate is calling Tad "Daddy" considering she knew her real father and he's not been dead that long. This whole storyline seems very forced to me.

Kendall is pregnant and happy! At least we won't have a "who's the daddy" question and we can hope this will be one of those happily ever after pregnancies and couples! I wish AMC wouldn't let everyone get pregnant at the drop of a hat as Krystal was pregnant by Tad after a one-night stand and Kendall and Zach had sex once without protection. It would be nice if AMC could focus on a couple wanting to conceive but not easily able to. Greenlee's attempt really doesn't count since Ryan wasn't even involved at the time. Rumor has it that Greenlee is being recast and will reappear in PV before long, but with the writer shake up, who knows. I don't much want Greenlee to come back as it's probably a plot ploy to cause issues with Ryan and Annie. I believe Kendall has already caused them enough issues, but she appears to be over it now and is moving on with her own life.

The ratings for the final week of February sweeps weren't very kind to AMC as the whole satin slayer is Alex Cambias was definitely lacking. I sure enjoyed seeing Myrtle this week, if we had more exposure to the veterans I bet those ratings would rebound. Thanks for the emails as always I enjoy them all & I'll see you back here in two weeks!!


Mary Page
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