Katie loses Henry

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Katie loses Henry
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Katie was indeed visibly jealous when she found out about Henry's relationship with Vienna. Vienna was all over him, and Katie could not handle seeing him with a woman of his own.

Oakdale is quite a busy place these days with all the stories moving at a steady pace: Dusty is right on Emily's trail as she ties to hide her secret life, Katie loses her friendship with Henry while starting a new one with Jack and Jade is up to no-good - I just know it.

Dusty and Emily
I like the way that this story is moving slowly with Dusty starting to really care about Emily. As always, Emily has her own agenda with being a prostitute. Just to think that last year this time, Dusty hated her guts for holding him hostage. It's amazing how things can change. I see the potential for these two as a couple. He has moved on from Lucy who was not the right person after Jennifer and Emily has at least one quality that he likes - she is a woman in trouble and he is the man to come to her rescue.

You would think after Emily's beating last week that she would be rethinking this part-time job. Emily is a woman who never stops as she continues this new life. I have always liked Emily no matter what she has done - she is just very needy and you sort of root for her to find some kind of happiness.

Susan mentioned Allison this week so I guess she will be coming back soon without Aaron. I wonder what kind of trouble she will be making this time around. Remember before she left that Will had a major crush on her before he fell for Gwen.

Katie and Henry and Jack
Katie just seems to lose men who are close to her; she has now lost Henry to Vienna. Katie was indeed visibly jealous when she found out about Henry's relationship with Vienna. Vienna was all over him and Katie could not handle seeing the man that she uses whenever she can now having a woman of his own. I enjoyed watching Katie be uncomfortable as Henry deserves to have love in his life as well. It is a little quick after one night in the limo but Vienna and Katie both reaffirmed the fact that he was a good lover. It does appear Henry's attraction to Vienna is strictly all about the money that is now in his control. Watching him with money is going to be fun to see.

Katie does not waste any time as she is starting to cozy up to Jack and the kids. Not only has Katie won over Parker and JJ, she is making Jack miss Carly less. I think that this will get very good when Carly comes back to town after Maura West returns from maternity leave.

How long will it be before Brad sees Katie differently now that Vienna has moved on? Brad is a loose cannon and the dislike that he and Katie show each other will wear off soon.

Jade and Gwen and Maddie
I know that Jade is up to something no good as she is constantly in Margo's face giving her information about Gwen's behavior of late. There was a very interesting comment made by Holden this week as he spoke to Meg: he said that Jade is a member of the family and that she has been very scarce lately. This was the proof to me that Jade somehow knows where Adam is and she is helping him gaslight Gwen.

Maddie also has some explaining to do to Casey as he knows that she has been up to something also with her trip to the morgue. It does look like Margo is starting to put the pieces of this puzzle together. It won't be long before this is over and for me, not soon enough.

Lily and Holden and their kids
Lily is on a downward spiral by still taking those diet pills. What was the large glass of wine for before she left for her meeting? Is she using alcohol in addition to the pills - bad combination? She needs to concentrate on her daughter who has serious issues by taking laxatives and her body images problems are getting out of hand. I hope the fact that Parker likes Faith will help her in some way.

These two ladies that Lily is doing business with are not quite right. Why is it that they don't want to be seen in any of the advertisements for their product? Why did they all of a sudden replace a toy that they did not know had been destroyed? I thought for a moment that they need to know where Ethan is at all times. They are too cheerful and complimentary of Lily all the time. I do not trust these women and there is something strange going on with them.

Luke and Holden's talk this week was great as things seem to be moving towards Luke getting a boyfriend. I wonder who would it be - will it be someone from school or could it be new Dallas: just a thought.

Here are the thoughts from some viewers:

Anne-Marie said, "I'm not surprised that Emily became a hooker; I'm just surprise that men would give her that much money! I still don't believe it. I think that ATWT is now all doom and gloom, they are destroying every character one after another and not one story is interesting, so I've decided to quit watching, but I'll read your column!"

Linda said, "The character of Brad Snyder is such a JOKE. Nobody with an ounce of brains should be able to watch him make a mockery of everyone...Jack, Katie, Kim, etc. He gives me the creeps every time I see him on screen. There are too many "boys" like him in the world. He needs to grow up and become a REAL man. The lying of Maddie and Gwen is deplorable. Gwen is supposed to be a savvy girl; instead she's acting like a scared little rabbit, afraid of her own shadow -very bad storyline."

Sharon said, "I have stopped watching as much as I used to. The plot with Maddie and Gwen is really getting on my nerves so when will this be over. I can barely understand what Vienna is saying. I am starting to like the new Craig with Meg then I find out that he is leaving. I don't know why the show is recasting so much lately: the new crop of kids, new Dallas and now another new Craig. I wish they would just recast the writers and give us some real drama."

Finally, right as we get used to new Craig then word comes that he is being replaced by the original actor, Scott Bryce. Craig has changed a lot since Scott played the role so I have to wonder how the writers will change things as that Craig had different types of relationships with certain characters. I can see a real change in the character - hopefully for the better.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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