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The other week, I posed a question about David's tenuous safety over on the message boards. With everyone hating him, surely All My Children could have a great murder mystery on its hands if -- and I do say if -- David Hayward were to be bumped off.

The other week, I posed a question about David's tenuous safety over on the message boards. With everyone hating him, surely All My Children could have a great murder mystery on its hands if -- and I do say if -- David Hayward were to be bumped off. Would AMC bring back Vincent Irizarry only to kill him off? A lot of viewers don't seem to think so, and, if I am being honest, I don't either. Of course, they did kill of Mystery Di and Josh for no reason. Let's face it, though. Everyone hates David and a few people have at least one good reason to want to see him snuffed out. So why not feature a "Who Shot JR?" kind of storyline? That way I get my mystery storyline, Irizarry fans don't have to say goodbye to their favorite actor, and everyone is happy.

What on earth is going on with Bianca and Reese? AMC's writing team crafted too-hot-for-daytime make-out scenes between the two lovers -- and now it appears that Reese is going to decide that she likes men again. Let's rewind it a little bit. Eden Riegel (Bianca) has opted not to extend her short-term contract with All My Children and the actress will end another of her drive-by visits to Pine Valley. Tamara Braun (Reese) isn't leaving when Riegel hits the road. This can only mean that poor Bianca will again have her heart broken. Can't this poor girl get one normal relationship? Her first love interest (Sarah) left her for a man. Her second love interest (Rain) wasn't good enough in Erica's eyes and was paid to leave town. Her third potential love interest (Frankie) was murdered, but then came back in the form of a questioning look-alike (Maggie). That relationship didn't work and then Bianca became interested in a transgender rock star (Zoe/Zarf), who ended up being more interesting in flitting about the globe than being a partner. Now, Bianca is preparing to marry Reese, who is stuck on the fact that she flashed her goodies to the sperm donor of her child with Bianca. It looks like we'll be back at the airport in a few weeks to see Bianca fly away to Paris yet again.

Interestingly, there is a casting call out right now for actress that share similar physical characteristics as Riegel. Would All My Children recast Bianca?

Kendall came out of her coma just as her sister and best friend were gathered by her bedside telling her how much they needed her. Some viewers commented that Kendall seemed very un-Kendall-like when she finally woke up. She's been unconscious for three months and received a new heart -- she needs time to work up enough energy to be sassy! That being said, is it wise to tell someone in that condition that she received a heart transplant, her half-brother died and donated that heart, and her sister got pregnant by her husband?! That was all in the first 30 minutes of Kendall regaining consciousness. Whoo! That's enough to make me want to go back to sleep. Spoilers say that a new Kendall is going to emerge in the weeks ahead. I really hope that the writers don't attribute a new conniving Kendall to her receiving the heart of her naughty brother. You don't suddenly take on the characteristics of the person who donated an organ to you. Unless, of course, you're talking about a horror film.

The Tad and Krystal saga is becoming more fascinating to me. I like seeing a Tad that isn't jokey the jokester all the time. Don't get me wrong, though. I do like a goofy Tad, too. His strong stance against Krystal has me really rooting for him and, I suppose, loving that Krystal is finally getting hers. What Krystal needs to do is to dust herself off and admit that she screwed up. If she wants to sleep with the enemy, why not just become an enemy herself? Enough of the boo-hooing and the "please let me see Jenny" crap. Krystal, you need to become the female David. Has Pine Valley ever had a truly evil couple? Think of it -- two times the trouble. Tad has to be careful, though, even if Krystal doesn't go bad. He's running the risk of becoming a big time hypocrite. In his time of grief and hurt, didn't he bury a man alive in a coffin? Plus, he has Dr. Sinclair doing research on him. That can't be good.

What a difference a role can make. I am really enjoying McKenzie Westmore's performance as the ethically challenged Dr. Riley Sinclair. As Sheridan Crane on Passions, Westmore often had to play along with the damsel in distress that was her character. And, of course, Passions was usually very over-the-top. For me, this is a totally different experience. You can debate whether or not the hospital storyline is realistic or not. After all, patients seem to get spontaneous manicures while locked up. Still, there when done in moderation, it's fascinating to watch and try to figure out exactly what Dr. Sinclair is up to. She has it in for Annie -- but why? Is Riley related to Richie? Was she his lover? Is she a witch? Oh wait, that's a whole other soap completely. In the meantime, maybe Bianca can pay her a visit and have the doctor tell her why she is always attracted to women with baggage!


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