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Weddings as a plot device
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Katie and Brad are trying to have a baby. Poor Katie, she's wanted kids for years now, but she just can't seem to keep a husband around long enough to fertilize her stubborn eggs.

Meg Snyder is the Elizabeth Taylor of Oakdale, when it comes to marriage. Or at least she's on her way to challenging Katie for the title. Seriously, has a woman on this show ever been so desired so vehemently by so many men as Meg Snyder?

I don't get it. It's not like Meg is an independent woman with a career and goals. Sure, she looks great in a wrap dress, but come on people. She's transitioned into a wishy-washy shell of herself, who can't seem to live more than a few months without a wedding ring on her finger. Yes, we can all agree that she's gorgeous and from an upstanding family. But since Meg came back to town, she lost her nursing license, and from what I can tell, doesn't really have a job or any career aspirations, other than to be the trophy wife of whichever millionaire happens to be obsessing over her each year.

She's been married to Craig, to Paul, and now to Dusty (or so we thought.) First we watched Craig obsess over her. (Thank goodness this version of Craig seems to have moved on.) Now, Paul is the one who can't seem to get enough of Meg. And I'm betting that Dusty is next in line to buy the "I heart Meg" t-shirt. However, this is one potential romance, I'm actually buying.

Frankly, I've always loved Meg and Dusty together. (If you're a longtime Two Scoops reader, you'll remember I was lobbying for them years ago.) When Meg came back to town, I thought she and Dusty had off-the-charts chemistry and were one of the most interesting couples on the canvas. But the writers went in a different direction. (Sigh...Hello Paul.) Before we knew it, she got clingy, Dusty began verbally insulting her and treating her like a hooker, just before he ditched her entirely and pursued a romance with Jennifer. Maybe this time around, Dusty will show her some respect.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: It irks me the way ATWT treats marriage. The show seems to use it as a plot device over and over again, when they need to punch up storyline. It doesn't work! If the show wants big ratings, then give us a long-suffering couple to root for with the final payoff of a big wedding. (It worked for Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope, Eden and Cruz, etc.) Marriage isn't some Band-aid you can slap on a story that isn't working, hoping it will take an interesting turn. Making a mockery of the union just irritates viewers, especially me. Marriage seems to be the go-to plot that the writers recycle every few months, and frankly, I'm sick of it.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on Meg. We've seen these quickie weddings with other members of the Snyder clan; Jack especially seems to favor them (hello Katie and Janet!) And we can't forget Brad, who rushed into his marriage to Katie, who has had plenty of quickie weddings herself. (Mike, Jack, Henry, Simon, Brad!) See my point?

Please, writers, I'm begging. Stop all this wedding nonsense. The next time a couple marches down the aisle, let it be someone who we've watched slowly fall in love and survived all the soap opera trials a couple can endure, before giving us a big payoff. If the couple happens to be Meg and Dusty, all the better.

--I think Craig has the title for Henry's next book. I couldn't help but chuckle when he referred to Holden and Jack as "The Farmer and the Flatfoot."

--Call me crazy, but I'm firmly for Team Craig in this whole Johnny custody mess. Craig deserves a chance to be a father to his son. I'm hoping this time, though, that we'll see Craig be successful and not screw it up. Plus, Craig's drunken scenes when Carly dumped him at the altar were mesmerizing. Please, writers, make this version of Craig more than a louse. I don't think anyone wants to see Jon Lindstrom's Craig become a one-note villain.

--Speaking of mesmerizing scenes, did anyone else get weepy when Dusty was at Jennifer's grave? Wow, that scene killed me. It was perfectly written and acted, and it reminded me of why Dusty has been so crazed in his efforts to keep Johnny from Craig. He promised his dead wife. It also helped remind me why I disliked Jennifer so much: she started this whole ridiculous custody battle.

--Maybe Jack can get a job as Craig's personal shopper to supplement his salary. Apparently, you can earn $200 just for running to the store and getting some toys.

--I couldn't help but chuckle that Craig thought Carly would be a good choice for a wife in the eyes of the court. Um, Craig, Carly abandoned her kids to run off with a jewel thief after she helped plot a crime to steal the baubles.

--Katie and Brad are trying to have a baby. Poor Katie, she's wanted kids for years now, but she just can't seem to keep a husband around long enough to fertilize her stubborn eggs.

--Note to Carly: If you want your business to be a success, it might be a good idea to open it occasionally. Is it just me or is the place always closed?

--It's just sad when Craig's best friend in town is Parker. Craig needs to find some adult men who can stand to be around him and at least share a beer.

--It's refreshing to see a couple on daytime struggling financially, especially in these tough economic times. Kudos to the Jack and Janet finances plot. I'm sure there are plenty of parents in America having to tell their kids "no" to concert tickets or whatever the kids are wanting money for. Jack lives on a cop's salary and has child and spousal support to pay, so I'm sure things are tight.

--Speaking of concerts, someone on the writing staff must be a fan of heavy metal. I love it. First, Ali scored tickets to AC/DC, and now Parker landed Metallica tickets. I can't believe the young crowd is into bands I listened to 20 years ago. Even more unbelievable, the fact that the bands are still touring!

--It's too bad that Henry's book has a better story for him than the actual show does. If his storyline were half as interesting as what is in that book, then audiences would be applauding.

--The sane voice of the week award goes to Holden Snyder, who frankly told Carly that "marriage shouldn't be a favor." Thank you, Holden!

--I can't believe I'm cheering on Josie, but I was when she took Meg to task for letting Dusty tell Paul that Meg had married again. That was so disrespectful of Meg to treat her husband that way. No wonder poor Paul is psycho.

--I'm loving that Jade is going to work for Emily "the meat grinder" Stewart. But I'm sure Emily won't be happy when or if Jade lands Casey. And kudos to Jade for telling clueless Emily that she had caller ID. I was baffled when Emily started screaming that she didn't have the caller's number.

--When did Dusty become the King of the World? He's dictating to Paul that he can't see Meg or Eliza without permission. He's telling Craig he'll kill him if he takes Johnny. He threatened Carly and Katie. My apology to Dusty lovers, but this guy I used to love has turned into a bully who uses verbal abuse and physical violence to get what he wants. Writers, please soften him up a little. It's hard to like a bully.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Jade and Luke look for her a job online, mindful that she has no skills and an arrest record.)
Luke: "Here's one - publisher's assistant."
Jade: "Right, right...there's nothing for a nuclear physicist on there?"

(Casey sees Jade at Emily's office, and Jade tells him she's looking for a job.)
Casey: "Try the psych ward. There's a lot more sane people."

(Cop Margo shows up at Craig's wedding.)
Craig: "Margo, you look beautiful. I'm so glad you didn't wear your uniform."
Margo: "I've got my cuffs in my purse, just in case."
Craig: "Let's make sure they stay there."

(Dusty tells Meg he saw Emma in the bar, but she wouldn't speak to him.)
Meg: "At least she didn't take a shot at you."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Sue.)
Paul Ryan seems to be getting the short end of the stick here in your columns of late. Paul is obviously unstable and is need of medical intervention and people who truly care for him. So in my opinion, he needs to forget about Meg and just deal with his issues at hand. Also, he has only tried to kill Craig and Dusty, I mean come on; those two are enough to drive anyone around the bend.

Dear Sue, you make a good point. I've wanted to kill Craig and Dusty a few times myself! As for Paul, he has got the short end in my columns, but I'm trying to point out to the writer's how ridiculous they've made this character. They need to do something to redeem him and stop making him a laughing joke.---- Jennifer Biller

(From Two Scoops reader Teresa.)
Despite Craig's misdeeds, he's always been one of my favorite characters, especially when he was portrayed by Hunt Block. But wonder of wonders, they got it RIGHT this time with the new casting. Love him as Craig! What is up with the writers of this show? I have always liked Dusty's character and, before he left, the romance between him and Emily was great. Since he's been back, he gives Paul a run for his money on being obnoxious. He uses women like a discarded Kleenex and his holier-than-thou-attitude has run its course with me. As excited as I was about his return, now I would not be upset at all if he left again. Writers, please give Paul a life! Roger (Howarth) is a great actor and how they have used his talent is disgusting. Please give him a life without Meg. That's another character that would not be missed by me. For me this show has gone from "must see" to "no big deal if I miss it". Craig is the only reason I'm watching regularly again!

Dear Teresa, Hunt was my favorite Craig, too, but I also love Jon's portrayal. As for Dusty, I'm afraid to write anything bad about him, as he'll probably threaten to kill me and give me that menacing stare. ----Jennifer Biller

(From Two Scoops reader Laurie.)
You are right on the money with your scoop from Jan 12th week! I've never ever posted in here but have read the columns for years. Today I had to email for the first time because I LOVE the new Craig! I was so sad when (Hunt) Block wasn't coming back because he was my absolute favorite Craig, but (Jon) Lindstrom is awesome. He makes me laugh out loud especially when he was talking to Lily last week about Holden. He's just such a smarta-- it is hilarious! Also I LOVE Vienna and Henry and Brad and Katie. ATWT is rocking now!

Dear Laurie, thanks for venturing out to write an e-mail. I think the show for the most part is rocking now, too. If they could just figure out how to incorporate the older actors more, fix Paul Ryan, and get Henry on the front burner, it would be perfection. ----Jennifer Biller

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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