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Henry might be the only guy in Oakdale who isn't interested in being a daddy. At least he's honest about his feelings; he's not ready for that level of responsibility. He's barely on board for a dog!

Hi, ATWT fans. I'm filling in for Reggie this week, which is a real treat for me because I get to share with you some of my thoughts about last week's actions in Oakdale. For starters, let me say that the show seems to be in a really good place right now. I like the balance between the on location shooting - Paul with Eliza on the street, outdoor conversations - and the studio scenes. P&G should be doing this with Guiding Light, but that's another Two Scoops, so I'll stick with ATWT.

The men on this show are obsessed with children (except Henry, thank goodness - but more on him and Vienna later)! If you had any doubt about Paul Ryan being crazy as a loon, abducting Eliza is proof that he's out of touch with reality. The problem with Paul for me is this: I like him. I know he's crazy, but I still find myself rooting for him. I don't approve of him taking the baby from Meg, but she really should have guessed that if she told him that he couldn't see his child and that their marriage was really over, he would blow a gasket. She has to know that because she knows Paul better than anyone. Once you've been married to someone, you kind of have a fix on what they're liable to do in any given situation. Imagine last week if she had simply followed Dusty's suggestion by letting her attorney speak with Paul? Or she could have sent Holden.

That said, Paul was still way out of line to take Eliza and dragging Josie into it was just nuts. She's really up to her neck and it's not fair. But Paul isn't thinking rationally. If he was in his right mind, he would have never have let Eliza in the car and she wouldn't have been snatched. Now, I have to believe that Eliza is going to be found and she's not going to be harmed, but forget about Paul ever making up with Meg after this. It's done - finito.

Another thing about this fixation with children - can Dusty get a life? Seriously, he has no business getting involved with finding Eliza. I was thrilled when Holden called him out on his involvement and reminded him how unsuccessful he'd been tracking down Johnny. Holden might have been mean to say it, but the truth is the truth - thanks to Dusty, Craig has Johnny and Lucy is out of his life.

Speaking of Johnny, isn't it refreshing that they're showing how difficult it is for him to bond with Craig? Instead of just assuming that Johnny will be happy to be with this strange man who's his father, the writers are letting it play more naturally. Carly has been more adept at making Johnny feel comfortable and that's building this thing between Craig and Carly. She's fighting it, but I like them together. Of course, Craig is not to be trusted. But what about Carly? She's been known to push the envelope, hasn't she? Maybe they really are two peas in a pod.

The pea in the pod is not happening for Katie and Brad, however, if you get my drift. It's wonderful that they're so in love and they have these beautiful ideas about what kind of parents they'll be to a baby, but Katie's health is in jeopardy. If she risks her life to try to get preggers with Brad's baby, I'm going to want to smack her. She's got a lot of time to try to conceive; it doesn't have to be now when she's still getting over the bone marrow transplant.

On the flip side - and I love the flip side - Vienna and Henry. You can call them comic relief if you like. I call them a guilty pleasure. I enjoy watching them just talking, you know, they're just fun. I think Henry is the only guy in Oakdale not interested in being a daddy. At least he's honest about his feelings; he's not ready for that level of responsibility. He's barely on board with the dog! (By the way, I feed my dog people food and she's much happier than if I forced her to eat Alpo - so keep taking those table scraps, Vienna. You go, girl!) Do you think Vienna found the catalog of sperm donors at the gift shop magazine stand? She sure got it fast! I'm glad they worked things out, but I'm betting that a baby is in their future, no matter how much Henry protests. Those little swimmers will find a way.

Well, it should be an action packed week to come. If you'd like to email me with your thoughts, feel free. Also, check out my new daily blog - Lathered Up. I go on and on every day about everything going on in soaps, the good, the bad and how the worlds turns, too!


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