It's a huge mistake to try to kill Adam Chandler

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It's a huge mistake to try to kill Adam Chandler
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It pains me to say this, but Annie Lavery has to go. For me, the pendulum has swung back into the 'dislike' direction and I just can't bear to see any more of Annie's cuckooness.

It pains me to say this, but Annie Lavery has to go. For me, the pendulum has swung back into the "dislike" direction and I just can't bear to see any more of Annie's cuckooness. Let's review. When Annie debuted she bored me to tears. I didn't care that she had been involved with a bad man. Then, Annie went nuts, killed her brother, and talked to dead people -- well just a single "people." That was a lot of fun. Now, the craziness has overstayed its welcome and I am kind of wishing that Annie had stayed in the Maldives. There cannot possibly be a way to redeem the character now. She has done too many bad things and I wouldn't buy into any get out of jail free at this point.

There is a lot of talk about how newcomers should not be immediately thrust into major storylines. I'm not sure that theory holds true for Marissa. I've been pleasantly surprised by newbie Brittany Allen. I thought that Brittany's reaction to Marissa finding out that she was David and Krystal's daughter was very, very well acted. I have to say, though, that the reveal was a bit contrived. The secret could have gone on for a little while longer. So Marissa and Babe shared the same birthday? Krystal could have lied and said that she met Marissa's mother in the hospital because they were pregnant at the same time. Of course, then the writers would have run the risk of being accused of dragging the storyline out for too long. Sometimes, ya just can't win. Anyway, rewinding a bit. Marissa's reaction rang true for me. "Tell me why I was the one you gave up," Marissa sobbed uncontrollably. "Was I the collicky baby? Did I cry too much or were my eyes the wrong color?" Then Krystal dropped the bombshell that she didn't give Marissa away -- she sold her. Meanwhile, Adam was dropping one of his own. That led to one of the most memorable scenes in a long, long time. At Wildwind, David pulled Krystal close to thank her for being there for him. "My loyal loving wife. The mother of my children. That's right Krystal. I know." I squealed and may have even clapped. That was a wonderfully written scene... worded to well. The music was perfect. The camera angles were spot-on. Seeing Krystal's eyes open when David said "children" was magnificent. Oooh, that's the drama that I love!

But I can't help me have picked up on something that David said. He remarked that Marissa wasn't like Babe because Marissa was more like him than Krystal. If that's really true, could Marissa have picked up David's duplicitous gene? What if Marissa knew all the time that she had been adopted... and she's out for revenge?

In a quick follow-up to last week's column, there's good news for JR Martinez fans. According to the actor, he just recently taped his scenes for the show's opening credits. It doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Plus, there is now talk that Brot will soon be paired up with a brand new lady.

This week, Liza gets roped into Amanda's pregnancy. For reasons that will be explained as the story unfolds, Liza will pretend to be pregnant - so that she can pass Amanda's baby off as her own. This sounds like trouble just waiting to happen.

Nurse Gayle sure did get plenty of airtime in the past week. She just looks a little shifty to me. She's up to something, but then again she's been up to something for about as long as we've seen the character on-screen. I smiled as Gayle and Erica went toe-to-toe early in the week. Silly Gayle, no one can hold court with the queen! Gayle is no Brooke English, but it was nice to see Erica have a female rival - even if it was just for a few quick minutes. So what do we have to do to get All My Children to bring back the fabulous Julia Barr as Brooke? Note to ABC: Admit that it was a mistake to let Julia Barr go and extend an olive branch. If you don't want to admit that you were wrong, send a donation to her charity, The Fund For Animals, and see what happens next.

The stage was set all week for the murder of Adam Chandler. How many people threatened to kill him in the past seven days? As one reader pointed out to me, it's never a good sign when a character starts talking about their Last Will and Testament.

As good as the Friday episode was, there were still a few things that I found a bit odd. First, why would Kendall and Zach not want to be at the hospital with their son if they believed that he had died. I'm not a parent, but I've heard from enough readers who are, and many have said that they could never leave their child alone at the hospital in order to run off and kill someone.

The list of suspects can be whittled down a bit. We know from the final scenes on Friday's show that the following people could not have killed Adam. Krystal, Opal, and Aidan were at the front gate when the gunshot fired. The easy suspects are David, Zach, and Kendall, since they were all last seen pointing a gun at Adam. There was no sound of glass shattering, and since Kendall was outside Chandler Mansion, that would seemingly rule her out as a killer. Tad, JR, and Annie were all also inside the mansion, so they are in the right place to be potential murderers. Stuart was also seen on the property (of course he lives at the Gate House) just moments before the murder. Many people had a reason to want Adam Chandler dead, but only one person did the dirty dead.

But what if they shot the wrong person?


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