Carly's drinking gets out of hand

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Jack has become so heavy handed in the way that he approaches Carly and Parker; what is his true motivation? Will he be the one to run to Carly's rescue when she hits bottom because of her drinking?

I watched ATWT this week and felt like I had seen some of this before; again, there is no real movement in story and then the abrupt changes in stories that had some potential: why didn't Lucy stay in town longer when you have an actress that is growing in the role? I am scared for the future as I hope the return of Rosanna helps things this time around.

Carly and Craig and the Kids
As Parker's behavior continues to get more out of hand, he decides to quit school because he wants to and refuses to do anything any adult in his life asks him to do. Well, he is a teenager; however, I think his parents set this up as they never provided any real discipline for him. I do find the character of Parker changed from that kid he was when Jack was missing. I thought when Parker got to be a teenager that he would have some issues with all of the loss in his life though not as rebellious more like Phillip Spaulding was on Guiding Light.

Carly and Craig are the couple to watch these days as she calls him on his choices and he calls her on her stuff as well. I like that she has this effect on him by telling him that his need to control all situations is going to cause more harm than good. When she finally got to him about how he was treating Lucy, it was too late as she had left town already.

Jack has become so heavy handed in the way he approaches Carly and Parker - is this because he is so jealous of her relationship with Craig that he is just acting out. What is his true motivation? Will he be the one to run to her rescue when she hits bottom because of her drinking?

I have to ask the question: why was Lucy written off now? The Lucy character has so much potential story as we could have watched her and Craig learn to be father and daughter - respecting the choices the other made while allowing her to be in Johnny's life. There is her relationship with Dusty that could have been explored more - I don't think that there has never been a chance to really see what they could potentially be like as a couple. I believe this is another missed opportunity for the writers as they had the actress who could have given them what they needed right now for the character.

Meg Snyder
Now that she has decided that she cannot deal with Paul's machinations regarding Eliza - what will she do next? Is the merry-go-round with Paul and Meg over so she can move on; it looks like with Damian Grimaldi. Is that being done as the previews show that Paul sees Rosanna and he gets involves with her again - giving her the baby she always wanted.

So if Meg gets involved with Damian, how is Holden going to handle that? Will he have problems with that because now Meg is away from Paul and Damian will be away from Lily? I don't know how this will play out as Holden and his cousin Jack are so tightly wound up at times about things that you never know how they will react.

Honestly, it would be good to see Meg away from Paul and the merry-go-round that we have been on with them needs to come to an end. The character of Paul was becoming so unlikable that it was difficult to not fast forward him as he became more like his father but not as fun to watch as James Stenbeck.

The Baby Story
So the predictable has happened as Henry wants to keep his baby and now Brad and Katie are still without a baby. Will Katie ever have a child? We have seen her traumatized by this before when she was with Simon and now again with Brad. There are other avenues for them and they can afford to pursue them.

This story continues to leave me cold as I have found it cruel and not humorous in any way. I think there is so much more that these four characters could be doing that highlight who these characters are while embracing their bonds as friends.

Casey and Alison
I don't have much to say about them as a couple as this is another waste of story as she still has the same problems she had with his uncle Chris last year. I have to wonder though how this Hunter character is going to fit into all of this. I just hope it is something to spark some interest in this couple.

Here are some recent comments from some readers:

Yaseena said, "As I've been watching the show these past few weeks, the storyline involving Luke, Noah, and Lily etc. has pushed me to the edge of frustration. Although I like Luke and Noah as a couple in recent months their personal relationship and the drama that used to ensue as a result has taken a backseat to the shows pushing the awareness of various 'causes' across the globe. While I like the idea of a daytime show doing all it can to create awareness in its viewers I am also becoming annoyed at the shows characters and storylines suffering as a result. Luke and Noah have almost becoming boring as they are now known solely as the "Gay Teens in Love" rather than simply two teens who love each other or simply Luke and Noah!"

Diane said, "I want St. Dusty to get his comeuppance, he messes up everyone he 'helps' and I love the new Craig, especially with Carly. When will Jack be shown who he really is, an idiot and I love new Craig with Carly. I too would love new writers, Luke and Noah are not hot and they so should be."

Andy said, "Let me just say one thing about this current "Who murdered the guy" storyline. I don't think anyone cares - I certainly don't. However, I think it's going to turn out to have something to do with Roseanna's return to Oakdale. Cady McClain has said that Roseanna has had a major change of character that puts her in a stronger position. I think she's behind it all trying to take Craig down. "

Finally, Emmy nominations came out this week and the show was not nominated for major categories like Show or Writing or Directing. We all know what that means - when will anyone else realize that now is the time to make necessary changes backstage. However, I congratulate Maura West, Julie Pinson, Van Hansis and Meredith Hagner on well deserved nominations; in terms of acting there should have been more specifically: Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda), Mick Hazen (Parker Snyder) and Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes)

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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