Carly's addiction
by Jennifer Biller

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Carly's addiction
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Last week, Carly got drunk and got behind the wheel. She was driving drunk, and, for once, the Oakdale Police Department caught someone who was breaking the law. Crazy, right?

Welcome back, Rosanna! I'm not sure who was more shocked to see Rosanna "down on the farm" - Paul or me. It seems Rosanna has traded in her Rolls for a tractor. The once wealthy businesswoman is now broke and working on a farm, as part of a co-op. Emma would be proud. Me, not so much. I loved super-rich corporate shark Rosanna, and I'm hoping we see her again.

I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that Rosanna must be some kind of walking miracle of modern medicine to keep waking up out of that coma. (Hopefully, this time it's for good.) But, it's equally hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is now poor. Part of her charm was that she had more money and power than most of the folks in Oakdale. Nobody messed with her, except Craig. I hope just because she lost her cash that she hasn't lost her drive, and that part of that drive includes making Craig squirm for his part in her accident. Perhaps Rosanna could get back the money she put in Parker's trust fund and try to recover her fortune. (At least then maybe Parker might go back to school.)

I'm chomping at the bit to see some Rosanna and Craig scenes. Maybe she'll get him to trade in his Armani for some bibs. Don't laugh. Rosanna is a powerful lady who has worked her magic on many of Oakdale's most powerful men, from Paul to Mike. I can't wait to see what she has in store for Craig, because I have a sneaking suspicion that it doesn't involve growing potatoes.

• Henry Coleman broke my heart this week with his grieving. Thank you, writers, for finally giving Trent Dawson some delicious drama to play. He hit every note after Vienna lost their baby. From his video taped message to the baby to his anger toward Katie, I felt every emotion. Bravo!

• Speaking of Henry, if he can win $10,000 a night gambling, then why does he sling hash at the diner? Henry, Vegas is calling. I think he has a career as a professional poker player.

• The line to smack Katie starts here. She's been acting like a whiny brat for weeks now. Henry was right when he called her selfish. I understand she wants a baby and that Vienna did deceive her, but Katie is acting like it's the end of the world, which I don't get. She and Brad can adopt or get another surrogate. They have options but no patience. And frankly, mine is wearing thin when it comes to Katie's antics lately. I hope we see further exploration of the discord between Katie and Henry. Henry has always had blind loyalty for her, and it's interesting to watch now when he has so much anger and blame for her.

• Preach it, Janet! I know I wasn't the only one cheering her on when she told Parker that his smart mouth would not be tolerated and when she called out Jack on his smart mouth, too. Get those Snyder men in line, Janet. They need it.

• Doesn't Paul know better than to confess his sins out loud in a busy town square? This is Oakdale. Someone is always eavesdropping. Lucky for Meg that this time it was Damian.

• Craig apologized to Jack this week for overstepping with Parker. Of course, Jack wouldn't accept his apology. Because well, that's what Jack does. Craig gets points for calling Carly out on her drinking and for stepping up and admitting he shouldn't have interfered with Parker. Jack gets minus points for being a self-righteous know-it-all.

• The last time Paul stole Eliza, she ended up kidnapped for real in New York. Now, he's taken her to the country. I don't care where Paul has the baby; he's still not acting like a father. Regardless of whether Paul gets custody in this battle, I wish someone would tell him to be more careful handling the infant. This week, he went running after Rosanna with the baby car seat swinging and bouncing wildly. If a judge had seen that, I think Meg would have gotten immediate custody.

• I can't believe it, but Carly got drunk and got behind the wheel. She was driving drunk. For once, the Oakdale police department caught someone breaking the law. Crazy, I know. If Carly's arrest doesn't make her realize that she has a serious problem, then I don't know what will. She swore she'd go to AA, but I have my doubts. It's no wonder the woman is knocking off vodka every chance she gets. If Parker was my son and talked to me that way, it would drive me to drink, too.

• I'm concerned that when Maura West begins her maternity leave, Craig's storyline is going to fizzle out. Why you ask? Because since he's hit town, he's mostly interacted with Carly. He's had only a few scenes with Katie, Margo, Lucinda or any of his old scene partners. It's been nonstop Jack, Carly, Janet and Dusty. So, I hope the writers will give Craig something to do other than eat breakfast at Al's.

• I know it happened two weeks ago, but I have to say something about the strange exit of Lucy. Shame on the show for just ripping her off the canvas so quickly, without the chance for she and Craig to reconcile. There was no goodbye, nothing. There were plenty of stories to tell with Lucy, if she would have just stuck around a little longer.

• Brad and Katie must be the dumbest people in Oakdale. Who in their right mind gives a guy you've barely met and haven't checked his credentials a $10,000 check? And what kind of bank doesn't put a hold on a $10,000 check? I'm glad I don't have my cash in that bank and that Brad and Katie aren't in charge of my finances.

• Kudos to Vienna this week. Ewa de Cruz gave a fantastic performance grieving her baby after the fall. I'm shocked that she's so generous and forgiving toward Katie though. The Vienna we originally met with Simon was a selfish gal, who most certainly would have blamed Katie.

• Poor Liberty. No wonder she feels guilty over Parker's antics. Before she came to town, Parker was a good student and involved with hockey. Now, he has quit school and spends his days moping.

• Move over Dusty, Jack and Holden, it seems Oakdale has a new hero: Damian Grimaldi. He helped Meg prove the truth this week about Paul's set up.

• I hope you caught ex-Adam, Matthew Morrison, as the lead in the new FOX show Glee. He's playing a high school teacher in charge of the glee club. The show was incredible and Morrison was perfect. It's too bad all we saw of his Adam was his evil side because Morrison is great.

• This week is Memorial Day, so take a moment to honor those who are no longer with us. Is it OK if I include Simon Frasier on my list? Just kidding. Have a great week everyone!

Best Lines of the Week:
(Hunter laments that he's awkward at social situations and is more comfortable with just his laptop, especially in light of him just hitting on Alison and Emily.)
Emily: "Ever thought about shaking it up a bit?"
Hunter: "Once."
Emily: "What happened?"
Hunter: "I asked out a girl who already had a boyfriend and then I kissed her sister."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Monique.)
As much as I'm enjoying seeing Trent Dawson FINALLY getting a real storyline, I was not only shocked that he didn't get his usual Emmy nomination, but that Katie would actually expect him to just GIVE her his baby. Maybe it's just me, but in the 6 years I've been watching ATWT, Katie's used Henry and hasn't been much of a friend to him in return. I really like Katie with Brad, and I hope they can find a solution to their infertility problem, but taking advantage of Henry again isn't the answer.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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