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Don't stop believing in unicorns
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Who doesn't love a good murder mystery? The Dark Prince murder could be interesting, but it is odd that the Springfield PD is focusing only on the Lewis family. It might be easier to figure out who didn't want to kill Edmund.

There are times when it really feels like we are watching two different shows - on-screen and off. This week we were treated to some great stories on-screen, but a kick in the teeth by the eye network off-screen (literally).

Being a soap fan most of my life, I love a good murder mystery. And while I thought GL might have to kill Alan as a final storyline (if we don't find a new home), the Dark Prince murder could be as interesting. But it is odd that the Springfield PD is focusing only on the Lewis family. I could see Phillip, Olivia, and even Jonathan (who is returning) as being suspects, too. It might be easier to figure out who didn't want to kill him....

But even as we focus on this murder mystery, there is the bigger picture murder that really isn't a mystery at all. Who (or what) killed GL? While there were a number of "suspects" in this case, I have to really send a special shout out to those who really want to kick the fans when we are down. When even a small amount of class and dignity might have gone a long way. But, NO, they treated the GL fans like the writers did villain Edmund Winslow - hit them with a blunt object and left them to die all alone. But more on that a little later... Back in Springfield, while Mallet is searching for a murderer, Phillip is trying to keep his son James out of prison stripes. I've got to admit that part of James' character is so sad - he feels so unloved in a family of piranhas that part of me feels sorry for the kid. But then I see the gleam in his eyes thinking of making his mark without the Spaulding name (so he thinks) by hurting people so I want him to suffer. Now Bill and Lizzie will have to face more drama because of James' hatred of his future brother-in-law. Part of me wonders how much this story will change now that the show has (for now) a definite end date.

James' selfish act has brought out a whole different side of Clayton Boudreau. While I can see how the show is tying Remy into the diamonds and Clayton into the Ponzi scheme, stick with one actor - please. I have to admit that if I a) had that kind of money to lose and b) lost it to some scheme, I would feel defeated but not robotic like Clayton seems. And the thing I believe I'd most feel is mad as hell at whoever took my money!

But James' bad boy behavior has Phillip cleaning up his mess - and try to make this troubled teen feel loved. I just wonder if James really cares at this point what Phillip thinks - or is playing dear old dad as well. Somehow I can't see GL bringing him Grant Aleksander back to go to jail, but with the show in such a flux, who knows.

Speaking of flux, I have to admit I loved the little dig the writers got at CBS with Dinah's comments about budget cuts at WSPR. Good for you!! Keep up the pressure - CBS can't really do anything else to the show so keep up the digs on the network who let the fans down!

For those fans who wanted to know about the Save the Light Rally went I have to admit I did not make it. I (literally) missed my bus and didn't make it to NYC. But I had set my Tivo to tape the event and knew other loyal GL fans that were going. For those fans who watched the Early Show barely saw the fans - and I was wondering why at first. Until I learned from a number of you that CBS shuffled the GL fans off camera and had security watching over them. Like they were going to storm the set and demand that Early Show regular Julie Chen (wife of Les Moonves, President of CBS) make the network take the show back? Come ON CBS. Show a little class and dignity. Yes, you have the right to cancel any show at any time. You hold all of the power. But to be so small minded and not allow the GL fans even to be shown supporting a show YOU STILL AIR AND MAKE MONEY OFF OF is totally ridiculous. How many viewers do you think will tune into your GL replacement "Let's Make a Deal"? I can assure you that this is one person who will be turning the dial to another station on September 18th. If the fans want to continue to work together to save the show, I will certainly do what I can to save it, but I think we need to just let CBS make their own noose. If GL ceases to exist this fall, that will leave me with ZERO as the number of soaps I watch - and NOTHING could make me watch another CBS soap (even the fact that Peter Bergman from Y&R is a fellow alum of Crossland High School in Temple Hills, MD). Your actions are showing the fans that you don't care about what you have done, and surely want our peaceful protests and work to save the show to end. Sadly for you, I think you've made us more determined than ever to find a new home - where we are welcomed and supported by a television network with heart and integrity....

Whew - that was a very great weight lifted off of me - and I think CBS deserves all of the credit for acting like a school yard bully, taking no credit themselves in the show's demise. Last week I was in Niagara Falls for 4 days (on the Canadian side) and thought I could watch GL online to do the column and spoilers. But, NO, CBS won't let the shows air outside the US. How is that for allowing fans to keep up with the show - and maybe watch it again? They also stopped putting together Podcasts of the show and a number of other small ways to keep the GL fans informed of what was happening in Springfield. Sure, fans left the show, but I think the network left us a long time ago....

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can...

Together We Can...Keep the Light Shining!

. . .

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