Time to step up and tell the truth

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Time to step up and tell the truth
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Reva's arrest happened too quickly, meaning that she definitely didn't kill Edmund, but who did? So far, Mallet is only focusing on the Lewis family, but maybe he should be focusing on Dinah and Olivia instead.

The interesting parallel universe of on-screen and off-screen GL continues....

On-screen, Reva's arrest was a little too quick for me - meaning she definitely didn't kill Edmund. But who did? So far Mallet is only focusing on the Lewis family - but I think I would broaden my focus to Dinah (who was pretty quick to shower after his death) and Olivia (who conveniently had returned to Springfield from San Francisco just in the nick of time.

This week there are a few other names that could be added to the mix. Cyrus Foley returns to Springfield with a new scam - and it's connected to the Dark Prince. Remy has what Cyrus wants, so you know these two old foes will go toe to toe. Can Remy keep his new/old job on the Springfield PD and help his dad? And when someone else finds out about his shiny new "friends", what will she have to say about them?

I still think that having Jonathan returning to Springfield could make him a suspect, too. If he's watching Reva from under the cover of his life on the run, he could have seen what Edmund was doing to his family. And it gives the writers the chance to tie him into stories quickly... just a thought.

Now that Rafe is out of the halfway house he has to re-adjust to home life. And since home has changed so much in the months he's been away, this might be a big challenge. He has a new home to move into. Mom has a new life - with Olivia (which he might be figuring out). There's the matter of finding a job (with a criminal record in a bad economy) and fitting in with the rest of Springfield - who have moved on without him. Now that Daisy seems interested in bad boy James Spaulding, where does all of this leave young Rafael?

Speaking of Master Spaulding, I have to admit that he's wearing thin on me. Sure, Phillip and Alan were butting heads all of the time at his age. But Phillip at least had redeeming qualities - like wanting to protect Beth from the lecherous Bradley Raines. James is just a selfish, spoiled rich kid - albeit one who was ignored by his family for years. I know that kids have to make their own mistakes - like maybe taking a car for a joyride (but not actually selling it). But this Ponzi scheme and his constant need to make a mess for his family - who are trying to be there for him - makes him totally unlikable.

This week we'll see movement on all of these stories as we head into summertime. But this brings me to the off-screen portion of this column...

Monday is June 1st - two months since CBS pulled the plug on GL. And in that time we've heard very little on what is happening to save the show. IF they are working to save the show - and I think the fans deserve an update. In the world of 24-hour news stations, it shouldn't be hard for P&G to at least tell us they are either still working towards a new home for GL, or that they have given up. And CBS... you can just keep quiet. You have spoken, so just stay out of things from here on out - ok? The fans of GL deserve the truth - it's been two months of this roller coaster and we'd like some acknowledgement that our efforts are working - or are futile....

I received tons of E-Mail last week about the whole CBS attitude towards the GL fans - and have been trying to get to all of it. I also received a ton of spam, so I am trying to get rid of all of that first - which isn't as easy as it seems. It's like getting rid of crabgrass to get to the healthy lawn underneath. Gotta love the spammers, especially those in languages I can't even read... ; )

I know that so many of you have written and posted about the cancellation and are doing everything possible to save the show. There are lots of stories about the show out there and we're trying to make sense of it all and find out where the show can go from here. I encourage all of you to keep writing and calling, posting on message boards and asking your friends to do the same. We need to all work together to show the networks that GL fans are serious about saving the show!!

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can...

Together We Can...Keep the Light Shining!

. . .

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