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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 25, 2009 on GL
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Monday, May 25, 2009

At the park, Jeffrey and Reva resisted talking to Mallet, until he said that a witness had identified Reva's voice as the one they'd heard speaking to Edmund before his death. Mallet asked why Reva hadn't admitted to seeing Edmund the day he'd died. "Because you didn't ask me," Reva replied.

Reva claimed that while she'd walked along the river, Edmund had confronted her, spewing his typical venom about Shayne and Lara. Reva stated that she'd parted with Edmund after admonishing him for his behavior in front of Colin. Jeffrey interjected that Edmund's death hadn't been ruled a homicide, and Edmund could have died after slipping on a rock. Reva and Jeffrey departed, but not before Mallet warned Reva against lying to him.

At Cross Creek later, Jeffrey wondered to whom Reva had lied, him or Mallet. Reva insisted that she hadn't lied to Jeffrey. Telling Mallet the truth, however, would have only led to more questions. Reva didn't want to implicate her family in the plot to dispose of Edmund.

Reva asked if Jeffrey believed her. Jeffrey said that his love for Reva clouded his judgment. Reva advised him to trust her, and their love. Jeffrey did trust her, but he knew that she wouldn't hesitate to eliminate a threat to her family. Reva countered that Jeffrey felt the same way, but she knew that Jeffrey hadn't killed Edmund, because Jeffrey wasn't a killer.

Jeffrey and Reva agreed that their family allegiance made them strong. "For the record, I do believe you," Jeffrey said, and kissed her. Jeffrey wanted to make love, but Reva said that the doctor hadn't given her clearance yet. "What's a few more cold showers, right?" Jeffrey asked. Reva made a toast to trusting each other.

At Company, Buzz was surprised when Christina said that Remy had gone to work on his day off to make extra money. She asked Buzz to fix some of Remy's favorites for her to take to Remy at work. Buzz awkwardly made excuses as to why he couldn't do it for her.

Christina figured out that Buzz was hiding something. As Buzz stammered, Christina threatened to go to the fire station and get it out of Remy. Buzz finally divulged that Remy had been too embarrassed to tell Christina that he'd been laid off from work. Christina wondered why Remy had said he could solve their money issues, then.

At a table at Farley's, Remy showed Dinah the diamonds. Dinah's eyes lit up, satisfying Remy that they were real. Dinah claimed she knew stolen diamonds when she saw them. Remy explained how they'd fallen out of Edmund's coat pocket. "Finders keepers, right?" Dinah asked.

Remy said that he'd considered giving the diamonds to Henry, Edmund's grandson, but that meant divulging to everyone that Shayne was Henry's father. Dinah thought that Remy should just get rid of the diamonds. "Why? So you can dig them out the trash?" Remy countered. Dinah assumed that if Edmund had the diamonds, then they were cursed or stolen. Upon leaving, Dinah advised Remy to keep things as simple as possible.

At the mini-mart later, Mallet saw Dinah putting diapers in her basket, and guessed that she was pregnant. Dinah quickly dispelled the notion, and said that a WSPR employee might need to have his child at work with him. Mallet said that Edmund's video had freaked him out. Mallet sympathized with Edmund for losing Lara, saying that he'd lose his mind if he lost Henry.

Sometime later, Mallet received a call from the coroner, who said that Edmund had been murdered. The coroner had found pieces of PVC construction piping embedded in Edmund's skull. Mallet sighed that things were about to get messy.

Outside Company, Marina said that she'd talk to Shayne later, because Henry had a doctor's appointment. Shayne offered to accompany her-in case Henry needed Shayne. Marina didn't know why Henry would need Shayne. "To donate blood again," Shayne replied. Marina thought Shayne's assertion that his blood had saved Henry was crazy, considering the rareness of Henry's blood type. Shayne stated that he was Henry's biological father.

Marina refused to believe it, and grew hysterical when she learned that Dinah had orchestrated a covert DNA test on Henry. Shayne explained why Dinah had operated in secret, but Marina was flabbergasted that Shayne hadn't even known that Lara had been pregnant. The more Shayne explained, the more upset Marina became. She raged that Henry belonged to Mallet and her, and she ran into Company to grab her baby. "It's okay. Momma's got you," she said, staring at Shayne.

Shayne asked Buzz to watch Henry while Shayne and Marina talked, but Marina clung to the baby, insisting that she wouldn't let anything hurt him. After she tore out of Company, headed for Henry's appointment, Buzz asked what Shayne had said to her. Shayne sighed, and then pursued Marina to Cedars.

In the waiting area at Cedars, Marina threatened to get a restraining order against Shayne. Shayne asked her to calm down, so they could talk as friends. She called Shayne her enemy, because he was trying to take her child. Shayne explained that he wasn't there to lay claim to Henry; Mallet and Marina were Henry's parents. Shayne just needed Marina to know the truth in case another medical situation arose.

Shayne said that if the nun hadn't talked to Dinah, and Dinah hadn't performed the DNA test, then Henry might not have gotten the blood transfusion. "All I'm saying is-whatever you need. You need blood, you need my family's medical history, you need Lara's medical history, you got it," Shayne proffered.

Marina didn't believe that Shayne could let go so easily, and wondered what would happen if he decided later that he wanted to lay claim to the child. Shayne persisted that he wouldn't interfere with Henry's family, but offered to be there for things that might arise in Henry's life, like teaching Henry to play baseball, as Marina had already asked Shayne to do. Marina defensively said that things had changed since then.

Shayne told Marina that Dinah was the only other person who knew about the paternity. Marina asked if Shayne expected her to keep it a secret from Mallet. Shayne said that it was up to her to do what was best for her family. Dinah approached as Shayne told Marina to let him know if she needed him for anything. Shayne took Dinah's hand, and they left together.

Outside, Shayne explained to Dinah that he'd told Marina about Henry's paternity, but he didn't want to talk about how it had gone. Dinah promised to keep quiet about the topic. Shayne replied that he wanted her loud and wild. Kissing her, he said that he wanted her right then.

At the lake later, Christina found Remy on a bridge. She said Buzz had told her about the layoff, and she was hurt that Remy hadn't confided in her about it. Remy said he'd been embarrassed, but he should have told her. Christina replied that Remy didn't have to shoulder all their burdens alone. She offered to help him solve their money issues. Remy said he'd actually found a way to fix them. He almost showed her the diamonds, but changed his mind. Instead, he announced that he might return to the police force.

Remy and Christina went to Company, and Christina announced to Buzz that Remy would be a police officer again. Buzz yanked Remy aside, and advised that if Remy was going to lie to Christina, then smaller lies were more manageable. Remy nervously nodded.

Mallet approached after Christina had announced Remy's good news to him. Remy told Mallet that he wanted to return to the police force, if it were still possible. Mallet needed to run it by the police chief after Henry's doctor's appointment, but Mallet was certain that Remy would be accepted. They hugged each other, and Mallet welcomed Remy back to the force.

Buzz told Mallet that a nervous Marina had gone ahead to the doctor's appointment. Mallet replied that it was an important appointment. Marina and he hoped that the doctor would tell them that Henry didn't need another anonymous donor.

Later, Mallet met Marina in the hospital waiting room. He noticed that something was bothering her. Marina stared sullenly at Mallet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At Cedars, Mallet assumed that Marina worried about Henry's blood test results. Marina said that she had something else on her mind, something that was crazy and miraculous. A nurse interrupted to show them into the doctor's office. There, the doctor informed the couple that Henry was out of danger. As a precaution, the doctor planned to monitor Henry monthly. The relieved couple hugged and kissed.

At the Beacon, Dinah said she was proud of Shayne for telling Marina the truth about Henry. Dinah seemed crushed when Shayne said he'd just have to accept it if Marina decided not to reveal to Mallet that Shayne and Lara were Henry's biological parents. Shayne noticed that Dinah had spread toys out on the bed. Dinah asked if Shayne were mad at her for buying the stuff, but Shayne said that he appreciated her preparing things just in case he'd brought Henry there. Dinah stated that she supported Shayne in his decisions, whatever they might be.

At Company, Shayne joked around with Dinah while they ate their burgers. Dinah couldn't recall the last time she'd seen Shayne having fun. Shayne said that the dark clouds hovering over them had parted, and they could finally be themselves. Dinah couldn't help but wonder if they should call Mallet and Marina. Shayne reiterated that it was Marina's choice whether or not to divulge the truth to Mallet.

Just then, Mallet and Marina brought Henry into Company. Mallet announced free beers all around to celebrate the best news of their lives. They approached Shayne and Dinah's table to say that Henry wouldn't need any more transfusions. When Mallet praised the anonymous donor, Dinah said she was sure that the donor knew how much he'd helped.

Mallet intended to be there for Henry in every way that he could. Marina stated that Mallet was her hero, and Henry would one day be proud of his father. Shayne stared at Marina as Lynn brought over a pitcher of beer.

Marina stepped away from the table with Henry, and Shayne followed them to the bar. Marina thanked Shayne for saving Henry's life, and for leaving the decision to tell Mallet about Henry's paternity in her hands. She decided that Henry had only one real father, and that was Mallet. "And that is all he will ever need," Marina concluded.

At the table, Mallet thanked Dinah for being hopeful during Henry's illness. Mallet said he'd been terrified. He called Marina and Shayne back to the table for a toast. Shayne toasted to their son, Henry, the luckiest kid in town.

Later, at the Beacon, Shayne packed up the toys to donate to a shelter. Dinah thought he should hang onto the things, just in case. Shayne said that Marina had decided not to tell Mallet the truth. Dinah suggested that Shayne might babysit Henry, but Shayne replied that the Coopers had plenty of babysitters in their family. Dinah didn't know if she could stay away from Henry if he were her child. Shayne said that Henry had a good home, and that was enough for Shayne.

Marina and Mallet took Henry home. Marina reveled in the blissful quietness of their sleeping baby. Mallet recalled that she'd mentioned something about a miracle earlier. Marina replied that Henry was their miracle, and no one would ever try to take him from them again.

At Company, Blake guessed that Daisy was taking off on her break to see James Spaulding. Daisy claimed that she wasn't interested in James, but Blake didn't believe her. Blake wished she'd been as cool as Daisy about boys when Blake had been Daisy's age.

James met Beth and Phillip at Towers. Beth confronted James about his Ponzi scheme, and said that he could have put Lizzie and Bill in a terrible position. James quipped that Lizzie and Bill mattered more, even though James could go to prison. The waiter approached, and Phillip asked for a kid's menu for James.

Beth and Phillip said that they supported James, but Beth wondered what James had been thinking to hurt his sister that way. James claimed that he'd never meant to hurt Lizzie, but insisted that Phillip couldn't lecture anyone after how badly he'd harmed the family. Phillip realized that he hadn't been a great father, but he said that was all going to change.

Phillip stated that he'd authorized Bill's investments in China to leverage a loan that would repay the money lost in the Ponzi scheme. The money was being wired that day. Beth had helped Phillip with the legalities. Phillip assumed that once the money was repaid, no one would suspect any improprieties, and James would not go to jail.

James thanked Beth, and Beth made him thank Phillip, too. Phillip said that he just wanted James to be happy. Phillip commented that James and he were alike in that Phillip had also spent too much time being mad at the world. James claimed he wasn't mad at anything.

Daisy approached, and Beth greeted her as Susan. Daisy realized that Beth was the reason that James called Daisy that. James announced that his parents had found a way to help him. Beth and Phillip grimaced that Daisy already knew about James's scheme.

Daisy showed James's parents the sketch he'd done of her, saying, "He's annoying but talented, right?" Impressed by James's work, Beth suggested he take art classes over the summer. James wasn't interested in hanging out with a bunch of art students.

Phillip stepped away to answer a call. Someone on the line informed him that the money transfer had failed. Phillip returned to the table, and asked Beth to leave with him. When they walked away from the table, Beth asked what was wrong. Phillip said he'd explain in the car.

On a call at the mansion later, Phillip told someone that millions of dollars didn't just disappear. He insisted that someone knew about the transfer. "Millions of dollars are missing? That's a problem, Phillip. Maybe I can help," Alan said, approaching with a cigar in hand.

Phillip grimaced, and stared at Alan. As Alan smugly lit his cigar, a rap song played with the lyrics, "Just 'cause I'm a gangsta; just 'cause I'm a gangsta." Smoke whirled around Alan, as the lyrics continued, "Man, you should know by now; I'm just a gangsta."

Back at Towers, Daisy said that it was weird to see James getting along with his parents. It freaked James out, too. He figured that he probably had to sit through more lectures and family dinners, but his parents were actually trying to help him.

At the Beacon later, James invited Daisy to the pool, but she didn't have a bathing suit. He offered to sketch her naked, and she shrieked at the idea of her family seeing the drawings. Daisy decided that they could go swimming without the suit. She hoped Phillip could bail them out of any trouble. James said that if Phillip couldn't, it would still be worth it.

In Chicago, Bill couldn't entice Lizzie out of bed to tend to their wedding plans, but she easily lured him back into bed with her. After making love, Bill and Lizzie still couldn't believe they were actually getting married. Bill called Lizzie "Elizabeth Lewis," and Lizzie grumbled about changing her name.

The couple finally got dressed, and ran some errands. They stopped for hot dogs, and ate them at an outdoor table. Lizzie spit out a chunk of the hot dog, crying that there was metal in it. Bill watched as she discovered that she'd bitten into an engagement ring. "Bill Lewis, do you know how much I love you!" Lizzie beamed, adoring the ring.

A man calling himself Fogarty approached, and asked if Bill were really Bill Lewis. Bill agreed, but said that Fogarty probably had the wrong guy. "I don't think so," Fogarty said, and slugged Bill to the ground. Fogarty accused Bill of bankrupting him, and then he stormed off.

A police officer approached, asking if the hot dogs on the ground belonged to Lizzie and Bill. Lizzie raged at the officer for caring more about litter than a victimized Bill. Bill downplayed the episode, but Lizzie didn't want Fogarty to get away with punching Bill.

At the police station later, Lizzie and Bill could hear Fogarty in the other room ranting that Bill hadn't bothered to return a phone call as he robbed people of their life savings. The police officer said that they'd added Fogarty's statement against Bill to all of Fogarty's other police statements, one of which included being abducted by aliens. Lizzie and Bill agreed that they'd done their civic duty, and Lizzie offered to nurse Bill's wound back at the hotel. "Not so fast," the officer said, stopping them.

Lizzie assumed the officer was still trying to ticket them for littering. She explained that they'd dropped their hot dogs when the mentally deranged Fogarty hit Bill. The officer said that even people with mental problems were occasionally right. Just then, a detective named Walter Drummond entered to discuss securities fraud with Bill.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the mansion parlor, Alan overheard Phillip leaving a message that he was still working on the bank loan. Alan commented that the sharks were circling, and they smelled Lewis blood. Phillip presumed that Alan had stopped the wire transfer to take down Bill. Phillip informed Alan that the sharks were coming for James, not Bill.

Phillip explained that James had made a mistake, and it had turned into Ponzi scheme that could hurt Bill. Alan called James brilliant for framing Bill Lewis as James bilked millions from investors. "Don't tell me you approve of this," Phillip huffed. He warned Alan that using the situation to take down Bill, meant taking James down, too. When Alan became unusually silent, Phillip implored him to say something. "I told you so," Alan responded.

Alan said that their family required an alpha dog, someone unafraid to bark and to bite. He felt that all Phillip had done was chase cars. Alan found it ironic that Phillip sought to outdo Alan as a father, yet Phillip needed Alan's help in saving James. Alan didn't know why he should care if James, Phillip, and Bill all went down after they'd disrespected him.

Phillip said it was Alan's chance to play the hero. Alan replied that he didn't want to be the hero. He just wanted his family around him. "Playing by your rules," Phillip retorted. Alan stated that once they established who was in charge, Alan would be happy to help James, and possibly send him to military school.

Phillip had hoped that things would be different for Alan and him, stating that he'd come back changed, but Alan was still the same. Alan replied that he hadn't experienced the luxury of Phillip's four-year respite. "You're the one who sent me away," Phillip spitefully said. Alan reasoned that if Phillip believed he'd become a different person, then, "Maybe that bullet was the best thing that ever happened to you." Phillip warned Alan not to tempt Phillip to return the favor.

James and Daisy laughed, stumbling away from the Beacon after learning that it was senior citizens' day at the pool. Upon checking his messages, he told Daisy that Phillip was really trying to fix things. James challenged Daisy to a dip in the pond, and they raced off.

Later, James sketched in a Beacon hotel room. Daisy wondered which James preferred: wheeling and dealing, or starving and drawing. James chose the latter, citing that the former would have landed him in jail, if not for his father.

Daisy took James to Reva's shed, and said that it could be his art studio. James wondered how she'd found the place. She admitted that she'd spent a lot of time there with Grady. James concluded that Daisy wanted to erase her memories more than help him become an artist.

Phillip called James to say that he'd told Alan everything after Alan had cancelled the wire transfer. James replied that if Alan stopped the transfer, James was dead. Phillip assured James that they'd work it all out once James arrived at the mansion.

Daisy said that it was typical of Alan to use someone's problems to suck them in. James surprised himself by confidently saying that Phillip would fix it all. James realized for the first time that he had his father on his side, and therefore, Alan didn't have a chance.

Later, Daisy lugged art supplies into Company. Buzz asked what had happened to Daisy's other hobbies. Daisy said James was the artist, and showed off James's drawing of her. She asked if Buzz disapproved of her seeing James. "I love you," Buzz replied, hugging her.

At the Chicago police headquarters, Lizzie told the police that she was the Spaulding in "Spaulding-Lewis," which meant she and Bill were partners in everything. Sometime later, Bill and Lizzie sat beside each other in a cell. "Well, at least we're together," Lizzie said, shrugging.

Lizzie asked Bill if he'd caused the situation by accidentally screwing up on some paperwork. "You think I accidentally started a Ponzi scheme?" Bill asked, and denied doing anything wrong. Bill said that Phillip probably hadn't had jail in mind when he'd sent them to Chicago. Lizzie suddenly decided to use her one phone call on Phillip.

Lizzie called Phillip in a panic, blabbering about the inane situation that befell Bill and her in Chicago. Phillip said that he was on his way. Phillip asked Alan to tell James that Phillip would be back soon. "Sure I will," Alan sarcastically said.

When James arrived in the parlor, Alan said that Phillip had to leave. "Elizabeth needed him, of course," Alan added. James assumed that Lizzie had had an emergency, and asked Alan what it was. Alan said that he wouldn't tell James even if he knew because, "I'm not liking you very much these days."

James said the feeling was mutual. Alan said that no matter how much Phillip loved his children, Lizzie would always come first. Alan advised James not to turn from Alan, the one person with the power to save James, and the one person who wouldn't leave James.

When Phillip arrived at the Chicago police station, he introduced himself as Lizzie's father and a representative of the Independence Fund. He claimed that there had been no improprieties with Fogarty's money, which had been moved to another account as a security measure. Phillip called it perfectly legitimate, but Fogarty wanted out of the investment fund.

Phillip whipped out his checkbook to reimburse Fogarty. Fogarty claimed that he'd invested two million dollars. Phillip warned Fogarty not to perjure himself. Fogarty lowered the amount to fifty thousand dollars. Phillip cut a check for thirty thousand, saying that his records were more accurate than Fogarty's memory.

Fogarty left, but Detective Drummond told Bill, Phillip, and Lizzie to make themselves comfortable, because he was sure that Fogarty wasn't their only client. Drummond said that Bill's name had continuously surfaced in their securities fraud case. Phillip threatened a lawsuit against the police department for slander, and Drummond decided to work on their release.

Lizzie thanked her father, but Bill asked Phillip what the hell was going on. Phillip claimed that extortion happened to the Spaulding family a lot. Bill said that the answer wasn't to quell bogus claims by throwing money at them. Phillip said that no one could put a price on his daughter's happiness. Phillip insisted that Lizzie and Bill remain in Chicago to finish their trip, while Phillip took care of any further incidences. Bill seemed leery, but agreed. After Lizzie and Bill left, Phillip called James, but got no answer.

At the Beacon, Greg studied Olivia and Natalia together before telling Olivia that her shoes were fantastic. When the ladies left work, Natalia was sure that Greg had wanted to comment on them, not Olivia's shoes. Even so, the ladies agreed that the shoes were fabulous.

Natalia bubbled with excitement about Rafe's hearing. She said that Rafe's homecoming didn't mean that Olivia and she couldn't be together; Rafe merely had to be told about them in the right away, at the right time. Natalia just didn't know when that would be.

At Company, Frank was in a foul mood. Buzz wondered how Frank could support Natalia, the woman who'd broken his heart. Frank said that he'd done it for Rafe. "I'm not supporting Natalia anymore. She's on her own," Frank said, walking off.

Olivia entered, hoping to throw an impromptu dinner there for Rafe later. Buzz declined, but Frank said that it was okay to do it for Rafe. Buzz was galled when Olivia offered Frank a ride to the hearing. Frank said that he didn't have to testify at it. Olivia assumed Frank would go anyway. "Well, I'm not a saint, Olivia," Frank snapped, and stormed off.

Later, Buzz said that Frank and he needed to fix the dishwasher. Frank sighed, saying he'd done everything he could for Rafe, and there was nothing more to do. Frank loved Rafe, but he reasoned that Natalia and Rafe weren't family. Buzz stared at Frank, and then continued talking about the dishwasher. "The dishwasher isn't broken, and I'm not going to the appliance store! Have I made myself clear?" Frank said, walking off. Buzz murmured, "No, actually..."

At the courthouse, Natalia was already planning to buy Rafe a used car, send him to school, and get him a job at the Beacon. Rafe thought that Natalia was getting ahead of herself. Natalia agreed, saying that she and Olivia had discussed taking things one day at a time.

When Rafe's hearing began, the judge found Rafe's criminal record disturbing, and he asked for evidence that Rafe would be better off at home than in a halfway house. Natalia explained the type of home she'd made for Rafe at the farmhouse. Olivia entered the courtroom as the judge said that there was still a problem, and Natalia knew what it was.

The judge felt that Natalia's environment for Rafe lacked a male role model. He decided to make it a condition of Rafe's release that Rafe be provided with a proper male mentor. Just then, Frank entered the courtroom, and pledged to be there for Rafe.

After the judge ruled that Rafe could be released, Rafe and Natalia thanked Frank. Natalia said Frank was the best man that she knew. Frank replied that Rafe deserved a break. As Natalia and Rafe filled out paperwork, Olivia told Frank that he really was a saint. As Frank signed paperwork, he sadly frowned to see Olivia and Natalia hug.

Olivia announced a dinner for Rafe at Company. Rafe said that he preferred a quiet night at home with his family. Once Rafe and Natalia left together, Olivia told Frank that he must love Natalia a lot for do so much for her. "Well, I'm not the only one," Frank said, and left.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At Cross Creek, Reva busied herself with fun hobbies. Jeffrey thought she was blotting out the Edmund murder case, but Reva beamed that she was just happy to be alive and with her family. After Jeffrey left, Reva looked at a picture of Colin, Jeffrey, and her. She said, "You never have to worry about anything again, because Edmund Winslow is out of our lives."

Jeffrey met Lillian at the hospital with breakfast treats, hoping to get her opinion about Reva's behavior. He felt that Reva just wasn't herself. Lillian questioned Reva's attitude, looking for signs of postpartum depression, but Jeffrey said that Reva's extreme calmness was unusual for Reva Shayne. He wanted his firecracker of a wife back. Lillian figured that Reva probably did, too. Lillian suggested that Jeffrey try a little love and romance, because that always worked for Buzz. Jeffrey replied that Buzz always did have a way with the women.

Jeffrey returned home, saying that he'd been reminded that he needed to appreciate his wife, and tell her that he loved her more. Reva jokingly asked him if he really had to be reminded of that. Jeffrey gushed with love and accolades for his wife, apologizing for not appreciating her enough. "Just show me; show me," Reva said, kissing him.

After Reva and Jeffrey made love, Jeffrey admitted that he'd been worrying about her. Reva assured him that she'd tell him if something were wrong. Reva told him that he could either eat leftover Chinese food, or make love to her again. "Let's forget the Chinese," he decided.

Outside the police station, Remy expressed to Dinah his nervousness about being reinstated to the police force with stolen diamonds in his pocket. Dinah encouraged him stay positive, because he could always turn a bad situation to good. Remy took a cup of coffee from Dinah, and sipped it. She'd brought it for Mallet, but decided that Remy needed it more.

The Edmund murder case wore on Marina as much as it did on Mallet. As Marina kissed Mallet goodbye that morning, she wished that someone else were working it, so that her family could return to a normal routine. Mallet hurried off to work.

Upon Mallet's arrival at the police station, Dinah greeted him. She said she'd brought him coffee, but Remy had taken it. Mallet thanked her for her thoughtfulness, but figured that she wanted something. She asked how the murder case was going. Mallet said that nothing had changed; the murderer could be just about anyone in town.

A few minutes later, Mallet exited the police station with a flag in hand to decorate for Remy's reinstatement. Dinah approached him again, and he said that no new news in the case had been uncovered "within the past few minutes." Dinah pressed for information, and Mallet revealed that Shayne was not at the top of his suspect list.

Outside later, Remy looked handsome in his new police uniform as he greeted family and friends, who'd gathered for his swearing in. Off to the side, Remy nervously whispered to Dinah that the stolen diamonds were still in his pocket. Dinah coolly told him to nix the diamond talk, and stay positive. Frank and Mallet approached to commence the ceremony.

After the swearing in, Remy's family and friends congratulated him. Buzz motioned everyone toward the park across the street, where they had a picnic. Dinah played baseball in a dress, and Felicia encouraged Christina to get back together with Remy. Christina said that Remy and she worked better outside the bounds of a relationship.

Marina told Mallet that she'd made a special batch of potato salad just for him, but Mallet rushed off to work on the murder case, leaving Marina slightly ticked off. Dinah approached Marina, asking where Mallet had gone. Dinah had made Mallet's favorite potato salad, the kind with the jalapeños. "Yeah, I know," Marina said. She frowned, and walked off.

As the picnic wound down, Blake commented that Remy was the sexiest man that she'd ever seen. "I might have to do something illegal, so he'll arrest me," she purred. Dinah replied that Remy belonged to Christina. Christina said that Remy and she were just having fun.

Later, Remy overheard Clayton on the phone with a bill collector. After the call, Clayton revealed that he'd taken a second mortgage out on the house to invest in the Ponzi scheme. He had seventy-two hours to pay the bank thirty-five thousand dollars. Remy said that they'd fix it. Clayton replied that it was his mess, and there was no way Remy could help. Clayton walked away, and Remy pulled the pouch of diamonds out of his pocket.

Inside the police station, Mallet reviewed still photos from the video surveillance camera at Lara's project site. They'd been taken around five in the afternoon on the day of Edmund's death. In the pictures, Mallet saw PVC pipes. He stared at a picture, and suddenly asked an officer to call Reva O'Neill. "Hold on, hold on. I've got a better idea," Mallet decided.

Mallet went to Cross Creek. He told Jeffrey and Reva that the pictures he'd discovered showed that Reva had seen Edmund an hour after Reva had said she'd seen him. They also showed that Reva appeared to be stalking Edmund. Reva didn't care what the pictures showed, and insisted that she hadn't killed Edmund. Mallet arrested Reva for Edmund's murder.

Outside the police station later, the picnickers were saying farewell to Remy when they saw Mallet leading Reva into the police station in handcuffs. Jeffrey handed Colin to Mel, and Marina and Jeffrey trotted into the police station.

Marina admonished Mallet for arresting their friend, but Mallet reminded her that he had a murder case to solve. Mallet said that Reva had lied about when she'd seen Edmund, and she'd had access to the murder weapon. Mallet intended to hold Reva for twenty-four hours in hopes that she would crack, or the real killer would come forward. Mallet had a feeling that the killer might love Reva too much to see her in jail.

Jeffrey entered, wanting to see Reva. Mallet said that Reva couldn't have visitors. Jeffrey claimed to be her attorney, and Mallet let him into the holding cells. Reva said that she wanted to go home. Jeffrey asked her why she'd lied to him.

At the Beacon, Emma showed Olivia a picture she'd colored of the farmhouse. Emma wrote "Home" on the bottom of it, and Olivia reminded her that the house belonged to Natalia and Rafe. Emma asked if she could still think of Rafe as her brother, and Olivia replied that she could. Emma asked to visit Rafe, whom she missed, and wondered if Olivia missed Natalia.

At the farmhouse, Rafe stretched for a morning jog. Natalia fussed over him keeping warm and eating breakfast. Rafe joked that she was worse than a warden. All the hovering was making him nuts, and he didn't need it anymore. He jogged off, leaving Natalia perplexed.

When Rafe returned from his jog, Emma ran into his arms, and then dragged him off to see her new bike in the barn. Natalia said that she was happy that Rafe had returned home, but it saddened her to watch Rafe adjust to life outside prison. Olivia said that Emma still thought of the farmhouse as her home and Rafe as her brother. Olivia was confident that Emma could cheer Rafe up, reasoning that maybe Rafe needed more family around him, not less.

"Not yet..." Natalia protectively said. Olivia replied that Natalia couldn't shelter Rafe forever, and the best thing would be to just tell him the truth. Olivia wasn't looking to abruptly move back to the farmhouse, but she did want to do so eventually.

Natalia wanted that, too, but she said that telling Rafe meant also telling Emma. Olivia replied that Emma had written an essay about them, and perhaps Emma had known what was going on before her two mommies did. Natalia realized that there was no perfect time to tell the children, and contemplated finding a way to make them understand.

Just then, a sobbing Emma latched onto her mother's hips. Rafe dashed up, explaining that Emma was upset because Rafe wouldn't let her ride on the bike's handlebars. Emma cried that Rafe had told her to get off and leave him alone. Rafe grimaced. He strode off, saying that he'd told Natalia that he wasn't ready for family life.

Olivia and Natalia tried to explain to Emma that they had to be patient with Rafe, who was readjusting to things. Olivia said that it wasn't easy, but they had to learn when to hold on tight, and when to let go.

Frank approached, and said that Rafe had called him to play some ball. Rafe trotted outside to fetch the equipment from Frank's car. Frank mentioned Remy's reinstatement. Natalia said that she hadn't attended because she hadn't wanted to leave Rafe at home alone. Emma asked if she could play ball with Frank and Rafe.

Natalia and Olivia watched the others play ball. Natalia felt it was great of Frank to give Rafe guidance, especially since Rafe had been at odds with everything and everyone upon returning home. Natalia realized that Rafe wasn't ready for another change. She reasoned that once Rafe was settled, she could talk to him about Olivia and her.

After a round of catch, Frank said that Rafe had a great throwing arm, just like his father, Gus. Frank felt that Rafe was a lot like Gus. Frank returned Gus's badge to Rafe, saying that it would remind Rafe of where he'd come from. Rafe stared thoughtfully at the badge.

Friday, May 29, 2009

At Towers, Phillip told Beth that Bill and Lizzie were out of jail and had no idea what James did. Beth asked if the police were going to go after James. Phillip told Beth that the police would be going after the mastermind of the operation-him. Beth declared that Phillip did not do it; James did. Phillip stated that he was going to take the blame. Beth said that was a bad idea. Phillip pointed out that by confessing, he could protect both of his children.

Dinah entered Company and told Josh and Shayne that the police had a lead on Edmund's case. Josh asked if they found the murder weapon. Dinah said that the police thought they found the murderer-Reva. Dinah followed Josh and Shayne as they rushed out.

Reva told Jeffrey that she did not kill Edmund. Jeffrey brought up the fact that Reva lied to him about having seen Edmund and mentioned the photograph that proved Reva was with Edmund the day he died. Jeffrey asked Reva to explain why she was with Edmund. When Reva asked if he was asking as her husband or her lawyer, Jeffrey answered that he was asking as someone who loved her.

Reva said that she had to follow Edmund to make sure that he did not hurt Shayne. She said that she had a feeling that if Edmund confronted Shayne, one of them would have ended up dead. Jeffrey asked why Reva didn't tell him that before. Reva responded because she was afraid that Shayne might have killed Edmund.

When asked why she stopped following Edmund, Reva said that Edmund seemed visibly moved by Lara's plaque at the construction site. Reva said that she believed that Edmund had changed and would keep their deal. Reva told Jeffrey that no one could know about Shayne, and she said that she loved him as much as Jeffrey loved Colin.

Mallet showed Marina the evidence that he had against Reva. Marina insisted that Reva had to be innocent, since a mother would not do anything to risk having her child taken away from her. At that point, Josh, Shayne, and Dinah arrived to see Reva. Mallet told the group that Reva was in a holding cell and was not allowed any visitors, except her lawyer-Jeffrey.

Dinah tried to convince Mallet to let them see Reva. Finally, Dinah asked Mallet to let her "distract" him while the guys "slipped" past him so that no one could accuse Mallet of not doing his job.

Reva told Jeffrey not to say anything to Shayne because she did not want Shayne to think that her being in jail was his fault. Jeffrey asked what if it was Shayne's fault. At that point, Josh and Shayne rushed in. Josh asked what the police had on Reva. Shayne adamantly stated that they had nothing, since she didn't do it. Jeffrey asked Shayne how he could be so sure. Upset, Shayne asked Jeffrey if he really believed that Reva killed Edmund. To ward off an argument, Reva sent Jeffrey to check on Colin.

Shayne stormed out, with Josh following, and blasted Mallet for putting his mother in a holding cell mere weeks after she battled cancer. Mallet stated that he would be happy to release Reva if they gave him something to lead him to Edmund's killer. Shayne asked Mallet if he really believed that Shayne would let his mother rot in a jail cell if he knew anything.

Mallet said that he was not sure and walked off. Dinah assured Shayne that Mallet was just doing his job and was a good cop. Shayne wondered if Mallet's "good" was good enough. Josh suggested that Shayne and Dinah go home.

At home, Shayne began researching what evidence the police reportedly had against Reva. Shayne brought up Mallet's treatment of Reva and wondered if Mallet had something to prove. Dinah stated that Mallet must have had something on Reva or he wouldn't have arrested her. Shayne took offense to that and asked if Dinah believed his mother was guilty. He got even more offended when Dinah said that she didn't exactly think Reva was guilty.

Shayne told Dinah that he wished that she would fight to support his mother instead of defending Mallet. Shayne said that it felt as if Dinah wanted Reva to stay in jail. Dinah said that she did not want anyone he cared about to be in jail. Shayne asked Dinah if she thought he killed Edmund. He realized she thought it was possible when Dinah did not answer. Dinah said that she was sure it crossed Shayne's mind, and she would not blame him if he did. Shayne insisted that neither he nor his mother killed Edmund.

Dinah said that, while she did not want the killer to be someone close to Shayne, she would always put him first. Shayne knew that she meant at the expense of his mother. Dinah warned Shayne that someone would go down for the murder, and it would be someone close to him.

James went to Company for a cup of coffee. Upon learning about Reva, James offered to cover for Daisy so that she could see her grandmother. When Daisy agreed, James reminded her that the last time he covered for her, Daisy owed him. On the way to the station, Daisy ran into Marina, who insisted that Daisy return to the restaurant.

While Daisy relieved James from his duties, Phillip entered Company to speak to James. Realizing that James did not want to talk, Daisy lied that he was working. Phillip bought himself a coffee so that he could speak to James. Phillip told James that the SEC would never know of James's involvement in the Ponzi scheme, because Phillip was going to turn himself in.

Phillip took James outside and told him his plan to take the fall. Philip said that in order to do it, he needed to know the details of James's scheme. James asked if Phillip would end up going to jail, but Phillip did not know. James asked Phillip why he would take the blame and Phillip said it was because he loved him. Phillip said that all he expected in return was for James to make better choices to create a better life for himself. Phillip called it the first day of the rest of James's life.

James asked if Phillip was certain that he wanted to do it. Phillip was sure. After James walked off, Daisy went looking for him. Phillip told Daisy that James needed his space and suggested that Daisy stay away so that James could focus on his future. A defensive Daisy declared that she didn't even like James. She said that she lied about James working at Company because she knew James didn't like Phillip.

James ran into Bill and Lizzie, who told him about them being released on bail. Bill asked James to be in his wedding party and James agreed. Later, at home, Phillip told Bill and Lizzie not to worry about their legal problems. Lizzie mentioned that they saw James, who seemed happy. That surprised Phillip. After Phillip said that he wanted all of his children to be happy, Lizzie stated that James was the happiest that she had ever seen him.

James called one of his clients and stated that, while the Independence Fund was bust, he had a new opportunity coming up.

Marina smuggled Colin into the station for a visit with Reva. Reva told Marina that she did not kill Edmund. After a short visit, Mallet and Jeffrey caught the pair. An upset Mallet reiterated that they needed to follow the rules and warned that, if rules were not followed, things could get worse for Reva.

Later, an upset Mallet told Marina to think like a cop when she was at the station. Mallet told Marina that his plan was to make Reva's life miserable so that whoever did kill Edmund would come forward out of guilt. Mallet stated that he was convinced that someone close to Reva killed Edmund. Marina accused Mallet of being too wrapped up in the case and said that her job was to protect her friends and family.

Jeffrey railed at Reva and warned her that the evidence against her was piling up. Reva insisted that she had to protect Shayne. Jeffrey accused her of sacrificing her new family in order to protect her old one.

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