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Todd offered his home to Téa while she recovered. Blair and Téa decided to keep their conversation secret. Bess turned to Nash's parents. Rex agreed to pay Stacy's ex-boss the money she had stolen, though Stacy claimed it was owed to her. She also claimed that Schuyler had stolen from her for drugs. Lola was taken to St. Anne's. Cristian and Layla decided to room together. Cole and Starr learned that Hope was alive.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 25, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, One Life to Live aired a special rebroadcast of an episode from March 9, 2009. In that episode, Cole, driving under the influence with Matthew, caused a horrific crash with Gigi and Shane's car. For a complete recap or just to relive that episode, click here. For more archived recaps dating all the way back to 1996, visit our Daily Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumes on Tuesday, May 26, and will pick up where Friday, May 22's episode concluded.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop Making Sense

At the hospital, Todd waited to hear how Téa's surgery had gone. He was frustrated because there hadn't been any news from the doctors. Moments later, Blair approached Todd. The two happily embraced before Blair asked how Téa was doing. Todd admitted that he had not heard anything from the operating room. Todd inquired after the children. Blair assured Todd that they were fine.

Blair then changed the subject to Powell. She told Todd that he shouldn't blame himself for Powell's insanity or the things that Powell had done. Todd appreciated Blair's support. He told her that one good thing had come out their ordeal; Powell had reunited them with their granddaughter.

Todd and Blair were overjoyed as they talked about Starr's baby. Todd told Blair that their granddaughter looked like Starr and had Blair's eyes. Blair admitted that she was eager to see the baby. Todd confided that he felt as if he had been given a second chance; he asked Blair if she believed in second chances. Blair admitted that she did. When Todd mentioned that he looked forward to telling Starr about the baby, Blair realized that Todd had no idea that Jessica had disappeared with Chloe.

Todd took the news well. He recalled that the last time he had been in the hospital, following Blair's stabbing. Todd had been worried that Blair would die. When Powell had dragged Blair and Téa away, Todd had been certain that he would never see them alive again. He was also convinced that Blair and Téa were furious with Todd. Blair confessed that she and Téa had exchanged words, but they had also made peace with each other. As they talked, the surgeon approached. The doctor had good news: Téa had been stabilized and was expected to make a full recovery. Todd and Blair were delighted and shared another hug.

In Bo's office, Bo updated Clint, Viki, and Brody on the search for Jessica and Chloe. They had issued an APB and stationed a unit at Nash and Jessica's cottage as well as other locations significant to Jessica. Bo decided to make another attempt to reach Jessica on the cell phone. They agreed that Brody was their best chance of reaching Jessica, so they handed the phone to him.

Brody dialed Jessica's number. As expected, Bess answered the phone. However, Bess wasn't interested in cooperating. Bess made it clear that she had no intention of returning to Llanview, then she disconnected the phone. As Bess sped down the road, she dropped the cell phone out of the car's window.

Viki was concerned that the stress of the situation could prompt alters, more dangerous than Tess, to emerge. Bo wanted to issue another Amber Alert. Clint was worried about labeling his daughter a felon; he didn't want it to endanger Jessica and the baby. Bo assured Clint that they would use extreme caution when they approached Jessica.

Bo advised Viki and Clint to return to Llanfair. Bo reminded everyone that Jessica might gain control over her alters. Bo was certain that Jessica would return home the first opportunity that she had. Before Viki and Clint left Bo's office, they invited Brody to accompany them to Llanfair.

Clint told Nora that he was going home with Viki to wait for news on Jessica. Nora promised that she would try to get to Llanfair as soon as she could. Clint surprised Nora by suggesting that they go over wedding plans when she arrived at Llanfair; he explained that it would help him keep his mind occupied. As Nora and Clint kissed goodbye, Bo watched them through his office window.

Later, in Bo's office, Bo commented on the kiss he had seen between Nora and Clint. It appeared to Bo that things were better between Nora and his brother. Bo sensed that Nora was hiding something. When he pushed Nora for answers, she told him about her engagement to Clint. Bo was stunned, but managed to recover quickly. Bo promised to return Jessica and Chloe home safely, so that Nora and Clint could get married. According to Bo, then everything would be settled. Nora seemed slightly baffled by Bo's parting words.

In the car, Tess emerged to argue with Bess. Bess insisted that she needed to protect Jessica from the truth. Tess urged Bess to tell Jessica about the night Chloe had been born. Bess refused to consider it; she insisted that she was doing what was best for Jessica. Tess switched tactics. She tried to reason with Bess, pointing out that she had no money, no plan, and no one to turn to. When Bess complained of a headache, Tess suggested that Bess take a nap. Bess refused to be tricked into relinquishing control.

The two personalities continued to argue while Bess drove. The talked about Jessica's pregnancy, Chloe's birth, Todd's reaction to the news that Chloe and Hope had been switched, and Tess's attempt to kill Natalie and Jared. Tess was certain that Nash would want Bess to make things right by telling Jessica the truth.

Bess blamed Tess for the mess that they were in. However, she did thank Tess for giving her an idea. Bess banished Tess by sending Tess to sleep. After Tess was gone, Bess told Chloe that they needed people who were on their side. Bess assured the baby that she knew where to find those people.

In Llanfair's library, Natalie was wracked with guilt. She regretted not telling Jessica the truth about Chloe the minute they had discovered that the babies had been switched. Natalie was convinced that they could have avoided Jessica's predicament. Charlie pointed out that there weren't any guarantees that things would have turned out differently. Jared agreed with his father. While Natalie broke down in tears, Jared and Charlie tried their best to assure Natalie that she wasn't responsible for her sister's reaction to the news that her daughter had died.

Eventually, Charlie managed to steer the conversation to Natalie and Jared's wedding. He was disappointed that their wedding had to be postponed. Jared and Natalie announced that they had eloped when it became clear that everything was about to blow up in their faces. Charlie was thrilled by the news. As he congratulated the happy couple, Clint, Viki, and Brody walked in. They had heard the news about Jared and Natalie's wedding. Viki and Clint were happy for their daughter; they promised to celebrate the nuptials after Jessica returned home.

Charlie pulled Brody aside. The two men went outside to the patio. Charlie wanted to know how Brody was holding up. Brody admitted that he was not doing well. Brody credited Jessica with his recovery. According to Brody, Jessica had reached him when no one else had been able to. Brody was frustrated because he felt as if he had failed Jessica when he had lost her on the phone. Brody was determined to find Jessica.

An hour before Kyle's arraignment, Nora informed him that she would demand that the judge set his bail at one hundred thousand dollars. Kyle decided to reach out to Stacy for the money. Kyle left a threatening voicemail message for Stacy to bail him out of jail. He promised to sell her secret about Shane to the highest bidder if Stacy didn't cooperate. Kyle had no intention of remaining in jail; he had to attend his sister's funeral.

Rex and Stacy arrived at the loft. Rex felt terrible for Natalie because her wedding had been cancelled. Rex told Stacy about the history between Natalie, Jared, and Jessica's alter, Tess. Rex declared that Natalie deserved some happiness after everything she and Jared had been through. Stacy added that Rex, too, deserved to be happy.

Later, Rex decided to visit Shane. Stacy tried to tempt Rex to change his plans, to no avail. While Rex went to change clothes, Stacy replayed Kyle's message in her head. Afterwards, Stacy went to her suitcase where she kept the money that she had stolen.

Stacy lied to Rex; she claimed that she had a job interview. Shortly after Stacy left the loft, someone knocked on the door. Rex was surprised to find Stan on his doorstep. Rex immediately recognized Stacy's old boss as the guy from Jared's bachelor party. When he accused Stan of trying to hit on Stacy, Stan laughed.

Stan warned Rex not to believe everything that Stacy said because Stacy was a liar and a thief. Rex didn't appreciate Stan's harsh assessment of Stacy. Rex defended Stacy by informing Stan that Stacy had saved Shane's life. Stan asked Rex if he was sure that Stacy had actually given the gift of life. Rex was taken aback by the question.

Stan explained that Stacy had stolen twenty thousand dollars from his nightclub. Rex offered to call the police, so that Stan could report the theft, but Stan wanted nothing to do with the police. Rex wasn't surprised by Stan's reaction. He tossed Stan out of the loft. Before he left, Stan suggested that Rex question Stacy about the theft.

Later, Stacy arrived at the loft after bailing out Kyle. Rex asked Stacy how her job interview had gone. Stacy easily lied, claiming someone else had been hired. Without warning, Rex dropped the bombshell that Stan had been by the loft. Stacy was speechless as Rex went on to reveal that Stan had accused Stacy of stealing money.

Schuyler went to the carriage house to talk to Gigi about Stacy. He explained that he had once dated Stacy, but she had been hung up on another guy. Gigi thought that Schuyler wanted her to talk to Stacy on his behalf. She warned Schuyler that Stacy wasn't likely to listen to her because their relationship was strained. Schuyler confessed that he knew the sisters weren't on the best of terms.

He admitted that he hadn't been a prize when he had dated Stacy. However, the issue in their relationship had been another guy whom Stacy had been obsessed with. Schuyler was stunned when Gigi revealed that Rex had been the object of Stacy's obsession. Schuyler quickly figured out that Stacy had somehow managed to bargain Shane's life in exchange for Rex. Gigi's reaction confirmed Schuyler's suspicions.

Gigi implored Schuyler to keep quiet about the blackmail. Gigi explained that she had promised God that she would do whatever He asked of her in exchange for Shane's recovery. Gigi couldn't expose Stacy as long as Shane was not in remission. Schuyler quickly realized that Stacy had used Gigi's promise to God to her advantage.

Schuyler was more convinced than ever that Stacy had not saved Shane's life. Gigi was confused by Schuyler's comment. Schuyler clarified that he was certain that Stacy had not donated her stem cells to Shane.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Happens In The Boiler Room...

John escorted Marty back to her suite at the Palace Hotel. Marty was still exhilarated by the news about Hope, and couldn't believe Cole was getting a second chance at raising his daughter. Marty told John she remembered how much she loved her son, and that her memories were returning with rapid speed.

John moved to leave, but Marty stopped him by asking about their shared fondness for making paper airplanes, and their previous relationship. John played it off, but as Marty teased him about the airplanes, their close proximity led to a passionate kiss.

John and Marty moved into the bedroom and hit the sheets, but before they could go further, they stopped themselves. John told Marty he cared for her, but his marriage to Blair had to mean something, as she was just getting out of the hospital. Marty assented, and said that Cole would need her with Hope back in their lives. But, she said with a smile, "You're still a really good kisser."

Marty walked John to her door, and bid him goodnight. John told her not to worry about Hope. He couldn't help but pull her into another embrace, whispering, "Welcome back." After he left, John and Marty found themselves on opposite ends of the closed door, grappling with their emotions.

At La Boulaie, Langston and Markko returned home from their prom getaway, deliriously happy. Dorian interrupted their bliss, and told them she had shocking news about Lola. Dorian explained that Lola had been responsible for puncturing Langston's condoms, and revealed that Lola had killed her own mother and allowed Ray to take the rap for it. Dorian told the kids that Lola was being treated at St. Anne's, with Ray watching over her, and she didn't know what would happen next.

Langston and Markko returned to the foyer, stunned by the news. Markko brightened their spirits by saying that no matter what had happened, it couldn't compare to their wonderful night together. The teens struggled to keep their hands off each other long enough for Markko to say a painful goodnight.

After Markko was gone, Langston joined Dorian on the patio. When questioned about her prom experience, Langston told her foster mother they'd used his condoms, and that was all she'd say about it. Dorian told Langston that Markko was a wonderful young man who reminded her of Ray, and said that Ray had impressed her with how he'd handled the Lola situation. Langston was shocked to realize Dorian had been developing warmer feelings for "Uncle Ray" for some time, but Dorian told Langston she was keeping the details to herself for the time being.

At Llanview Hospital, Todd and Blair arrived to visit Téa. Todd told Blair she didn't have to accompany him, but a nervous Blair said that she and Téa had shared something during their imprisonment in the Kappa Alpha Delta boiler room, and she wanted to speak to Téa, as well. Blair suggested Todd go in first.

Todd entered Téa's room, and woke her up. The battered attorney greeted Todd with a smile, and asked what had happened. Todd explained that Rebecca had brought the house down with a gas explosion, but had only killed herself. He reassured Téa that she would make a full recovery. Todd joked that for a moment during the crisis, he hadn't been sure that Téa would not have shot him like Powell wanted her to. Téa told Todd that he was a bastard, but she could never hurt him. Todd asked her about the boiler room and her experience with Blair, but Téa remained silent.

Blair watched Todd comfort Téa from outside the hospital room, but couldn't contain her nerves for long. Entering the room, she took her turn with Téa. Once Todd left, Téa told Blair her secret was safe: Todd would never know they both considered him their one true love. Blair played dumb, but Téa told her there was no sense in denying what they'd spoken of. Blair turned the tables by asking Téa to confess her own deep, dark, unspoken secret. Téa responded by saying that it was best that they forget everything that had happened in the boiler room, and pretend it had never happened. Blair said it was a deal.

Todd entered just in time to hear the ladies strike their bargain, though he didn't know about what. Blair and Téa claimed they'd agreed to stop insulting each other. They began trading barbs as Todd grew concerned about Téa's well-being, while Blair seethed with jealousy. Téa admitted that she didn't know who'd take care of her during her convalescence. Todd said that he would.

As Todd and Blair prepared to leave, Téa stopped Blair on her way out. With the women alone together again, Blair tried once more to get Téa's big secret out of her, to no avail. Téa warned Blair to remember their vow: "What happens in the boiler room stays in the boiler room." Blair agreed to keep her word if Téa kept hers, and walked out.

At Rex's loft, Stacy was dumbstruck when Rex confronted her about Stan. Rex warned her that he wanted the truth or he'd throw her out. Under pressure, Stacy admitted that Stan had been her boss in Las Vegas, and that she had stolen twenty thousand dollars from him, but she said it was merely the money Stan owed her. Stacy claimed that Stan had been taking a commission out of the dancers' salaries, and bullied them to keep them in line. She said that before she'd left Vegas, she'd calculated what Stan owed her, and had taken it for herself.

Rex grudgingly accepted Stacy's explanation, and said he could understand wanting to take one's power back from a user. He grabbed the phone, suggesting they call Bo and the Llanview Police Department to take care of Stan once and for all. "No!" Stacy cried. She told Rex that Stan was a well-connected criminal, and that going to the police could put their entire family in danger.

Rex suggested they simply give Stan his money back, but Stacy, having given the cash to Kyle Lewis for bail money, said she couldn't. She claimed Schuyler had stolen it during her stay at his place. Stacy told Rex that Schuyler was a hardened drug addict who had been suspended from his teaching job for lewd conduct with a student, and had probably already spent the money on drugs. Out of options, the gullible Rex agreed to give Stan twenty thousand dollars out of his own funds to get Stan off Stacy's back.

As Rex and Stacy prepared for bed, Stacy told Rex how grateful she was for his kindness and generosity. Rex told Stacy not to worry, and headed for bed.

At the carriage house, Gigi asked Schuyler to elaborate on his claims about Stacy possibly not being Shane's bone marrow donor. Schuyler explained that he'd seen Stacy drop an "extra" bag of blood and stem cells into a medical waste bin at the hospital, and then proven her to be a liar about it. He told Gigi he believed that Stacy had switched her donor sample for someone else's on the day of the transplant, and said he had kept the bag of blood in order to investigate his claim.

Gigi was grossed out that Schuyler had kept the bag of blood, but Schuyler insisted he was not the stalker Stacy made him out to be. He said his love for Stacy was in the past, as he'd discovered she was an obsessive manipulator who would do anything to get what she wanted. He told Gigi he believed that Stacy had brokered a deal with someone to switch her stem cells out for someone else's, and was prepared to test the bag of blood against Shane to see if they were a match; if not, Stacy could not possibly be Shane's bone marrow donor.

Gigi was overjoyed that Stacy couldn't hold Shane's life over Gigi's head, and was determined to call Rex immediately. Schuyler stopped her, reminding her they needed confirmation and proof; he suggested they go to the lab in the morning to run the compatibility tests on Stacy and Shane's blood. Gigi agreed, and said her promise to God for Shane's life had been built on Stacy's lies. When she had proof, she promised "that bitch is history!" Schuyler realized that Gigi hated her sister, but admitted he still cared for Stacy, and felt she needed help.

Gigi walked Schuyler out, and Schuyler told her he'd pick her up in the morning to go to the hospital and run the tests. Gigi was excited by the thought of finally getting her life back, and thanked Schuyler for his help. She couldn't help but wonder, however, if Stacy wasn't the donor, who the donor could be.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle returned home despite the protests of the indignant Roxy, who didn't want a criminal under her roof. "You're an extortioner and a blackmailist!" Roxy howled. Kyle told Roxy he was out on bail, innocent of the charges against him, and that she'd let him keep living on the premises unless she wanted her role in Stacy's scheme to come out.

Roxy accused Kyle of being wrapped up in Rebecca and Powell's murder spree, but Kyle said he hadn't been close to his sister and had nothing to do with their crimes. He snatched his room key from Roxy, and reminded her that they were in the same bind together. Roxy told him that "John Doe" was dead and the topic of their secret was closed, for good.

As Kyle headed upstairs, Roxy turned to her closest confidant, Morris, the stuffed beaver. Roxy told Morris she'd been sure that with Rex's father dead, her torment would be over, but the secret seemed to keep getting dredged up. Roxy asked her friend where it would end. Predictably, Morris had no answer.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hope Is Alive

As Starr attempted to reach Marcie on the phone, she spied the latest local headlines online. She was mystified that there was an Amber Alert out on Jessica and her own baby, and thought that a call to Viki was in order. Entering the room, Blair suggested that Viki had her hands full and thought that Starr should help her mother cook a big breakfast instead. Aware that her mother was hiding something, Starr wanted to know why Blair was acting strangely.

Claiming that it was all due to the incident at the frat house, Blair admitted that she wanted Téa's reaction to something, but she also wanted Starr to know that they might not ever get over what happened at the KAD house. She promised to tell Starr everything when she felt better. Changing subjects, she asked Starr to tell her all about the prom.

Happily, Starr revealed that she and Cole had a nice evening and she was able to see how things were between them before. She too had a secret, she told her mom. Cole had told her that he loved her. Unfortunately, it was while he was going through drug withdrawal and sleeping, and he probably didn't even remember it, she added. Starr noted that things were great between Cole and her, but they merely wanted to learn what happened to their baby. Starr revealed that she believed Hope was alive.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Michael had no luck in obtaining information from the funeral home regarding Hope. When John arrived and announced that he had been cleared, Marcie heaved a sigh of relief. She wanted John's help in locating the truth about Hope's death and whereabouts. When a call came through from the funeral home that no other babies were buried the same week as Hope, Marcie was adamant in her request for John's aid.

Michael explained that all new babies have bracelets on to identify them, but Marcie quickly jumped in. She recalled holding onto the baby's hands after her death and she was definitely not wearing a bracelet. She disclosed that she was starting to believe Starr's instincts that the baby was really alive. Suddenly, John excused himself to make a phone call and headed out to the hallway.

Marty quickly hid the newspaper when Cole walked through the door of her room at the Palace Hotel. Reminding his mom that she had given him a key, Cole wanted to know what she had removed from his sight. Instead, Marty disclosed that she had been happily remembering him as a baby. Responding to Cole's questions on the return of her memory, Marty explained that it had happened at the frat house. It was rough, she admitted to him, but she was happy to accept it. Cole confessed that Starr believed that their baby was alive, but he couldn't allow her to think that.

It was difficult the first time, he continued and he wouldn't be able to go through it again. He felt that it was a miracle that he got his mom back, but he couldn't believe that he would get his baby back, too. He just wanted to know her cause of death so that it could all be put to rest, he explained to Marty. Hope would always be his baby, even if she were gone. He divulged that he and Starr had talked about how it would have been when their daughter was old enough to go to the prom some day, if she had lived. He and Starr were not back together yet, Cole added, but he loved her.

Marty expressed her opinion that her son needed to focus on his recovery. It was due to Starr that he was on the road to recovery, Cole informed his mother. He wasn't sure that he wanted to share his feelings with Starr. He caught her up to date on how he and Starr had parted ways over their disagreement on raising the baby and turning her over to the McBains. He admitted that he was an addict, but had gotten clean. He did it for Starr at first, but was doing it for himself, too. Marty told him that she was proud of him.

At Llanfair, a concerned Viki admitted that she had no choice but to go public about the missing Jessica and Chloe. She was also worried that Starr would start asking questions. Charlie agreed that news of the baby's identity should not be divulged to anyone else until after Jessica was found. "How crazy is this one?" Todd asked in reference to Bess when he walked in unannounced. "Don't wear her out, Todd!" Charlie exclaimed, looking out for Viki before excusing himself.

Viki assured Todd that Bess would protect Jessica and the baby. She was only worried that Jessica would fall apart upon losing Chloe, since the baby helped her to heal after Nash's death. Todd made it clear that Starr, Cole, and the McBains were not aware of Chloe's true identity yet. He, Blair, and Marty were waiting for Jessica to be found first. Viki reminded Todd that the baby was promised to the McBains, and she wondered how Todd would feel to lose the baby again when the McBains adopted her.

Todd felt that it wasn't time to think about that yet and he was only concerned with finding the baby first. Viki encouraged him to explore his feelings.

As Blair and Starr were talking, John called, which interrupted Blair. Ordering Starr to stay put, Blair agreed with John that it was time for everyone to be told the truth about Hope. She explained that Starr was beginning to ask questions due to the Amber Alert. John enlightened her on what was happening with Marcie and Michael.

Blair quickly called Todd and summoned him to La Boulaie. Viki asked him to apologize to Starr for all that had happened. After Todd left the house, a news crew showed up to film Viki making a plea for Jessica's return. Marty received her call from Blair to bring Cole to La Boulaie and join the others.

As Bess arrived at her destination, she looked into her compact mirror to freshen herself up. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Tess angrily asked, peering out from the mirror. Bess advised her that she was trying to look like Jessica and that she had found the perfect place to hide. As a storm brewed, she marched up some steps and knocked on the door.

Identifying herself and the baby, Bess as Jessica surprised the couple there. The Brennans were stunned even more when they learned that their son. Nash, had passed away. Jessica explained that he had been in an accident and that she had thought it best to tell them in person. Mrs. Brennan recalled the letter they had received from Nash some time before stating that he had been looking for them, but they never heard from him again and never saw him. They informed Jessica that they hadn't seen him since he was an infant, when he was taken from them. They had been young, out of work, and living in their van. Jessica asked to stay with them for a few days.

The new grandparents were excited at the chance to bond with their son's daughter. When they went to the kitchen to heat the baby's bottle, Jessica looked into the mirror. Tess berated her for her actions, but Jessica assured her that she had a plan. Mr. Brennan wondered whom Jessica was talking to when he returned. Quickly, Jessica mentioned her tiredness and clarified that she was only talking to herself. Once alone in the bedroom with Chloe, she assured the baby that they were safe.

Downstairs, Mr. Brennan turned on the television. He was just in time to see Viki making her appeal, along with pictures of Jessica and Chloe.

As Layla was packing up to move from her apartment, Cristian arrived with a special gift. It was the artwork Layla had created, newly framed and ready for hanging. Cris admitted that it looked real and should be seen. Layla confessed that she was feeling down with all that had happened. She cited Sarah leaving town; Adriana selling her company, which left Layla without a job; and Talia's death. She was not looking forward to moving in with her mother, but she could no longer afford her apartment. She was shocked when Cris offered to move in and share expenses with her.

Reminding her that his building was going co-op and that he couldn't afford to buy, Cris explained that he didn't want to live with his mother, either. Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted them. It was a man from the moving company. Smiling, Layla informed the employee that she had changed her mind. Cris promised her that things would be great, that she'd find a job, and, if necessary, they would find another roommate. Layla told him that she always wanted complete honesty from him. She asked if he really liked her painting. While not technically correct, he still loved it, he told her. She gave him a thumbs-down on his vision for redesigning the apartment.

Pleading again with John to help them out, Marcie and Michael were stunned to hear his response. He already knew what happened to the baby, he stated. He suggested they sit down. While the story was long and complicated, he thought it best to "cut to the chase," he declared. He then told the astonished couple that Hope was alive.

Todd arrived at La Boulaie and learned from Blair that Starr was already suspicious. Marty and Cole followed closely behind. The teens were nervous and wondered what the latest news could be. As everyone took a seat, Blair made the announcement. Hope didn't die and she was still alive, she said.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Found and Lost

Anxious to prove that Stacy had lied about being a blood match for Shane, Gigi and Schuyler arrived at Llanview Hospital and headed to the lab. After convincing the lab technician at the front desk that Schuyler had clearance to access the lab, Schuyler and Gigi raced off to find proof that Stacy's stem cells weren't a match for Shane.

Seconds after Gigi and Schuyler had entered the lab, Kyle approached the on-duty technician at the desk and requested his help in locating Kyle's final paycheck. As the lab technician walked off, Kyle peeked inside the lab and panicked when he spotted Gigi and Schuyler at the computer, attempting to compare Stacy and Shane's blood work.

While Schuyler and Gigi waited for the test results to process, Kyle utilized the front desk computer terminal and made changes to Stacy's blood test results. Back inside the lab, a look of surprise crossed Schuyler's face as he examined the test results. He told a devastated Gigi that the test results stated that Stacy's stem cells were a match for Shane. Upset by the news, Gigi ran out into the hall and Schuyler chased after her.

As he tried to convince Gigi that someone had tampered with the results, Schuyler observed Kyle walking away from the front desk. Pointing Kyle out to Gigi, Schuyler told her that Stacy and the lab technician had been spending a lot of time together. A frustrated Gigi asked Schuyler to contact her once he discovered proof to support his claim. Schuyler was convinced that Kyle was involved in Stacy's scheme. Dragging Gigi down the hall, Schuyler remarked, "I already have!"

At Rex's loft, Stacy received a call from Stan, who informed Stacy that he would make her life a living hell unless she returned the money that she had stolen from him. Stan instructed Stacy to meet him at the baseball field at the park. As Stacy wondered how she would come up with the money, Rex returned and presented her with twenty thousand dollars. Insisting that he would never forget that she saved his son's life, Rex told Stacy that he had borrowed the money from Ultraviolet. Thrilled that Rex had come through for her, Stacy thanked him with a big hug.

As Stacy prepared to meet Stan at the park, Rex announced that he would go to the park alone. Stacy tried to convince Rex to reconsider. After mulling over their dilemma, Rex decided that he wouldn't allow Stan to extort money from them. Instead of handing over the cash to Stan, Rex told Stacy that he intended to have a discussion with Stan. Before leaving, Rex remarked that he wouldn't allow Stan to take advantage of Stacy.

Rex wandered around the baseball field and waited for Stan. Meanwhile, Stacy greeted Stan at the loft and related that she had the money. After giving him the cash, Stacy asked Stan for one last favor. Stacy asked Stan to punch her in the face.

Back at the park, Rex continued to wait for Stan to arrive. Meanwhile, Schuyler and Gigi headed to his apartment, but they decided to take a shortcut through the park. Schuyler related that the bag of blood, which he was certain belonged to Stacy, was inside his apartment at the Angel Square Hotel. When Schuyler advised Gigi that they would have the blood tested at another lab, Gigi's hope was renewed. As Gigi envisioned exposing Stacy and finally reuniting with Rex, both Gigi and Schuyler were startled when Rex appeared and demanded to know why Gigi was in Schuyler's company.

Upon discovering Jessica's car on the lot, Brody knocked on the door of the car dealer that had purchased Jessica's vehicle. The dealer recognized the photograph of Jessica and remembered that she had mentioned taking a particular interstate.

As Brody looked over a map, he had a flashback of a conversation that he had with Jessica several months earlier. Brody recalled that Jessica had mentioned that she regretted that Nash didn't get the chance to meet his long-lost parents, who lived in Morgantown. Spotting the small village of Morgantown on the map, Brody realized that he had discovered a lead.

At the home of Nash's parents in Morgantown, Bess walked downstairs just in time to overhear Mr. Brennan telling his wife about Viki's television ad in which she claimed that Jessica had run off with the baby. Upon hearing Mr. Brennan's decision to phone the hotline, Bess appeared and informed Nash's parents that she wanted to tell them the truth. Mr. Brennan stated that unless Jessica could provide him with a valid explanation, he would place the call.

Stating that she was grief-stricken after Nash's death, Bess told the Brennans that Viki thought she had gone crazy and wanted her committed. Mr. Brennan argued that Viki appeared to be concerned for Jessica and Chloe, but Bess told the Brennans that Viki had never cared for Nash. Bess said that Viki would never allow Nash's parents the opportunity to have a relationship with their grandchild. Bess advised the Brennans that they would never see Chloe again if they turned Jessica in. Unwilling to lose contact with their newfound granddaughter, the Brennans agreed to remain silent.

Leaving Bess alone, the Brennans stepped away to prepare a snack. An image of Tess appeared in the mirror. Tess warned Bess that Viki, Todd, and Brody were hot on her trail. Tess told Bess that once Viki and Todd offered a huge reward for information leading to Jessica's return, the Brennans would turn her in to receive the cash. Bess thanked Tess for giving her yet another bright idea.

A few moments later, Bess quietly returned downstairs with Chloe. As she opened the front door, Bess was startled to discover Brody.

Inside Michael and Marcie's apartment, John informed the stunned couple that Hope was alive. John detailed the events that led up to Hope's kidnapping. Marcie and Michael were thankful to learn the Hope hadn't died. John promised Michael and Marcie that he would come up with a lead on where Jessica had taken the baby. After John had left, Marcie admitted that although she was elated to learn the news, she didn't know how to react. Mike was adamant that their only focus should be on the safe return of Jessica and Hope.

Meanwhile, at La Boulaie, a shocked Starr and Cole listened as their parents revealed that Hope was alive. With tears streaming down her face, Starr exclaimed that she had received a miracle. As Blair, Todd, and Marty looked on, Starr and Cole embraced and expressed their joy of learning that their child was alive.

The teens listened as Todd explained exactly how Hope had been switched with the dead child. Upon learning that Jessica had kidnapped her daughter, Starr couldn't believe that Hope had been living under her nose the entire time. Recalling the special moments she had with Chloe, Starr stated that she knew there was a reason why she shared a connection with the child. Starr and Cole feared that Jessica's alter ego might harm Hope. Assuring the teens that both Jessica and Hope would return home safely, Blair smiled as she promised them that they would be reunited with their child. When Starr expressed concern that Marcie wasn't aware of the news, Blair told her that John had related the news to Marcie.

Todd balked when John arrived at La Boulaie and informed Blair that Bo had come up with a lead on Jessica. When Mike and Marcie entered the room, Todd appeared bothered. Starr informed her father that she wanted Marcie and Michael to remain at La Boulaie until Hope was returned home. Everyone prepared to wait for news on the whereabouts of Hope and Jessica.

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