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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on GL
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Olivia sat with Doris at Company to get some advice about how long it took a person to readjust to life outside prison. Doris assumed that Olivia wanted to make sure Rafe could handle hearing about Natalia and Olivia, but candidly said that Rafe would never be readjusted enough to hear about that. Doris figured Olivia worried that if something didn't happen between Natalia and Olivia soon, then it never would. Olivia rolled her eyes, and left the table.

At the cemetery, Rafe placed flowers on Gus's grave. Natalia approached, and discovered a police force application in his back pocket. Rafe became defensive when Natalia assumed that he wanted to be a police officer, like his father. "It's one thing to say that I want to be like Gus; it's something completely different to actually do it," a frustrated Rafe stated.

Natalia said that Gus had made mistakes, but he'd had integrity and character, just like Rafe. She thought that Gus would be proud of Rafe for trying to better himself. Rafe decided that he'd wear one of Gus's ties to the police academy interview.

Sometime later, Natalia adjusted Rafe's tie, and Rafe entered the police station for his interview with Frank and the police chief. Olivia popped up, surprising Natalia, who beamed that Rafe wanted to be a cop, just like his father. Olivia thought that was a good sign, and asked Natalia to call if Rafe needed a reference.

Natalia met Rafe inside the station, where Frank seemed disheartened by Rafe's desire to join the police force. Rafe understood that it might not be possible, since they'd just rehired Remy. Frank took Rafe to his office, and reluctantly informed Rafe that his felony record disqualified him from becoming a cop. Frank apologized, wishing there was a way to change it. He thought Rafe would have made a good cop.

Rafe found Natalia, and lied that he was on a waiting list for a position. Rafe contemplated getting a part-time job, or calling Alan, who'd left Rafe a message. Natalia discouraged turning to Alan, saying that other people could also help Rafe. Natalia called Olivia to give her the news about Rafe making the department's waiting list. A dreary Olivia perked up when Natalia said that Rafe just needed a job in the meantime. Olivia told Natalia to send Rafe to the Beacon, because Olivia wanted to help him.

At Olivia's office later, Rafe grumbled about Olivia's bus boy and hotel security positions. Rafe decided he'd just call Alan. Olivia didn't expect Rafe to kiss her feet, but she did expect gratitude for her help. Rafe asked her to excuse his disappointment about cleaning up dirty dishes, but he needed a career after being disqualified from joining the police force.

Olivia said that Rafe didn't have to lie to Natalia about the police department waiting list. Rafe indignantly told Olivia to stay out of his family's business. "Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?" Rafe asked her. "This has absolutely nothing to do with you."

At Towers, Billy tried to find common ground with Alan, since Bill and Lizzie planned to unite their families. Alan tried to walk off, but Billy pursued him, advising him to support Lizzie's decision. Alan griped that Bill had brainwashed her.

Vanessa arrived, and Alan grumbled that they were happy that they'd won. Vanessa wasn't aware of any contest. After Billy and she walked away, Alan called Phillip to say that they needed to talk.

In the mansion parlor, Beth said that she admired Phillip's desire to protect his children, but he needed to find another way to do it. Phillip implored her to think quickly, because he'd already contacted the SEC in order to confess to his involvement with the Independence Fund. Phillip insisted that it was the only way that James could create a new life for himself.

Beth and Phillip found Bill and Lizzie kissing outside. Phillip offered to throw the couple an engagement party. He said that they should all celebrate their happiness while it lasted.

In the parlor later, Phillip met Alan, who accused Phillip of loafing around while the family went to "hell in a handbasket." Alan reasoned that because Lizzie had thrown her lot in with the "square-dancing Lewis clan," she'd become "yesterday's news." Alan felt that James was the future of their family, and they had to help James actualize himself. Phillip replied that Alan and he could actually agree on something, and Phillip exited.

Natalia surprised Alan with a visit. Alan said he'd called to check on Rafe, and offer him assistance. Natalia politely explained that Alan could give Rafe moral support, but she didn't want Alan to offer Rafe any "Spaulding shortcuts." Alan asked if Rafael knew that Alan wasn't allowed to help him. Natalia said Rafe would know, and Alan promised not to corrupt her son.

Bill and Lizzie joined Bill's parents at Towers for lunch to discuss wedding plans. Vanessa decided to help the hosts of the bridal shower and engagement party. Billy volunteered to throw the bachelor party. Lizzie wanted to surprise Maureen by asking her to be a bridesmaid. Billy said that Lizzie was the best thing to happen to the family in a long time.

Exiting Towers after lunch, Bill and Lizzie ran into Doris, who sneered that it was their loss for firing Ashlee as their wedding planner. Doris strutted off, and Lizzie commented that Doris hated them. Bill said that Doris hated their happiness.

At the park later, Lizzie wanted to call Phillip, and thank him for the engagement party. She'd forgotten how great it felt to have a dad. Bill said Phillip had come through for them with the police in Chicago, too.

Daisy found James on her doorstep. She said that Phillip had warned her to stay away from James. James replied that Phillip would be "busy for a while," solving James's problems. James explained Phillip's plan, and was certain that Phillip would buy his way out of jail time. James asked Daisy for a fake ID with a new name on it. "My dad wanted me to start a new life," James said. "New life, new fund."

James planned to use his Spaulding savviness to start a new life for himself. James joked that his new fake ID should say Robin Hood, since James robbed from the rich. Daisy asked if he'd give to the poor. He quipped that he'd pay Daisy to work with him. After some cajoling, Daisy tentatively agreed to go in with James. "For now," she cautioned.

Daisy made James an ID with the name Steve Merrill. She still disbelieved that James would start another Ponzi scheme while Phillip took the fall for the first one. James appreciated Phillip's help, saying, "It makes sense. He had his life; now it's my turn to have mine." James received a business call, and then told Daisy to get dressed up for a client meeting at Towers.

After James left, Ashlee stopped by to ask Daisy to go to the movies. James called to ask Daisy to bring her laptop to the meeting. She told James that she was going to the movies, but he persisted that he'd meet her in thirty minutes. After Daisy's call, Ashlee offered to take the meeting, because she really needed a job. Daisy said that Ashlee could have the fake ID business, but Ashlee didn't want to get arrested at work.

Daisy dressed up for the meeting, and Ashlee figured that it was really a date with James. Daisy insisted that her family would kill her for dating James. Ashlee said that hadn't stopped Daisy before, but at least James was merely a Spaulding, and not a killer, like Grady.

Later, Phillip stopped by James's room at the Beacon to say that it was nice of James to be in Lizzie and Bill's wedding party. When James seemed in a hurry to leave, Phillip assumed that James was meeting a girl. James lied that it was a blind date with a girl in the tennis club.

Later, Daisy met James at Towers, but wasn't sure that she should stay. She worried that Phillip couldn't bail James out of trouble again, because Phillip would be in jail for James's last scheme. James replied that his new plan was foolproof. Just then, the client arrived.

After James's presentation, the client left the table to make a phone call. Daisy and James felt that they had the client locked in. James said that it had been easier than the last time. The client returned to say that he liked James's proposal. Phillip approached from behind, saying, "Sounds like a great plan. Where do I sign up?"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At the Cooper house, Frank drank a beer as he reviewed apartment brochures. Frank's mouth dropped when Buzz decided that Frank and he should move out together. Blake arrived to take Frank apartment shopping. Rafe strolled in behind her. Rafe heard Frank's plans, and readily asked, "Dude, do you need a roommate?"

Frank pulled Blake aside, and whispered that roommates weren't in his plan. He was too old to live with his father or a teenager. Marina entered, excited to hear that her father wanted to move out. Buzz said he might join Frank; however, Frank replied that he needed his own space.

Frank, Blake, and Rafe left to hunt for one-bedroom apartments. Marina wondered if Buzz seriously wanted to move out. Buzz replied that he'd just wanted to make Frank sweat. Marina and Buzz agreed that it was a good decision for Frank, who needed to get a life.

At the bank, Remy encountered his father, who worried because the bank intended to foreclose on him. Clayton said he had to figure out how to tell Felicia about it. Remy asked Clayton to keep quiet at least until the end of the day. After Clayton left, Remy called a Mr. Doyle, saying that someone had referred him to Doyle about cashing in some diamonds.

Later, Remy stood outside Company, leaving a message for Dinah to call him to discuss something crazy that he was about to do. Inside, he greeted Christina and Marina. Christina doted on Remy, and his desire to be on the right side of the law.

Blake, Frank, and Rafe entered for lunch. They speculated about Edmund's murder and finances with Christina, Marina, and Remy. Remy rushed out to return a phone call. Christina noted to Marina that Remy seemed stressed out since his return to the police force. Marina assumed that Remy felt a lot of pressure, becoming an officer for the second time.

During a phone call at his house, Remy said a friend of Jenna Bradshaw had referred him. Remy and the caller set up a meeting for the following day. Christina arrived to return a walkie-talkie that he'd left a Company, and asked if he believed in curses. Remy replied that he believed in solutions. After she left, he called Clayton to say that he was solving the problem.

At Towers, Mr. Banning, James's client, advised Phillip to invest in James's plan. James handed Mr. Banning his card, saying that they'd finalize things later. Mr. Banning exited, and Phillip raged, "Is this a joke? I bail you out of one disaster, and you jump into another?"

James claimed to be tying up loose ends. Daisy defended James, saying that he had good ideas, and she wanted to be a part of them. "Who's Steve Merrill?" Phillip asked, and demanded to know where James had gotten the fake business cards and driver's license. James feigned sudden amnesia, but Daisy confessed to making them. Phillip ordered Daisy to leave, and then admonished James for involving her in his swindles.

Phillip asked if Beth or Lillian were supposed to go to jail for James the next time. James said to chill out, because Phillip had already assured that no one would get into trouble. Phillip stood up, saying that they were leaving. "Now!" Phillip yelled when James didn't move.

Outside, James wearily said he didn't mean to cause trouble; he just didn't want to rely on being a Spaulding. Phillip reasoned that James's methods were classic Spaulding. James asked if Phillip would still help him. Phillip agreed to, but Phillip didn't think James comprehended that Phillip could go to jail. James stated that Phillip owed him. Phillip sighed, sarcastically saying that going to jail for James might make them even. "Maybe," James retorted.

Phillip confiscated the fake driver's license. He made James promise not to pull any more stunts. James thanked Phillip for helping, but said it didn't make up for everything.

Daisy stopped by Olivia's office at the Beacon to get some advice about coping with the deplorable Spauldings. Olivia suggested that Daisy just steer clear of them. Daisy said that Phillip had barred her from seeing James, but Olivia thought that James and Daisy were clever enough to work around that. Daisy said she didn't really like James as much as she hated the fact that he wasn't supposed to like her.

Daisy admitted that not all of the Spauldings were alike, and cited that Rafe was different. Olivia said that she always seemed to forget that Rafe was a Spaulding. Olivia advised Daisy to get in touch with Rafe, because Daisy could be a good influence on him.

A woman, later known as Natasha, dumped Cyrus off on the outskirts of town. She threw his bag at him, ordering him to keep in touch. Her driver sped away with her in the back seat.

Cyrus walked to Springfield, and surprised Buzz, who sat at Coop's grave. Buzz asked if Cyrus had found Grady. "He isn't here, is he?" Buzz asked, gesturing around the cemetery. Cyrus said that he didn't think Grady wanted to be found.

Buzz asked why Cyrus had returned to town. Cyrus said that Springfield had been the only place that he'd sort of felt at home. "Welcome home," Buzz replied, and wondered what Cyrus' plans were. Cyrus didn't know, but was sure that something would come up.

Cyrus traveled to the Cooper house, where he told Daisy that he didn't know what had happened to Grady, but she was better off without him. As they talked, Natalia visited, looking for Rafe. Daisy said Olivia had suggested that Daisy call Rafe, who was hanging out with Frank.

After Cyrus left the Cooper house, Natasha called to remind him of their tight schedule. Cyrus said that things wouldn't happen overnight, and he didn't want to tip people off to their plan. Natasha warned him not to waste her time-again.

At the mansion, Rafe entered the parlor, looking for Alan. James excitedly said that Rafe and he were cousins, who'd both been sent "away." Rafe didn't like James's humor, and decided to catch up with Alan later. James asked Rafe to stay, and converse about Daisy.

Just then, Daisy called James, and he told her that he'd handled Phillip. He said Phillip fretted about possible jail time, but James didn't believe it would come to that. James mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was there. Daisy wanted to talk to Rafe, but James said that Rafe and he were about to watch a movie. Daisy asked James to tell Rafe that Natalia was looking for him.

When James delivered Daisy's message to Rafe, Rafe said his mother was getting on his nerves. He wished she'd understand that he didn't need her hovering over him all the time. James nodded, and said, "'Zoolander?'"

Natalia visited Olivia's office, anxious to learn about Rafe's new Beacon job. Olivia said that Rafe wasn't interested in any of the jobs. Olivia additionally explained that Rafe couldn't join the police force due to his felony conviction. Natalia wondered if Rafe knew that. Olivia said that Frank had told Rafe, but Rafe hadn't wanted to disappoint Natalia with the news.

"My poor baby," Natalia said. Olivia reminded Natalia that Rafe was an adult, who needed to learn to cope with setbacks. Olivia also thought that Natalia coddled him too much, which wasn't good for him, or for Olivia and Natalia's relationship. "It's not about us," Natalia retorted, saying that her son's dreams had just been crushed.

Olivia empathized with the situation, but stated that Rafe had been belligerent, despite his limited options. Olivia wondered how long they had to wait for Rafe to come around. Natalia said that Rafe was her son; he needed her attention. Natalia hoped that when the time came, Natalia could be more understanding of Emma's issues than Olivia had been of Rafe's.

Later, at the mini-mart, Natalia bumped into Father Ray, who wondered if Natalia were avoiding him by going to mass at a different time. She claimed that wasn't the case. He asked if she'd shared her feelings for Olivia with Rafe. Natalia said Rafe was having a hard time, and she didn't want to burden him with anything else. "Interesting choice of words," Father Ray stated.

Natalia didn't doubt herself. She just didn't want to overload Rafe with more change. Father Ray suggested that she was avoiding telling Rafe, just as she'd avoided Father Ray, because she knew that she wasn't doing what God wanted. Natalia replied that God wanted her to love. Father Ray commented that if Natalia had such a hard time legitimizing her relationship with Olivia, then maybe her feelings for Olivia weren't as strong as she thought.

In a Beacon hallway, Phillip saw Olivia as she attempted to avoid him. Phillip hoped he could see Emma soon. He wondered how Olivia had done so well with the child. Olivia replied that Emma was the only thing she'd gotten right. Phillip realized that parenting was much harder than he'd remembered. "And when it's going wrong, it's all you can think about," he stated.

Olivia thanked him, and Phillip was surprised he'd said something right. Olivia said he'd shed light on a cloudy issue. She asked that he call her the next day about lunch with Emma.

At the farmhouse later, Olivia apologized to Natalia for not being patient and supportive. Olivia decided to stop worrying that Rafe had all of Natalia's attention, because Natalia would still be there for Olivia, too. Olivia said she'd back off, and only visit when invited.

Natalia offered Olivia some coffee, but Olivia declined. "I'll call you-in like five minutes," Natalia bashfully said as Olivia left. Olivia nodded with a smile, saying, "I know."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

While Remy showered, Christina entered his apartment with breakfast. Her eyes lit up when she discovered a diamond on his table. She pretended not to see it as Remy entered, wearing a towel. Remy panicked, and tossed his towel over the diamond. "What are you doing?" Christina asked a naked Remy. Remy claimed that he was just glad to see her. She looked down, replying, "No, you're not." She said she knew what he was really up to.

Christina whipped the towel off the diamond, and said that Remy's desire to remarry her was flattering. "Mar-Mar-Marry-Marry you?" Remy stuttered in disbelief. Christina nodded, assuming that he'd bought the diamond for her. A quick-thinking Remy rewrapped himself in the towel, knelt before Christina, and asked her to marry him again.

Christina hoped Remy wouldn't be upset, but she felt that Remy and she worked better as an unmarried couple. He eagerly said that he wasn't upset. Remy decided he'd sell the diamond, rather than return it the jeweler for less money.

At the Towers bar, Christina and Remy waited for Mr. Doyle. Remy tensed when Doyle approached. Doyle wondered where they'd gotten such an exquisite stone. Christina said it was supposed to be for her engagement ring. Doyle handed Remy a thick envelope, and left with the stone. Remy peeked into the envelope. He jumped in his seat when Frank yelled, "Gotcha!"

Shoving the envelope into his pocket, Remy blabbered that it wasn't what it looked like. Frank laughed, teasing Remy about having a beer off the clock. Christina stepped away, and Frank told Remy that officials from San Cristobel suspected that Edmund had siphoned the crown jewels to support his lifestyle. Frank assigned Remy to hunt down the gems.

As Christina and Remy boarded the elevator, they collided with a disembarking Cyrus. When the elevator doors closed, Christina wanted to see the cash. Remy pointed to the security camera, and said he didn't want anyone to know that he had that kind of money on him.

At Company later, Christina told Marina that she'd declined Remy's nude proposal. As the ladies joked about Remy, Marina said that, as Remy's former roommate, she might know stuff about Remy that Christina didn't. Christina said that Remy and she had no secrets.

Meanwhile, outside the bank, Remy called Clayton to say that he might have a way to save the house. Remy planned to meet with bank officials, and call Clayton afterward.

Outside Company, Cyrus talked on the phone to Natasha, who pressured him to find Edmund's missing diamonds. Cyrus said he'd found the perfect cover to help him do just that. Inside the restaurant, Cyrus asked Buzz for a job. Buzz laughed, saying that Cyrus would definitely deserve the job, if he were brave enough to ask Marina for it.

Cyrus approached the counter, and asked Marina for a job. She wondered what had happened to robbing banks, and he said the government owned all the banks. Cyrus suffered through a little banter about him begging for Marina's forgiveness. She then told him to see Lynn about his new bus boy duties. After Cyrus left, Marina told an astonished Buzz that she'd hired Cyrus because he'd seemed so pathetic.

Cyrus called Natasha to say that he'd be working at Company, where he was certain that he'd hear if anyone had the stones. Natasha suggested he find out what the police knew. At the police station later, Cyrus attempted to glean information about Edmund's murder case from Frank, but a tight-lipped Frank cut off the conversation without revealing anything.

Cyrus called Natasha to say that he didn't think the police knew about the diamonds. As he ended the call, Dinah peeked around the corner, wondering what Cyrus was doing there. He lied that he was looking for jobs. Dinah doubted that the police had a job for a jewel thief.

Later, Cyrus met Natasha, who was unimpressed with his efforts. Cyrus still tried to sell her on Company being the town hub, thanks to the Buzz burgers. She said she needed more than advice on where to get a greasy burger. He assured her that he'd get a lead while working there.

Outside the police station, Mallet told Marina that he could only hold Reva for two more hours. Dinah and Shayne approached. An arrogant Shayne complained that Mallet had isolated Reva in lockup. Mallet said that Shayne could visit Reva, but the holding cells were monitored. When the men walked into the station, Dinah asked Marina if Mallet would treat Reva differently upon knowing that she was Henry's grandmother.

Jeffrey brought Reva breakfast. He rattled off everything he was doing to help her case, but all Reva cared about was a detailed report of everything Colin had been up to. Jeffrey immediately relaxed, smiling as he talked about their son.

Reva anticipated being released soon. She felt that Mallet was doing his job as an officer, while she did hers as a mother. Reva realized that she'd dug herself into a hole, but she was innocent. Mallet's tactic to force a confession, or flesh out the killer, hadn't worked.

As Jeffrey left to file some papers, he encountered Shayne and Dinah inside police headquarters. Shayne went to visit Reva, and Jeffrey asked Dinah not to let Shayne and Reva get too hotheaded. Outside, Jeffrey encountered Josh, who on his way in to see Reva.

In the holding area, Shayne promised to take Reva to Towers upon her release. Reva said she needed a shower, and Shayne joked that he could smell her through the bars. Josh joined them, and Reva thought it was nice that they were all together. Shayne replied that Reva had been locked up too long if she believed that spending time together at the police station was nice. Reva replied that the police were running out of time to hold her.

When Mallet entered headquarters later, he asked what Dinah was doing there. "I'm on duty," Dinah replied, explaining that she was babysitting Shayne and Reva for Jeffrey. Mallet said that a judge had issued him a search warrant for Cross Creek. Dinah grew concerned, but Mallet reasoned that Reva should have nothing to worry about, if she were innocent.

Mallet drove to Cross Creek, where Jeffrey met him outside. Mallet handed Jeffrey a search warrant. Mallet apologized, and entered the house with an officer trailing behind him.

Dinah joined Josh and Shayne outside Reva's cell. Shayne announced that they would dine at Towers that evening. Reva insisted that she just wanted to go home, and hug her baby. She told Dinah and Shayne to go on home, but Dinah replied that Jeffrey didn't want Reva to be alone. Josh offered to stay with Reva until her imminent release.

At the Beacon later, Dinah assured Shayne that Reva would be fine. Dinah had admittedly doubted Reva, but talking to Reva had convinced her of Reva's innocence. Dinah wondered who would be the next suspect. Shayne reassured her that he hadn't killed Edmund.

Dinah still seemed bothered by something. Shayne offered to help, but Dinah said there was no problem. When she left to get ice, Shayne started to search her drawers. He quickly stopped himself, saying, "Don't do this. Don't do this. She couldn't have done this. Don't do it."

Back in the holding cells, Josh pulled out a deck of cards, saying that Reva and he had enough time for him to beat her a couple times. Reva worried that Shayne might think that she'd actually killed Edmund. Josh knew that Reva didn't do it, and felt that she'd been pretty convincing with Shayne. Josh decided to step out to talk to Mallet before they started their card game. He jokingly told Reva not to go anywhere.

In the main headquarters, an officer told Josh that Mallet had left. Josh called Jeffrey to learn that Mallet was at Cross Creek, searching it. Jeffrey assured Josh that Mallet wouldn't find anything. After the call, Josh returned to Reva's cell to give her the news.

Back at Cross Creek, Mallet and Jeffrey exited the house, and Jeffrey said that Mallet had fifteen minutes to release Reva. Mallet hadn't found anything inside the house, but he suddenly remembered that the search warrant extended to Reva's car. An aggravated Jeffrey popped the car's trunk. Beneath the floorboard, Mallet found a blood-smeared PVC pipe wrapped in a white towel.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

At Cross Creek, Mallet removed a blood-smeared PVC pipe from Reva's trunk. Jeffrey claimed that neither he nor Reva knew anything about the pipe, and he couldn't believe that Mallet was pinning the murder on the cancer-recovering Reva. Mallet said that he'd apologize if he'd made a mistake, but as it stood, Reva had some explaining to do.

Jeffrey reasoned that anyone could have had access to the pipes at Lara's project site. Mallet replied that if Jeffrey were still the D.A., he'd be salivating over the perfectly gift-wrapped evidence. "And don't you think that it's a little too perfect?" Jeffrey asked.

Josh, who waited with Reva in the holding cells, called Jeffrey for an update on Mallet's search. Jeffrey said that they might have a problem. Jeffrey told Josh to keep quiet, and stall Reva until Jeffrey could straighten it out. As Josh ended the call, an officer entered Reva's cell, and handcuffed her. Josh assured Reva that everything would be okay as they led her away.

Jeffrey arrived at the police station to see a cop leading Reva through headquarters. He asked for a moment with her. Josh and Reva listened as Jeffrey asked Reva to swear that she wasn't holding anything back. Jeffrey said the police had found a bloody pipe in her car trunk. Reva replied that it was impossible. Mallet entered to take Reva before a judge.

In police headquarters, after Reva's hearing, the judge told Jeffrey that she wouldn't change her ruling. She said the evidence was sufficient for murder in the first degree, and bail had been set at half a million dollars. "I'm innocent!" Reva pleaded to the departing judge. Mallet replied that if that were true, then Reva had no need to worry.

Jeffrey asked Josh to stay with Reva while Jeffrey arranged bail. Daisy entered, upset about Reva. Josh sent her to get Reva some pie. Reva went in for processing, and Josh settled in for a long wait.

Frank apologized to Reva as he fingerprinted her. She said that she hadn't killed Edmund. "God, I hope not," Frank replied. Reva posed like a model for her mug shots, but Frank made her take serious pictures. Frank and Mallet discussed Reva's case afterward. Mallet said that it was wrapping up almost too easily, but he hadn't finished with it.

When Jeffrey posted Reva's bail, Reva practically ran out of the police station with him. Josh and Frank decided that they needed a drink. They discussed heading to Lizzie and Bill's engagement party. Frank tried to persuade Mallet to join them, but Mallet still pondered Reva's case. Josh and Frank left, and Mallet studied the pictures from Lara's project site.

At Cross Creek later, Jeffrey handed Colin to Reva. She wondered if she would only see Colin on visiting days at the prison. Jeffrey felt that someone was trying to set Reva up.

In a Beacon hotel room, Bill saw how beautiful Lizzie looked, and he again asked her to marry him. Bill suggested they get married at their engagement party that day. Just then, Ashlee snapped pictures of them. The surprised couple asked what Ashlee thought she was doing. A giddy Ashlee replied that she was compiling a wedding album for them. Ashlee left, saying that she had to find her mother, who hated to be late for events.

Bill realized that they'd invited Doris to their party. Lizzie cringed, saying that she'd had no choice in the matter. Bill decided that mayor Wolfe could marry them at the party. "When Doris Wolfe walks through those doors, I'm going to marry you," Bill proclaimed.

Ashlee entered Company. She told Daisy about her scheme to make Bill and Lizzie a wedding album, and then sell their photos to the tabloids. Ashlee invited Daisy to their party, but Daisy worried too much about Reva. Ashlee thought Daisy might also be worried about James. Daisy said that she might meet Ashlee at the event later.

At the engagement party at Towers, Lizzie and Bill arrived, anxious to find Doris Wolfe. Billy, Vanessa, Lillian, and Buzz agreed that Doris was the last person that the couple should be concerned about. Ashlee arrived, and promptly stalked Lizzie and Bill for pictures. They asked her to locate her mother, and Ashlee said that Doris would be happy to be in demand.

In the parlor, Beth forced James off his video game to get dressed for the party. Alan overheard Beth and Phillip talking after James went upstairs. Beth claimed that James's last stunt had been a cry for attention, but Phillip thought it ran deeper. Phillip said that James wanted Phillip to prove his unconditional love by going to prison for James. Beth implored Phillip to figure out how to help their son without going to jail. Phillip admitted that he didn't know how to reach James.

Alan went to James's room, and found the teenager lounging on the bed with his video game. Alan said that he'd heard about Phillip trying to play the hero by going to jail for James. James replied that Phillip couldn't be much of a hero from behind bars. James appreciated Phillip's gesture, because it enabled James to start over with a new fund. Alan started to light a cigar, but James snatched it from him on the way out of the room.

In the dining room, James puffed on Alan's cigar, and turned facedown a picture of Lizzie and Alan. He answered an incoming call on his cell phone. Phillip peeped into the room, and overheard James discussing payment options with an investment client.

After the call, Phillip entered. James hopped up, intending to dress for the party. Phillip said that it'd be nice to have one last party before Phillip went to jail. James didn't seem fazed by the comment. Phillip asked if James knew that Phillip loved him. "Yep," James said, and exited.

Later, Beth saw Alan in the parlor, and asked if he'd seen James. Beth expressed her worry about her son, but Alan said James had a good head on his shoulders. Alan thought that James was very smart, and they all needed to stop underestimating him.

After Alan left, Phillip entered. Phillip instructed Beth to head to the party with James, while Phillip stayed behind to call the SEC. When James joined them in the parlor, Phillip said James looked like a Spaulding. James and Beth left, and Phillip proceeded to make his call.

Back at the party, Alan told Alex that they were doomed to sit across the table from the Lewises forever. Alex thought there could be worse things. Alan challenged her to name them. She rolled her eyes in response. "See, you can't," Alan retorted.

Ashlee continued to play undercover paparazzi at the party. Bill still insisted upon marrying Lizzie the moment Doris arrived. As time went by, Bill grew desperate, wondering if Rick or Beth could perform the ceremony instead. Lizzie greeted James and Beth upon their arrival, and wondered where her father was.

At a table with Lillian and Buzz, Alex said that she could hardly believe how nicely her family behaved. Lillian mentioned that James liked Daisy, and suggested that Buzz and she double-date with them. Alan said that James had big plans, and didn't need Daisy to distract him. When Phillip entered across the room, Lillian pointedly stared at Alan, saying that Phillip had somehow made the whole family happy again.

Rick greeted Phillip, and they toasted to their kids. Phillip walked over to talk to Beth, and she hoped that he'd come to his senses about his false confession. "I did what I had to do," Phillip said. Ashlee pulled Beth and Phillip into a group photo with Bill, Lizzie, and James.

Alan approached Phillip, saying that Alan had overheard things at the house that he wasn't supposed to know, like that Phillip was taking the fall for James. Alan commented that prison wouldn't be easy, but Phillip could handle it.

James approached, complimenting Phillip on a nice party. Later, he told his mother that Phillip might be a stand-up guy after all. James was standing alone when he saw Daisy talking to Ashlee. Daisy told Ashlee that she'd only gone to the party to steal a piece of pie for Reva. Later, James jokingly ordered Daisy to open her bag for a dessert search.

Phillip called for everyone's attention, and proposed a toast to Bill and Lizzie, whose love made him feel young and hopeful. After Phillip's toast, an impatient Bill decided to reveal his plan to marry Lizzie upon Doris's arrival. Just as Bill began the announcement, a man rushed in, saying that Bill was under arrest for securities fraud.

Vanessa instantly told Bill to keep quiet, and wait for their lawyers. Phillip said that they had the wrong guy. "I'm Phillip Spaulding. I'm the one who talked to you earlier. He's..." Phillip said, staring at James. "The man you're looking for is my son...James..."

Friday, June 5, 2009

At Towers, the security agents announced that Bill was being arrested for business fraud. Bill insisted that he had done nothing wrong. Phillip suddenly told James to step up or else Phillip would. After James called Phillip a bastard, Phillip informed the agents that James was the man they wanted. Ignoring Beth's plea to stop, Phillip insisted to the agents that James was responsible.

James admitted that he did it. James stated that he wanted a way to be free from the family; it just happened to be illegal. James was cuffed, along with Bill. Lizzie demanded to know from Phillip what was going on. When Beth told Phillip to do something, James replied that Phillip had done enough.

After James and Bill were led out, Ashlee asked Daisy if she had known. Daisy said that she did, but she did not think it was serious. Daisy just thought James was taking money from rich people. Ashlee replied that stealing money from rich people was still stealing.

After an upset Beth shunned Phillip, she admitted to an incredulous Lillian that James was guilty. Meanwhile, Lizzie approached Phillip and asked what had just happened. Phillip told her that they would talk later, and suggested that she go to the police station for Bill.

Vanessa asked Matt to look after Maureen and make sure that she did not learn about Bill on the news. Later, Phillip talked to Vanessa and Billy about James's "horrible mistake." Both Vanessa and Billy declared that it was more than just a horrible mistake-it was criminal. Phillip promised that he would straighten everything out.

An angry Daisy blasted Phillip and told him that James would never forgive him. When she left, Alan smugly pointed out to Phillip that having a son was not easy. Later, Phillip went to the top of Towers and let out his frustration by screaming. Buzz, who was there smoking, pointed out that fatherhood stunk. Buzz said that one was supposed to pass on the best of oneself to the next generation, but it did not always happen.

Phillip told Buzz that he wanted James to be okay. Buzz guessed that Phillip wanted James to be better than Phillip. Phillip said yes and asked how he could make James okay. Buzz said that he couldn't. Buzz said that kids were what they were-a parent couldn't guide them to be something different. Before walking away, Buzz commented that he lost a son, also.

James apologized to Bill at the police station. An upset Bill asked James why he did it. When James repeated that he wanted to get away from his family, Bill replied that fraud was not the way to do it. At that point, Lizzie rushed in. James tried to speak to her, but she refused to talk to him. When Lizzie mentioned that she was going to get a lawyer for both James and Bill, James replied that he did not need a lawyer. Lizzie insisted that he did, but James refused one.

After being questioned, Bill told Lizzie that he told the police that James used his name without his knowledge. Lizzie said that there was no way that James did it alone, but Bill felt that James was a chip off the old block. An officer then emerged and told Bill that he was free to go because James confessed to everything.

Beth visited James in his cell and asked if he needed anything. Beth informed James that she was going to call Alan to get a lawyer. James said that he did not need one and told his mother that he was not a kid. Beth disagreed.

Beth spoke to an officer and insisted that James had a right to an attorney. The officer stated that James was 18 and had waived his right. Daisy arrived to see James, but Beth forbade it and told Daisy that James probably would not want to see her.

Lizzie went to James's cell and commented that she did not know what to say to him. James said that was because Lizzie did not know anything about him. Lizzie asked James why he did it. When James asked why he wouldn't, Lizzie responded that he hurt people, including her. James asked Lizzie why he wouldn't want to hurt her. James stated that he was the kid who was born to save her life when she had cancer.

James told Lizzie that he really did not want to hurt her; he just wanted out of the family. Lizzie said that she was just like him six years before. She wanted out and ended up hurting a lot of people. Lizzie said that while she could understand James, she couldn't forgive him.

Lizzie asked Bill to take her home and told him that she did not feel like a Spaulding. She told Bill that she could not wait to become Lizzie Lewis.

Alan talked to Beth on the phone and assured her that a lawyer was on his way. After Alan was done reassuring Beth, Alexandra called him shameless for trying to get into Beth's good graces. Alan pointed out that, for once, his "fingerprints" weren't all over the scandal. He asked why he shouldn't reap the benefits.

Buzz, Lillian, Billy, Vanessa, Alan, and Alex sat at Towers, still in shock over what had happened. Talk turned to the younger generation. Billy commented that no one was able to save them, so they probably would not be able to save the next generation. Buzz then toasted the new generation.

Beth visited James again. James asked if Phillip was there. When he learned that he was not, James muttered that he was probably out celebrating that James was in jail and Phillip wasn't. Meanwhile, Phillip was at his "grave" bemoaning that while he came back to help his family, he hadn't helped anyone. Phillip wondered if everyone wouldn't have been better off without him.

As Beth was walking away from the police station, she ran into Phillip, who asked about James. Beth commented that he was locked up and said that she would rather see Phillip in jail than James. Phillip defended his actions by saying that he did not want James to turn into Alan. Phillip stated that he wanted James to learn from his mistakes.

At Company, Cyrus tried unsuccessfully to bus tables. After he dropped most of the plates, Marina called him the worst bus boy in the history of restaurants. Suddenly, Natasha got Cyrus' attention by rapping on the window. Cyrus quickly excused himself and went outside to talk to Natasha. Natasha asked if Cyrus had found any diamonds. She was not amused by his flip answer, and warned him that things could become dangerous for Cyrus.

Frank entered Company and asked Marina how Cyrus was doing. Marina implied that he was not a very good worker by pointing out that he was outside talking to a blonde. Frank then got a call from the station informing him that Bill had been arrested.

Natasha stated that she would hide the file on him as long as he gave her what she wanted. Natasha warned that Cyrus could become as dead as Edmund. Cyrus informed Natasha that he had to go inside. When she flirtatiously offered to relieve some of his stress, Cyrus responded that he did not get involved with women who threatened to kill him.

When Cyrus went back to work, Frank casually mentioned Edmund's murder case and pointed out that Mallet was working on it 24/7. Afterwards, Cyrus threw himself into his work and got a text message saying that diamonds were a girl's best friend. When Marina offered him a break, Cyrus refused. When Marina questioned his new work ethic, he said that Frank mentioned Mallet spending all of his time on Edmund's case and he figured that he would take the pressure off Marina by working harder.

Marina started to talk about Edmund's case and mentioned that new evidence had popped up. However, she quickly clammed up and walked away.

Remy stood at the lake and asked himself what he was supposed to do. At that point, Christina saw him and asked what he was doing there. Remy asked the same of her and she replied that she felt terrible about identifying Reva's voice at the crime scene. Remy stated that she did not have to tell Mallet, but Christina said that she did because it was the right thing to do.

Christina asked again why Remy was there and he told her that he was working on a case. Christina thought he was referring to the Edmund case and became intrigued. Remy dodged her offer of help by implying that it was confidential and he could not talk about it. Christina then asked Remy what happened with the money that he got from the sale of her diamond. Remy denied having gambled it away and admitted that he used it to pay off the mortgage on his dad's house.

Christina called Remy amazing and made it clear that she was proud of what he had done. Remy began to tell Christina the truth about the diamond but she gently stopped him by saying that she did not want to hear it.

Remy and Christina went to Company. When Frank approached to speak to Remy, Christina excused herself. Frank asked Remy if there were any leads on the jewels. Remy responded that he was still looking. Suddenly, Clayton called Remy. Remy left to meet his father, and found him sitting outside in the park.

Clayton told Remy that he knew about Remy paying off his mortgage. Remy tried to shrug it off, but Clayton continued. Clayton said that Remy saved him from having to see the disappointment in Remy's eyes. Clayton told Remy that he was proud of him.

Remy returned to Company to finish his meal with Christina. Frank approached and gave Remy the specs regarding the stolen diamonds. As Frank discussed the diamonds, Marina overheard and suggested that they talk to a jewel thief about where someone might have fenced them.

Knowing that she was talking about Cyrus, Frank offered to put Cyrus on retainer in order to help with the investigation. Remy insisted that he did not need any help. However, Frank disagreed. Cyrus agreed to help find the missing diamonds.

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