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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Holden arrived home with no good news about the search for Paul. Lily told him also that Meg had collapsed at the Lakeview and was resting on Damian's couch in his hotel room. Holden was upset that his sister was involved with Damian in any way, but Lily explained how supportive Damian had been to Meg. Holden suggested that Damian was just trying to insinuate himself further into the Snyder family, but Lily reminded him that because of Luke, Damian was already part of their family. Holden wanted to go immediately and bring Meg home.

Meg's phone rang as she was resting at Damian's, so he answered it. Paul was the caller, but he did not speak when Damian answered. Meg was frantic and asked Damian to call back, but Damian found that the number was blocked. Meg panicked and suggested that it might have been Bonnie checking in. She was hopeful that Bonnie already had her baby back.

Meanwhile, Dusty and Bonnie showed Paul's photo to the car mechanic who had worked on Paul's car. He identified Paul and said that the man had been traveling with a baby. Dusty thought that Paul was still in the immediate area, and he was determined to smoke him out. Bonnie, however, said that she was sure that Paul was long gone. Dusty walked off, but Bonnie followed him to his car. She then ran to pay the mechanic, and Dusty promised to wait.

Bonnie returned to Dusty's car, just as her cell phone rang. She spoke to Damian for a minute, but then Meg grabbed the phone and asked why Bonnie did not yet have Eliza. Bonnie said that the person she was to meet had never appeared, but she added that she and Dusty had another possible lead on Paul. Meg was surprised that Dusty had followed Bonnie, and she was praying that the lead would pan out. Bonnie promised to call as soon as she knew more. Meg hung up and explained it all to Damian.

Damian was concerned about Meg's flu symptoms, and she took off her shirt and huddled under a blanket on the couch. Damian answered a knock on the door, and his visitors were Holden and Lily. Meg sat up, surprised, wearing only her bra on top. Holden took one look and asked "what the hell" was going on. Damian tried to explain, and Meg backed him up that she was just trying to get comfortable. Lily helped Meg get dressed, as Meg explained to Holden that she had received a response to her video from a woman in Wisconsin, but they had not notified the Oakdale police.

Holden flipped out that his sister had not shared the lead with the police, but Meg got teary and chewed him out for pointing out how she had failed her child once again. She began to get hysterical, so Lily and Holden decided to take her home right away.

At the co-op farm, Rosanna was hopeful when Paul told her that he had called Meg, but then he said that Damian had answered her phone. Paul was sure that Meg was using Damian to lure him out of hiding. Rosanna did not believe that Meg was turning all of Oakdale against her ex-husband, but Paul was not about to fall for any more of Meg's tricks. Rosanna mused that she should have taken Eliza back to Oakdale herself.

Paul called Rosanna a fraud and said that she had not let go of any of her anger against him. Rosanna denied that and yelled that he could only see life through his own narrow perspective. Paul hurled accusations of his own that Rosanna had always been jealous of Meg because he and Meg had a child, and Rosanna never would. That hurt Rosanna deeply, and she screamed at Paul to shut up. She called him sick, cruel, and crazy. Paul picked up Eliza's baby carrier and said goodbye.

Bonnie and Dusty hung out in town, and Dusty thought about what Paul would need for the baby. Bonnie thought they were wasting their time, and they argued back and forth until Dusty told Bonnie to just go away. Edna from the co-op farm came out of one of the stores and heard their argument, and Bonnie left to go to the garage, praying that her car was repaired.

Edna rushed back to the farm and caught Paul just as he was leaving Rosanna. She said that a man and a woman were in town asking questions about Paul, and that the man was called "Dusty." Paul started to take off, but Rosanna stopped him. She asked if he wanted their help, and Paul said yes. Rosanna had an idea, but it also required some help from Edna.

Back in town, Dusty found Bonnie at the garage and admitted that she was probably right about Paul's absence from the area. As Bonnie was signing the credit card slip for her car repairs, Edna walked up and began a conversation with them. She wanted to know if they had been asking about a man with a little girl. She identified Paul's photo and said that he had asked her for directions to Sparta, Minnesota. She said that had happened between nine and ten in the morning. The mechanic gave Bonnie a map of the route to Sparta, and then Edna got him busy on her car.

Dusty considered what he had heard and then told Bonnie that Edna had lied to them. He didn't believe her story because she had exhibited a lot of what he called "tells," signs that someone was lying. He argued that he remembered seeing Edna in town earlier, but she had made no effort to tell them her story then. Dusty also thought her approach at the garage was a little too convenient, so Bonnie called the local police and asked them to watch out for Paul's car. Bonnie also paid the garage to store her car for a while, so she told Dusty that he was stuck with her. Dusty suggested that they get out of there.

Paul asked Rosanna why she hadn't turned him in, and she answered that she had done it for little Eliza, who was stuck in the middle between Paul and Meg. Edna returned from town and reported her success in distracting Bonnie and Dusty.

Meg and Holden talked at home, as Meg's phone rang. It was Bonnie, who told her that Paul and her baby were most likely headed for Sparta, Minnesota. Bonnie hung up, so Meg reported the news to Holden, who decided to call Jack and inform the Oakdale police. Meanwhile, Meg called Damian about the new lead, and he told her that he was experiencing the same symptoms that she had. Lily immediately left to take care of him. She found him with a fever and chills, and she announced that he was going home with her.

Lily took Damian to her house, much to Meg's surprise. Holden arrived soon, and he and Lily went outside to discuss the new turn of events. Lily said that Damian would be staying with them for a few days, or until he felt better. Holden was not happy about that, and his mood did not improve when he went inside and saw Meg and Damian sitting very close together on the couch, with Meg's head on Damian's shoulder.

Rosanna complimented Paul on how well he cared for Eliza, and he apologized for verbally attacking her earlier. Rosanna learned then of James Stenbeck's death and how it had affected Paul. He was still worried that his father would haunt him for the rest of his days. Rosanna suggested that Paul use his remaining time on the farm to put all thoughts of James behind him.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Margo arrived home and picked up the mail which included a large parcel. She sorted it all, but when she came to the box, she became upset. She called a fellow police officer named Tyler, and she asked him if it was safe to open a box from an unknown sender from Kabul, Afghanistan. She answered all his questions, and he advised her that it was all right to open it carefully. When she looked inside the box,however, she freaked out.

Tom arrived home soon at Margo's request, and the two of them unpacked the mystery box. He pulled out a sweater that Margo remembered giving to Adam. Next, they found a watch they had given him at Christmas, and finally, they found their son's wallet, which included his driver's license. Both of them were worried, and neither could understand what Adam might have been doing in Afghanistan. Tom decided to call an acquaintance at the State Department and make inquiries.

They met with a Mr. Phipps from the State Department at the Lakeview, and Phipps announced that he had bad news. He said that their son Adam had been working in a supply depot in Kabul distributing food and medical supplies to the locals. A suicide bomber had attacked the building, and unfortunately there were no survivors. Margo could not accept that her boy could be dead without her knowing it. She didn't understand why Adam had been there or why someone had sent his effects home without any prior notification.

Alison went to Emily's office to talk with Hunter. He apologized again for inviting her father to her graduation party. Alison asked him to join Casey and her for a barbecue at the Hughes house, but Hunter was reluctant to go down that road again. Ali persuaded him and encouraged him to invite someone, if he wished.

Jade and Casey talked after their senior van runs were finished, and Jade wanted to know why he was in such a good mood and with a goofy grin on his face. She then guessed correctly that Casey and Alison had become lovers, and Casey did not deny it. He went home for the barbecue, and when Alison arrived, the two of them began kissing. Casey wanted to retire to his bedroom immediately, but then Alison told him that Hunter was joining them for lunch.

Hunter ran into Jade in Old Town and mentioned that he had been invited again to one of Casey and Alison's barbecues. He asked Jade's advice for what he should take, and she sarcastically suggested condoms. Hunter began to finally clue in as to what Casey and Alison's relationship was. He mentioned that Alison had told him to bring someone, and he was surprised when Jade volunteered herself.

Vienna and Katie talked on the phone, and Katie was still experiencing morning sickness. She also had not yet revealed to Brad that she was pregnant. Vienna had to hang up because Henry arrived home from delivering the $10,000 check he had won to a children's charity. While Katie was on the phone in her bedroom, Brad was on the living room couch examining a bracelet. When he was finished, he placed it in a fancy jewelry box and made out the card to "Gina." Katie came out of the bedroom, so Brad quickly stashed the box under the throw pillows on the couch.

Katie asked for more tea, so Brad went into the bedroom to fetch her cup. She pulled out the jewelry box while he was busy, and she opened it. She also read the card to "Gina," and immediately assumed that Brad was cheating on her. Brad brought her tea and announced that he had some errands to run. When Katie went back into her room, Brad called someone and arranged to meet at Al's, but Katie was eavesdropping. After Brad left, Katie cried and called Vienna back and asked her to meet her at Java.

When Vienna arrived at Java, Katie spilled the news about the bracelet and the mysterious "Gina." She was sure that Brad was being unfaithful, but Vienna did not believe it for a minute. Katie declared that her husband was meeting his paramour that very minute at the diner, and she had heard him declare that they "would go on from there." Vienna said she would happily prove to Katie that she was wrong, and she hurried out.

Casey and Alison were smooching on the couch at his house when Jade and Hunter walked in. The guys went outside to start the grill, and Jade and Alison chatted. Jade congratulated Alison for "hooking up" with Casey, but Alison was embarrassed that Casey had revealed such personal details. Jade assured her that he had not, but she had guessed it from his goofy grin. Jade said that she was completely cool with it.

Outside, the boys talked, and Hunter referred to Casey's sleeping with Alison, and Casey was quick to point out that was not cool to talk about. A very inexperienced Hunter asked Casey some fundamental questions about having sex with girls, and Casey gave him his views. When the girls joined them, Casey brought out a hula hoop, and they all made Hunter give it a try.

Margo and Tom walked through the patio, and Tom asked Casey to wrap up the party. Casey protested, so Tom whispered that it was about Adam. Casey followed his dad inside and went off on a tirade about hoping that his parents were not going to allow Adam to return home after all the damage he had caused. Tom tried to hush Casey, but he finally blurted out that Adam was dead. Tom gave him the few details they had, and Casey questioned why his brother had been in Afghanistan in the first place. Margo thought her son was trying to make up for all his bad deeds. Casey went outside and told Alison about Adam, and then he rejoined his parents. He apologized for all the unkind words about his brother and tried to comfort his folks.

Brad waited in Al's for "Gina," and when she arrived, he hugged and kissed her and then sat down. They ordered just coffee, and Brad presented her with the jewelry box. Meanwhile, Vienna sneaked in the back of the diner and spied on Brad from behind the counter. She watched Brad put the bracelet on Gina's wrist, and she heard the woman ask Brad when he was going to tell his wife. Brad's answer was that he would tell Katie when she was not so fragile. Vienna scooted out and went back to Java to report to Katie.

Vienna described how Brad had kissed "Gina" and had given her the bracelet. She also said that Brad would be telling Katie about it when the time was right. Katie was devastated and wanted a physical description of her rival. Then she declared that her marriage was over. Vienna suggested that she kill Brad and then leave town, and Katie said she felt that way, too. Katie did not want to be in Brad's house another moment, so Vienna promised to go with Katie wherever she chose. They agreed to pack their bags and meet back in Old Town.

Vienna was packing when Henry came into their hotel room. He assumed that she was leaving him, and he shouted that he would do whatever she wanted if only she would stay. Vienna explained that Katie was leaving Brad, and that she was going with her. Henry flatly refused to believe that Brad was cheating on his wife, but Vienna relayed what she had seen.

Brad walked into an empty house and found a note from Katie. The note said how much she loved him, but that she would not stand in his way if he cared more for someone else. She told him she would send for her things later, and then Brad's doorbell rang. He answered the door, and there stood Henry, who unceremoniously decked Brad with a right hook. Brad picked himself up and demanded an explanation. Henry chewed on Brad for having a "squeeze" on the side, and Brad realized that Henry was talking about Gina. He told Henry that Gina was a woman who was pregnant and wanted to place her baby in a good adoptive home. Brad had just been trying to get to know her so that she would let Katie and him take the baby.

Alison found Jade and Hunter at Java, and she told them what had happened to Adam. She had forgotten that Jade and Adam had been together for a while, and Jade referred to Adam as "evil." Alison answered her phone and spoke with Casey, who asked her to meet him on the roof of the hospital. She went there immediately, and Casey said that he had hated his brother and often wished him dead, but if that was true, he questioned why he was hurting so much now that it had happened. He hugged Alison and cried on her shoulder.

Tom and Margo grieved at home. Margo took out Adam's sweater and remarked that it was all they had left of their son. Tom said that they still had some good memories of him, and they talked about a memorial service. Margo said there was no point in telling lies about someone who was so disliked, but Tom thought their family would like to come, and also people related to Hal, the boy's birth father.

Vienna and Katie met in Old Town with their bags, and Katie was trying to decide where to go when Vienna took a call from Henry. She learned that he was with Brad, so Vienna hung up on him without telling him where she was. Henry called back and convinced her that their meeting was a matter of life and death, so Vienna whispered that she and Katie were still in Old Town. They got a map from the bookstore, and Vienna stalled for time. Brad and Henry finally arrived, and Brad said that he hadn't told Katie about the possible adoption because he didn't want her heart broken again if it fell through.

Katie finally believed Brad when he said how much he wanted her to have her own baby, and then she told him that they were going to have a baby of their own because she was pregnant. Brad was amazed, and the two of them hugged. Henry and Vienna left for the Lakeview, and Henry admitted that he was truly happy for his friends. At home, Brad and Katie talked about the little miracle that she was carrying, and Brad offered to take excellent care of his wife.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Noah received a letter from the head of the film department at Oakdale University saying that he had been accepted into the honors program for film studies. He was excited that he could take course work that would give him time to work on production and direction. Luke attempted to interest Noah in "relaxing" with him since they had the house to themselves, but Alison knocked on the front door and interrupted them. She told them both that Adam had died.

Luke remembered when Adam had dated Holden's daughter, Abigail Williams, and he and Noah were concerned about how Casey was reacting. Alison said that the family was holding a memorial service that afternoon that only Casey, Margo, and Tom would attend. Noah asked if they should support Casey by crashing the memorial, and they all decided that they would.

Casey, Margo, and Tom looked through their family photos that included many pictures of Adam. They were preparing for the memorial service, and Casey was unsure why Margo wanted only the immediate family present. Tom told Casey that Margo was having a difficult time dealing with Adam's death, and she did not want to talk to other people yet. Casey was worried that no one would have anything good to say about Adam if it was only the three of them. He had one good memory of his brother before Adam had changed and become self-serving and dangerous. He recalled how Adam had tried to rape Gwen Munson, Will's wife, and then had gone after Maddie Coleman, Casey's girlfriend. They left for the service.

Dusty and Bonnie walked around Greenville, and Dusty was frustrated that they had made no progress towards finding Paul and the baby. He asked the local cop, Len, what someone in the town had to do to get the police to do their jobs. Len did not take kindly to Dusty's words or tone, and he threatened to throw Dusty in jail for harassment. Dusty still thought that Edna had told them a fish tale. Bonnie took a call from the police in Sparta, Minnesota, who had found no trace of Paul in their jurisdiction.

Bonnie was resigned to staying in Greenville for a while, so she decided she needed some fresh fruits and vegetables to protect her arteries. She remembered the farm co-op that they had passed on the way to town, and she asked Dusty to drive her there to buy produce. Dusty was not interested, so Bonnie took the car, and left.

At the co-op farm, Rosanna played the guitar and sang in the shop, as Paul and Eliza walked in. The next customer was Len, the cop from town, who had a date with Rosanna for the movies. Paul panicked and pretended to look at merchandise in the back of the store. Rosanna stopped playing, and Len noticed Eliza in her car seat. Len reminded Rosanna that they had a date, and although it had slipped Rosanna's mind, she covered her mistake and told him she would be ready in a second. She picked up Eliza and took her to Paul in the back room of the store.

Paul was fearful that Dusty and Bonnie might recognize Rosanna in town, but she was sure that Edna's story had done the trick and that Paul's pursuers were on their way to Sparta on a wild goose chase. Rosanna left with Len, and they drove to town. As they walked on the street, Len mentioned that there was a jerk from Illinois in town looking for a man and a baby. He and Rosanna got ice cream, and suddenly Len spotted Dusty sitting on a bench talking on his cell phone.

Rosanna excused herself, saying she felt sick, and Len decided to take on Dusty by himself. He approached the bench, and he and Dusty exchanged words. After Dusty left, Rosanna reappeared, but she begged off going to the movies because she didn't feel well. She was all right to walk back to the farm, she said, and she took off.

The three Hughes family members sat in the church, and Alison, Luke, and Noah entered. Casey greeted them and invited them to stay. Tom and Margo talked about Adam to each other, and then the minister invited all those present to celebrate the life of Adam Christopher Harold Munson, and led them in a prayer. The minister asked if anyone wanted to speak about Adam, and there was silence until a new voice spoke up from the rear of the church. Everyone turned to stare at an Army sergeant in uniform walking up the aisle.

The soldier introduced himself as Riley Morgan, and said that he had met Adam in a tavern in Afghanistan. He said that he and Adam had many conversations about how Adam could make amends for his misdeeds and how he had treated his family back home. Adam was helping a particular Afghan family rebuild their war-ravaged home and lives, and it gave him hope that he could rebuild his own. Sgt. Morgan expressed his condolences and prepared to leave the church. Margo stopped him and expressed her thanks. She invited all the young people to join them at home for food, including Riley Morgan.

Back home, Casey and Alison stayed out on the patio a moment and talked. Casey thought that it was weird that his brother had gone all the way to Afghanistan to make amends. Casey admitted that he felt responsible for Adam's leaving home, because he and Will Munson had told Adam to leave town and never return. Alison tried to convince Casey that he was in no way responsible for Adam's death. Casey only wanted to be with Alison, so they made plans for after lunch.

Inside, Tom asked Sgt. Morgan how he had ended up in Oakdale. Riley said he had wanted to see Adam's parents, and he presented Margo with an envelope that contained a CD that Adam had made of some of his favorite music. Margo was very touched and thanked Riley effusively. Luke and Noah spent some time with Riley and asked questions about his job and where he had trained.

It turned out that the sergeant had trained at the same Army base in Georgia where Noah had been born. Luke asked if Riley knew of Colonel Winston Mayer, but he never got an answer. When Margo walked back into the living room, Sgt. Morgan said goodbye. When Margo learned that the sergeant was headed for a motel for the night, she invited him to stay overnight in Adam's room. Casey and Alison headed out.

At the co-op, Paul talked to his sleeping daughter as Bonnie walked in. Paul hid behind a counter, and Bonnie noticed the baby. She talked to Eliza, and called for whoever was attending the baby, but no one answered. Bonnie was concerned, and mused out loud that perhaps she should contact the police. Just then, a woman co-op worker appeared and identified the baby as "Edna's granddaughter." Bonnie paid for her purchases and left. Paul finally stood up and said, "Bye-bye, Bonnie."

Rosanna retuned from her aborted date and called for Paul. She reported that she had seen Dusty Donovan in town, and Paul said that Bonnie McKechnie had just been in the store and had almost caught him. Rosanna suggested that Paul take his baby back to Oakdale immediately, but Paul said he needed some time to think.

Bonnie drove back to town and found Dusty. She wanted to leave Greenville, but Dusty scolded her for not looking harder for Eliza. Bonnie mentioned that her heart had almost stopped when she saw an unattended baby in the co-op store, but then a worker had told her that the baby was Edna's granddaughter. Dusty asked how Bonnie knew the baby wasn't Meg's, but she could not give a good answer. Neither Dusty nor Bonnie had a picture of the infant, but Dusty said he knew where to get one.

They roamed the streets looking for the police officer, and they finally found him. Dusty swallowed his pride and made nice to the officer, while Bonnie pleaded with him to get them a photo of Eliza from the Oakdale Police. Len told them to stay put, and he left. Len was gone a long while, but he eventually returned with a picture of Paul holding the baby. Bonnie took a good look and was stunned to realize that she had been looking right at Eliza Ryan in the co-op store.

Luke and Noah talked at home, and Luke made the suggestion that Noah's movie project should be about his own life growing up on military bases. Noah was not sure that he wanted to explore that deeply into his own life, but they put that decision on hold when they realized that they had the house to themselves, and they headed for Luke's room.

Margo told Tom that she was grateful that Riley had shown up and spoken at the service. She was comforted by the young man's presence. Tom was concerned that Margo might get too attached to the sergeant, and he warned her about pressuring the man to stay more than one night. Margo promised not to push. She played Adam's CD, and they heard their son's voice singing.

Riley came downstairs and talked with Margo. He asked for a glass of milk, and Margo threw in some chocolate chip cookies. Riley said that he had been thinking of eventually going to Los Angeles to produce music, a path that Adam had once followed. Margo invited him to consider thinking of Oakdale as his home, and she told him to stay as long as he wished with them. Riley expressed gratitude, and he went upstairs to Adam's room.

At the hospital, Casey and Alison sequestered themselves in an empty break room, and pulled the blinds closed and began kissing.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Katie received a call from Kim asking her and Brad to go the studio to tape a segment to finish up the baby-making show. Brad arrived home and had bought Katie some pre-natal vitamins to help keep their baby strong. Katie told him about Kim's request, but she said there was a problem: Kim also wanted Vienna and Henry to do the show with them.

Kim also called Vienna about the taping, but Henry thought it was a bad idea. He said neither one of them should participate, but Vienna changed her clothes, anyway, and tried to convince Henry to accompany her. Henry had bad vibes about WOAK, because that was where Vienna had fallen and lost their baby. He said he had no desire to go on television after losing the baby lottery. Vienna argued that it was not about winning or losing, but Henry just couldn't bring himself to do it.

Vienna went to the studio, and Brad and Katie were already there. Kim greeted her with a hug and asked about Henry. Vienna made an excuse, but Katie figured out that Henry was too upset to participate. Kim thanked Vienna for returning to the studio, and she went to prepare for the taping.

Paul packed Eliza and her carrier into the car, as Rosanna asked if he needed milk for her. The baby was already fussy, but Paul said they would get food on the road. Rosanna wished Paul well, and they said their goodbyes. Edna rushed up to the car to tell them that the police had called, and they had identified Paul and Eliza. Edna refused to take all the blame, and she said that Paul had to take Rosanna with him immediately, since she had vouched for him and had brought trouble to their community. There was no time for Rosanna to grab even her purse, so Paul asked her to get in the car.

In Greenville, Bonnie verified for the cop, Len, that the infant she had seen at the farm co-op was definitely Eliza Ryan. Dusty tried to hurry the policeman into action, but Len did not move fast enough. Dusty took off for his car, and Bonnie ran after him. They drove to the co-op store and dashed inside. They found Edna on duty, and Dusty asked for Paul and the baby. Edna told him that they could be anywhere. The two of them argued until they heard a siren, and Len drove up in his squad car. "Here comes Barney Fife," quipped Dusty. Dusty told Len that Edna had covered for Paul all along, and she had also lied to them by saying that Paul was bound for Sparta, Minnesota.

Len apologized to Edna, but he said that he had to take her in for questioning. Dusty demanded that Edna tell him where Paul had taken the baby, but Edna only agreed to accompany Len to the police station. She also maintained that she had nothing to do with any kidnapping. Bonnie decided to try a different approach, and she told Edna how sorry she was that her friend was so abrupt. She said that they were just worried about Eliza. Edna kept denying any involvement with Paul, so Bonnie mentioned that she was a lawyer, and she offered Edna free legal advice if she needed it.

Edna continued to protest her innocence, as Bonnie began telling her about the baby's mother. She said that Meg lived on a beautiful farm not unlike the co-op, and that the child was surrounded by people who loved her there. Edna then revealed that Paul had headed south on Route 6. Bonnie thanked her and got Dusty, and they ran to his car.

They stopped at a motel and asked the manager if he had seen Paul, but the man said no. Bonnie suddenly began to feel very ill, and she ran from Dusty to find a bathroom. She returned in a while, but she was still sick, and she almost collapsed. Dusty announced that she was going nowhere, and he booked two rooms with the manager.

Bonnie was miserable as Dusty got her settled in one of the rooms. She gave him the option of leaving her there and continuing the pursuit, but Dusty refused to abandon her "on death's door." He brought her extra pillows and sat on the bed and applied a cold cloth to her forehead.

On the road, Paul experienced car trouble again, and the vehicle died and would not start. Rosanna realized that she had no purse with her, and therefore no money. She asked Paul how much money he had, and Paul confessed that he was broke. Paul got out to push the car, so Rosanna moved to the driver's side and laughed at their predicament. Paul began to push, but the exertion soon exhausted him. Eliza got hungry and began wailing, and Rosanna was worried how they were going to feed the child with no money. Paul remembered that they had passed a diner not too far back, and he suggested they walk there and beg for free milk for his daughter.

At the diner, the two of them improvised a sob story for the owner. They claimed they were auto workers from Detroit who had just been laid off, and they asked for milk for their baby. The proprietor was reluctant until Paul mentioned a huge stack of dishes waiting to be washed in the kitchen, and he volunteered to do it in exchange for milk. The man agreed, and Paul went to work, while Rosanna gave Eliza a much-welcomed bottle of milk. Eliza cried after her feeding, and Rosanna spotted a guitar in the corner of the restaurant. She asked to borrow it, and she proceeded to play it and sing a soothing song to the baby. Eliza quieted down immediately, and Paul came out and shared a poignant moment with Rosanna as the baby fell asleep.

Paul tried unsuccessfully to start his car, so he returned to the diner. Rosanna told him that the owner had so enjoyed her singing that he had offered them the use of a small room with a cot behind the diner. They checked out the room, and Rosanna said she felt secure there. She took the cot, while Paul bedded down on the floor, and Eliza slept in her car seat. Rosanna leaned down and took Paul's hand as they were falling asleep.

Back at WOAK, Kim began taping the segment, and Brad could not contain himself. He broke the news to all of Oakdale that he and Katie were having a miracle baby of their own. Katie introduced Vienna, who gave a moving eulogy about the loss of her own baby. Suddenly Katie gasped and slid from her chair onto the floor, unconscious.

Kim called an ambulance, which transported Katie, who was awake again, to the hospital. The doctor admitted her to Memorial and got her into a room. Katie was terrified that she was losing the baby, but Brad and Vienna tried to buck up her spirits. Vienna called Henry from the hall, and he promised that he would join them immediately.

Brad talked to the baby in Katie's womb until the doctor joined them. She told Katie that her baby was fine, but that Katie's blood pressure was very high. She recommended that in order to avoid preeclampsia, Katie should stay on complete bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Katie was also to avoid stress whenever possible. Vienna and Brad both vowed to spoil Katie rotten for the months ahead. Katie ordered them both to return to the studio so as not to leave Kim hanging without a conclusion to her segment. Brad left to fill out paperwork, and Vienna waited with Katie.

Henry arrived bearing a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses, and Brad and Vienna took off for WOAK. Katie and Henry had a chance to work out their differences and put the past behind them. Henry was delighted to have his best friend back, and the two of them hugged.

Brad and Vienna finished their segment on air, and Vienna was particularly charming. Kim thanked her for helping, and Brad put out the offer that he could do the show solo until Katie delivered the baby. Kim said that the show worked best with two hosts, and Vienna unexpectedly offered to step in and work with Brad. Brad was all for it, so Kim suggested a trial show to see how their chemistry worked. Vienna was excited, and she guaranteed that Henry would not be a problem. They returned to Katie's hospital room, and spread the word that Brad was working again, and that Vienna would fill in for Katie. Katie thought that was a wonderful idea, but Henry was less than enthusiastic.

Brad took Katie home and brought her a healthy tray in bed. He wanted to make sure that she was all right with his doing the show with Vienna, and Katie reassured him that she was fine with it. Brad took a call from Kim asking him to attend a meeting right away about the show, and Katie encouraged him to go.

Henry argued with Vienna about working so closely with Brad. He went off on a tangent about Brad and Angelina, and how attractive people working together sometimes made more than just good chemistry. He became over-wrought until Vienna stepped up and reminded him with whom she would be spending her nights. They kissed and fell upon the bed, until Vienna's phone rang. Kim asked Vienna to attend the meeting with Brad right away.

At WOAK, Brad and Vienna watched the airing of the show they had taped. Henry watched it in his room at the Lakeview, but then he threw the remote at the television. Katie watched it from her bed, and she thought the show was wonderful.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Damian and Meg thanked Lily for taking care of them; both of them felt better after their flu-like illness. Holden returned home and told them that although the police were putting up roadblocks all over Wisconsin, no one had seen Eliza and Paul yet. Holden said the lead appeared to have gone cold. Damian thought that Paul couldn't keep running with the baby forever without a network in place to help him stay hidden, and Lily agreed, saying a man traveling alone with a baby would stand out.

Holden noticed that Damian had gotten his appetite back, so he asked Damian if that meant he would be leaving soon. Damian headed out, but Meg stopped him on the patio and thanked him for all of his help. She gave him a hug as Holden watched from inside the house.

Jack went to the Lakeview and told Barbara he wanted to tap her phone, in case Paul tried to contact her again. Barbara refused to give Jack her consent. Jack thought that meant that Barbara expected to hear from Paul soon, but Barbara said she was refusing to agree to a wiretap because she didn't expect to hear from Paul and didn't want the police listening to her private conversations. Jack told Barbara that if he found out later that she had lied to him, he would go after her, too.

Paul and Rosanna woke up after having spent the night in the back room of a diner in Wisconsin. Paul gave Eliza a bottle of formula and then groaned as he stood up. His back hurt after his night spent sleeping on the hard floor. Rosanna gave Paul a neck and back rub that helped relieve his pain, and she asked Paul what their next move would be. Paul said he didn't know where he and Eliza would go, but he didn't want Rosanna to accompany them, because he didn't want Rosanna to get caught by the police.

Rosanna told Paul they should eat breakfast before they made any decisions about what to do next. Paul said he thought he did better when he improvised than when he tried to make plans, but he agreed to eat breakfast before leaving. The owner of the diner, Mr. Kent, gave Paul and Rosanna a big breakfast and then told Paul that he used to be a mechanic and had fixed Paul's car. Paul asked what they could do for Mr. Kent in return, and Mr. Kent said he wanted Rosanna to sing at the diner that evening. Paul said Rosanna couldn't do that, but Mr. Kent explained that he had already printed and distributed flyers announcing the event. Rosanna told Mr. Kent that she would be delighted to sing again, and he walked away.

Rosanna told Paul she hadn't wanted to get into an argument with Mr. Kent. She thought that she and Paul needed to hurry up and leave town. Paul thought he might head for Canada. He said he would get the car packed and leave while Rosanna kept Mr. Kent occupied. Rosanna wanted to accompany him and the baby; Paul, however, thought Rosanna should return to the farm. Rosanna said Paul needed someone to take care of Eliza, because Paul would have to get a job to support himself and the baby. Paul said he would find someone to do that, and he told Rosanna to "stay disappeared."

Rosanna watched as Paul buckled Eliza's car seat into the car. He apologized for leaving Rosanna in town, away from the farm where she'd been living. Rosanna said she would find her way back, although she wasn't sure Edna would allow her to continue living and working on the farm. However, Rosanna said that might not be a bad thing, because she'd been running from her life and needed to decide what she really wanted to do with it. Paul told her that whatever it was, he hoped she would be happy.

Rosanna again encouraged Paul to simply take Eliza back to Oakdale, but Paul said he couldn't do that. Rosanna bent down to say goodbye to Eliza, and then she told Paul, "That child deserves to be happy." Paul said he wouldn't let anything happen to Eliza, but Rosanna said, "It's kind of too late, Paul. You already happened."

Bonnie woke up in her motel room and found Dusty sitting up in the bed next to her, dozing. She accused Dusty of taking advantage of her, but Dusty replied that he'd been taking care of her, because she'd been vomiting. He then told her that he felt that Paul was still very close, and he didn't want the trail to get cold. Bonnie reluctantly told Dusty that she appreciated whatever he'd done for her the night before.

After Bonnie was ready to leave, she told Dusty that she was starving and needed to get something to eat. The motel manager recommended a diner north of town, and he handed Dusty a flyer, saying the diner was having live music later that day. Dusty said they just wanted food, and he took the flyer without looking at it.

Dusty and Bonnie went to the diner, and as they looked for someone to take their order, Rosanna walked in. Dusty called her name, but Rosanna put on a phony Southern accent and informed him that she wasn't Rosanna. However, Mr. Kent spotted her and called out her name.

Dusty and Bonnie asked her why she had lied to them and what she was doing there. Rosanna explained that she had awakened from her coma and returned to the United States. She said she had wanted to start her life over, so she hadn't gone back to Oakdale. Rosanna said she was on her way to Detroit for a meeting concerning her company's bankruptcy.

Dusty asked whether Rosanna had seen Paul Ryan and a baby, but Rosanna played dumb and insisted she hadn't seen Paul or Eliza. She also said Paul was one of the reasons she hadn't wanted to return to Oakdale, and Bonnie said she couldn't blame Rosanna for that. Rosanna said it was nice to see them, and then she walked away. Bonnie remarked that Rosanna apparently knew where Paul and Eliza were, and Dusty agreed. They followed her out of the diner and stopped her before she could leave.

Rosanna finally admitted that she had seen Paul and Eliza and had arrived in town with them, but she said Paul had left that morning, and she didn't know where he was headed. Dusty reminded Rosanna that she had tried to help Jennifer get Johnny back; he told Rosanna that the situation with Paul was similar, and Rosanna could help Meg get her baby back. Rosanna broke down and admitted that Paul had said he was headed for Canada, and she said he hadn't been gone long. Rosanna also told Dusty that she thought she had gotten through to Paul when she had tried to convince him to take Eliza back to Oakdale. She thought if Dusty and Bonnie went after Paul, they would scare him into going back on the run.

Bonnie and Dusty weren't sure they could believe Rosanna, and they were concerned she might be pointing them in the wrong direction. They decided to force her to return to Oakdale with them to tell the police what she knew about Paul and Eliza.

Paul went to a pay phone and called his mother. Barbara urged Paul to bring Eliza back to Oakdale. Paul said he would do that, but only if Meg would agree to say that she had let Paul take Eliza on a trip out of state. Barbara pointed out that the police wouldn't believe that story, given that Meg had contacted them to ask them to hunt for Paul and the baby, but Paul said if Meg stuck to that story and refused to press charges, he could stay out of jail. Paul gave Barbara the number of the pay phone and told her to have Meg call him within the hour to let him know she had agreed to his terms, or no one would ever see him or Eliza again.

Paul hung up, and Barbara called Meg's cell phone. Meg had gone to wash up at Lily's, so Holden picked up the cell phone when it rang. Barbara hung up when she heard Holden's voice. Holden told Lily the phone number had been blocked on the caller ID, so he didn't know who had called.

Barbara saw Damian in the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel and asked him to help her reach Meg. Damian said he needed a reason to do that, because he wasn't sure he could trust Barbara not to do something that would end up hurting Meg. Barbara told Damian that she knew something that might help bring Eliza back to Meg, but she needed to talk to Meg about it directly. Barbara convinced Damian to help her, so he called Lily's cell phone and asked her to bring Meg to the Lakeview without letting Holden know what she was doing. Lily asked if he was sure, and Damian replied that he was.

Lily hung up and told Holden that there was a mix-up about the right color paint for the guest bedroom, and she needed to straighten it out. She said she might ask Meg to accompany her, to get Meg's opinion, and Holden thought that was a good idea, because Meg needed to get out of the house. When Meg entered the room, Lily asked her if she wanted to go to the mall, to spare Holden from having to accompany Lily. Meg reluctantly agreed.

Lily took Meg to the Lakeview, where Barbara took her aside. Barbara explained what Paul wanted. Meg couldn't believe that Paul had agreed to return Eliza, and she asked Barbara when it might happen. Barbara said Paul could bring the baby home that day, because he was only a couple of hours away. Meg wasn't sure that agreeing to Paul's demand would keep Paul out of jail. Barbara told Meg that Paul wanted to hear directly from Meg that Meg had agreed to testify on his behalf, and she told Meg that she knew how to reach Paul.

Meg called the pay phone number, and Paul answered. When Paul reiterated his demand that Meg testify that she had agreed to let Paul take Eliza out of town, Meg said she didn't think the police would believe it. Paul told Meg he wanted a sworn, notarized affidavit before he would bring Eliza back, and he told her to get one typed up, leave one copy with his mother, and then bring one copy to him when she went to pick up Eliza. Meg agreed but said Paul needed to bring Eliza to her at the police station. Paul agreed to that and told Meg to tell Barbara to call him back in an hour to read Meg's statement to him. They hung up, and Meg told Barbara that they needed to find a lawyer quickly.

Barbara and Meg returned to the lobby after getting the affidavit that Paul had demanded. They told Lily and Damian what was happening, and Barbara went upstairs to let Paul know that Meg had done as he had asked. Lily returned home to let Holden know what had happened, while Damian went with Meg to the police station.

Lily tried to explain to Holden that she had lied to him because Paul had said he didn't want anyone else, including Holden, to know that he was trying to reach Meg. Holden became angry, saying that Lily could have told him what was happening, but had chosen not to do so. Holden wondered why anyone should believe Paul when Paul said he would bring the baby back, but Lily said that it had been Paul's idea in the first place. Holden asked if Meg was at the police station alone, but Lily said Damian was with her. Holden said he wouldn't be surprised if the whole idea had been Damian's in the first place; Lily said it was Paul's idea, but Holden asked why he should believe her.

At the police station, Meg told Jack that she had spoken to Paul, and that Paul was on his way back to Oakdale with Eliza. When Jack asked what had happened, Meg explained the situation. Jack was upset that Meg had agreed to Paul's terms, but Damian pointed out that the important thing was for Meg to get her baby back.

As they discussed the situation, Paul walked in, carrying Eliza. Meg was ecstatic to see her daughter, and she asked if she could hold the baby. Paul handed Eliza to her, and Jack told an officer to arrest Paul. Meg handed Jack an envelope and told him that it contained a sworn affidavit saying she had agreed to let Paul take Eliza out of town.

Paul then asked if he could say goodbye to Eliza. He kissed his daughter on the head tenderly and told Meg to take good care of her. Paul asked Jack if they were done, and Jack said, "For now." As Paul turned to leave, Dusty and Bonnie walked in with Rosanna. Rosanna said, "You brought her back!" Dusty demanded to know why Paul wasn't in handcuffs, and Jack told him to talk to Meg about that. Meg told Dusty that it was over, but Dusty said, "Oh, no, it's not!"

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