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Carly and Parker's deal
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Carly as an alcoholic is riveting to watch, as she craves the alcohol and is making deals with her teenage son to help keep her secret. Has she learned nothing about constantly keeping secrets and making more and more mistakes in judgment?

I am trying as best I can to find the good in the stories that are being told in Oakdale and I have been watching this show for years - things don't make sense to me like how Larry McDermott became such a louse. It is difficult to deal with blatant rewriting of history that consistently happens with the current writing staff. I had to say that first but to see the original actor in the role makes me feel a little bit better.

Alison and her Dad
If memory serves me correct, Susan and Larry wanted a baby so badly when they were married that they used Emily's eggs in order for this to happen. Larry was a good doctor who only wanted to please his wife and be a father to the child they had. I don't remember how he was written out and when he became this deadbeat father that wanted nothing to do with his daughter. This is all from when Alison first returned; it seemed so out of character from the Douglas Marland created version of Larry McDermott.

While I can't change what the current writers have done, I can now comment on what is happening today. It is great to see Larry McDermott back in Oakdale and to see him interact with Susan. I wonder how he will stay in Oakdale, I imagine he will reconcile with Alison and work things out with Susan in a couple of weeks then we will never hear from Larry McDermott again.

Considering the history of this character and the situation, we should be seeing trying and trying to get to Alison while she struggles to come to terms with his alienation of her. This should go on for weeks as we should hear him talking about why he and Susan broke up. We should meet someone from his new family like another daughter close to Alison's age and watch as they struggle to become sisters - this could be a dramatic story.

A Miracle Baby
We always hear the stories about a woman who thinks she can never have children and then when she completely gives up - she becomes pregnant. Here it is happening to Katie Snyder and am I happy that she is pregnant after all of her turmoil. I really hope that she goes full term with this pregnancy and that Vienna does not get pregnant right away then the writers decide to do another switch the baby story because Katie's baby does not make it - please don't do this. As repetitive as these writers are, I can see that happening.

I am sure that Brad will be very happy and protective of Katie and Henry will be jealous since they just lost their baby. I just hope they play out the emotions of all in this story this time and not let everyone be happy and friends just like that. After all, Henry just wanted to sue his friends.

Carly is Still Drinking
This is the one story that is moving along as it should; Maura West is playing this out as well as we all know she would. Carly as an alcoholic is riveting to watch as she craves the alcohol and is making deals with her teenage son to help keep her secret. Has Carly learned anything by constantly keeping secrets and making more and more mistakes in judgment?

I know this is the story that will take Maura out for her maternity leave; she will do something that will send her to rehab or she will be like Lily and be in a coma while she is away from some accident she'll cause while drinking. I wonder how they will write her out this time; I just hope she does not abandon her children like she did with Simon.

I like that Craig is keeping an eye on her; he really cares about Carly. I want her to get better and for them to really explore a relationship.

Rosanna and Paul and Meg and Damian and Dusty and Bonnie
First of all, Bonnie has returned and where is Derek? She had a budding relationship with him and now it looks like she will be hooking up with Dusty Donovan - why can't this show follow through on a story that seemed to be worth telling. Derek has disappeared and he was trying to make a relationship with his daughter, Jade and now nothing. Where is the continuity as we the viewers are left scratching out heads wondering why characters suddenly disappear and storylines all of sudden veer off in a different direction without explanation?

Paul has reconnected with Rosanna while running away with Eliza - does this sound like James Stenbeck or what? Rosanna on a farm was not what I expecting about this big return of Cady McClain. How a woman who inherited 86 million dollars now be broke; I guess Cabot Motors was in as much trouble as GM or Chrysler. Paul continually makes really bad decisions and he can't seem to face any of his problems head on without some scheme.

Meg is in Oakdale become more and friendlier with Damian Grimaldi - so this will be her new man. I have to question her choice as this could be good for both of them but we all know what Paul of Dusty is going to do to try and interfere with any chance these two have. There may even be some interference from Lily as well.

It is interesting to see these six characters in a story together and the possibilities are intriguing; does anyone think that Derek will reappear to reclaim Bonnie or is he out of the picture?

Here are some reader comments about recent developments in Oakdale:

Bill said, "I think it is pretty obvious about Lucy's leaving the show at this moment. Lucinda told Lucy that she hoped that she would find herself a good man. The previous week, Bob and Kim commented that they hoped Chris would find himself a nice girl. Dr. Chris is in Africa. Dr. Lucy is going to Africa. The question now is: who will be playing Chris and Lucy when they most likely return?"

Crystal said, "Jack is divorced from Carly. How & why is it possible for him to just open Carly's front door without a key whenever he is angry with her?"

Linda said, "Maybe I missed it and someone did mention it, or maybe not. But I am so sick of Miss Katie. Didn't anyone notice that Vienna was willing to give the baby she loved to her best friend just so her friend wouldn't feel the pain of not having a baby? And that brat Katie was willing to take the baby from Vienna knowing that she didn't want to give her baby away. That changed the way I look at Katie. She used to be my girl, but now, in my eyes, she's a spoiled that doesn't deserve Vienna's friendship, just a swift kick in the pants."

Virginia said, "I have been watching this show almost since its inception. I remember Pa Hughes and Judge Lowell. Never in all this time have I seen such trivial storylines. Dusty needs to go back under the rock he crawled out from under. Paul needs to grow up and get well unless you intend this character to walk off into the sunset. Jack and Holden need to mellow out and not be so self righteous. Theirs are not the only opinions that matter. It seems that the only viable relationship going is Craig and Carly. I think we have all had enough of the gay relationship. MOVE ON. I do love Henry!! He needs to have more of a good thing for a longer time. The writers you need to play fruit basket turn over and clean out your brains for better storylines. Stop running some in the ground and prolong others. Kim, Bob, Lisa, Barbara, Susan, Emma and Lucinda are not such old characters that they need to be written off and just showcased from time to time."

Finally, how is everyone feeling about the return of now destitute Rosanna Cabot? Is this what we expected of her much publicized return? Has the show made another major mistake with the Rosanna return?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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